Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban at Target

07/10/2006 at 09:00 AM ET

Newly weds Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban seen out shopping at Target. Since their wedding, rumors have been swirling The couple is expecting their first child. It would seem these rumors are not too far-fetched as Nicole seems to be sporting a baby bump. While Nicole has two children, Conner and Isabella, with Tom Cruise, both are adopted; it is known she suffered a miscarriage at the end of her marriage to Tom.

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Victoria on

Aw too bad they removed the photos.

Aleah on

They removed the pictures but I saw them at Just Jared or Oh No They Didn’t, and Nicole does look like she has a baby bump on the pic.

Jen on

They are also on
and yes, she looks very pg

lolasmom on

She’s definitely pregnant, not even a question about it. That bump is a small mound.

Ali on

Yup, she’s pregnant. I can understand wanting to wait to make an announcment, though. After a miscarriage, you’re very cautious.

michie on

I think it is just a weird angle. She is a very religious and faithful Catholic, like me, and she was very adament that she wasn’t when she married Keith. But she could have been and not known till after they were married. It has been known to happen that you don’t know you are pregnant when you marry. And a wonderful surprise afer you are married. But she did have the misscarriage before so she might want to keep it quiet till she is farther along. I hope she is happy either way. She is one of my favorite people and hope they are happy.

Lisa on

She has always been flat as a board but these pics show she is getting bigger and bigger. She sure looks pregnant to me.

Lisa on

Does anyone know why the pics were removed?

AnnaRose on

She definitely looks pregnant to me. If she had just gained weight I don’t think it would be only in her stomach, the rest of her is still really skinny.
And the fact that her rep denied the pregnancy means nothing, IMO, after the long list of celebrities who have denied being pregnant when they really were: Britney Spears (both times), Gwyneth Paltrow, Courtney Cox, Madonna, Angelina Jolie. That’s all I can think of off the top of my head, but I’m sure there’s more.

spindoctor on

She looks like a beautiful pregnant woman. Having a baby after a miscarriage has got be half exhilarating and half nerve-wracking.

Sarah CBB News Editor on

Lisa, the photos were removed due to copyright violations. Legally, many sites are not allowed to post certain photo agency pics, which was the case here.

Jaime on

She does really look pregnant. I hope she is, she totally deserves it!

jess on

I think she is for a few reasons – first, she just got married and if it was “pudge” you would think she would have worked it off before the wedding to be looking her best. Also, if I recall, her rep did not say “No, she is not pregnant”. She said that this rumor goes around all the time and is silly and that she is Catholic so that just wouldn’t do………..that is not a flat out denial in my book.

Victoria on

Here’s a link to the photo I snagged and put in my photobucket

NOW I can vote and say – “pregnant”.

Victoria on

Ugh, I realize how slow I am link already provided. *forehead/desk*

shelley on

She is not pg…did you all see the picture taken just last week in Bora Bora? Nic was sportin an awesome bikini and her belly is flat with a nice six pack goin…she couldnt get that big in a week, its the clothes and the angle, geesh…

Doreen on

Wow, she does look preggo to me in this pic, omg! 🙂 I really hope she is and they seem like a sweet couple, wish them the best!

Campbell on

Ditto Shelley. But IF we’re wrong, we’re wrong.

gargoylegurl on

I went back and looked at those pics of her with the “six pack” in Bora Bora. The photos are taken from a distance and from the front. In my opinion it’s very difficult to distinguish whether or not she has a bump in those pics.

I personally think she is pregnant but is waiting to announce it because a.) she is very private and b.) she has miscarried in the past and probably wants to be well into the pregnancy before she announces it to the world.

Just my opinion. I sure hope she is. 8)

Reeni on

I was looking over all of the Nicole-is-pregnant photos, and I noticed that even in the older ones the bump is still the same size, regardless of angle and clothing. I don’t think she’s pregnant, I think the rest of her is just starting to age a little.

justme on

I think she is, and waiting to make sure all is okay, then will make an announcement.
I am a KU fan and wish them the best!

Layla's Mommy on

I think I see a hint of a bump where she has never had one before. If she is she won’t be able to hide it for long because she is so small.

They make such a cute couple. I hope they are happy and we get to see a little bundle soon.

nisugar on

As a fellow Catholic… I hope she’s not pregnant! I did want to point out that if you go back and watch “Bewitched” her beely poked out a little bit looking as if she had a bump… and we knew she wasn’t pregnant then. I’ve noticed on some thin women their stomach may poke out a little making a bump like appearance. I’m also tired of everyone automatically thinking everybody is preggers cause of a little belly bulge. Every woman has a little poof around their abdomen (I wanna say due to hormonal bloating or our womb)that may only make appearances every now and then.
CBB Contributor

Not Buying It In Nashville on

She aborted Tom’s baby – it was no miscarriage. And I just saw her here in town last week at Starbucks, she is NOT pregnant. But she wants you to keep talking about her.

Amy on

What a horrible thing to say about someone. Of course, I am not sure that I would want Tom’s baby either. Regardless of whether she is preggers or not, I wish her all the best. She managed to escape the cult before it sucked her in like Katie.

AnnaRose on

not buying it in nashville: You have absolutely no way of knowing what happened, and that’s a terrible thing to accuse someone else of when you have no proof.

gargoylegurl on

^ agreed!

Layla's Mommy on

not buying it in nashville:
And where do you get your info? Unless you are a close friend or family member you have no idea what happend. That is a awful and hurtful thing to say about someone. A miscarriage is a very tramatic thing to go through (as is an abortion). People in their right mind don’t just make stuff like that up.

Campbell on

My GOODNESS!! Not buying it in Nashville: I think that if a person makes such an accusation there should be a verifyable source along w/it.

chasingsnakes on

I doubt that she is pregnant and I think most of you girls have bigger tummies than Nicole and are not pregnant. Isn’t a woman allowed to have a little belly these days without starting pregnancy speculations.

Ashley Michelle on

I really can’t tell one way or another, all I think that matter’s is that they are happy newly married couple. If she expecting I say we will find out with in the next month.

leigh on

She was photographed once leaving a hospital in LA after suffering a miscarraige, and at the time it was rumored that she had difficulty conceiving due to severe endometriosis. I don’t know if it is true or not, but may have been why she and Tom adopted thier children. The abortion comment above is mean-spirited and unnecessary on this site.

Lora on

I think Nicole is so skinny that any bloating must look like a preggo bump on her! I doubt she’s pregnant 🙂

kelly on

Is NICOLE KIDMAN FOR REAL. She marries Tom Cruise and then goes on to annul a marriage after 10 years. Man when someone can get the Catholic Church to annul something that went on for 10 years then that has to say something about the Catholic Church and its morals and values on the marriage side of things and about how Nicole views marriage. Married–Annulment–Not married hmmmmmmm.