Results: Does Suri Cruise exist?

07/03/2006 at 09:00 AM ET

Suri Cruise, love child of couch-jumping action hero Tom Cruise and his lady love Katie Holmes, has yet to be seen in public so of course everyone has been wondering, "Where’s Suri?" US Weekly even has a clock on their home page that has been ticking since her birth (as of July 3rd, she’s 76 days old).

Like babies who don’t believe something exists unless they can see it (it’s called object permanence), many people are even wondering if Suri Cruise even exists! So we asked our readers what they thought and WOW…

So far 6,100 people have responded and an overwhelming number of you, 36% to be exact, think the pregnancy was faked! 26% believe Tom and Katie are just shielding their child from the paparazzi, 19% believe Tom is keeping her hidden until his next movie premiere, and 18% said the Church of Scientology has custody of her! (Did you not get a chance to vote? It’s not too late- vote now.)

Our poll was meant in jest but as the comments show, some people feel really strongly about their theories.  Some of the ideas floated by readers included:

  • that the pregnancy was faked and Suri was adopted
  • that Katie was pregnant before she and Tom hooked up, and that she gave birth earlier and the latter part of the pregnancy was faked
  • that though she conceived while with Tom, he is not the genetic father and Suri looks nothing like him
  • that Suri has some kind of unattractive physical attribute that Tom and/or Katie do not want made public
  • that Tom has paid off the paparazzi not to take her photo
  • that Suri has not yet been outside of Tom’s estate (the most likely reason in my opinion), with some people thinking that Child Protective Services should be called (!!!)
  • For me, this begs the question… do you want to see Suri Cruise?  (Click the extended post for the poll!)

    (Please note: I meant to write Suri Cruise below but it’s too late to change the survey without erasing everyone’s answers.)


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    StephRainey on

    I was thinking list night about how similar this is to the baby that Prince (singer) and his then-wife Mayte had. It turned out that the baby was born with a rare physical defect and eventually died of the defect. Nothing was said about the baby for a year or so, even though his wife had been out in public very pregnant. I just thought that maybe that could be part of why the Holmes-Cruise baby hasn’t been seen.

    Nora on

    I just read an article on a German website claiming Suri`s pictures have already been offered to People, US Weekly and Star. The magazines were apparently willing to pay 3 million, which Cruise refused.

    I can send the link if anybody is interested. The text is in German though…

    Ana on

    I surely think baby Suri exists. We all saw Katie Holmes pregnant and her tummy after giving birth. They just don’t want to show their kid, although they appeard too much during the pregnancy, it doesn’t mean they want their baby daughter to be on the magazines all the time. But I think that, soon or later, baby Suri will appear.

    stephanie on

    Wow, the conspiracy theorist have been working overtime. Have they find Elvis and Tupac yet? The simplest answer is usually the correct answer. I think they don’t want to share their first child together with the world yet. Before the whole TomKat thing we rarely see Connor and Isabella either, and because Tom and Kat(i)e have been so public with their relationship doesn’t mean they’re not allowed to be private with their child. A baby and a new girlfriend are two completely different matters.

    Mrs. on

    I don’t believe that Suri exists at all. And if she does, I believe that Tom used Katie to have this baby…and I also believe that Katie wants out of the relationship but can’t because Tom would keep the baby and she’d never see her again. Poor Suri would be trapped in the world of Scientologists!

    Marina macarthy on

    Of course she was pregnant didnt she have stretchmarks in a picture posted here???

    An up the shirt shot???

    I am highly suspicious though he was more than happy to show his love for KATE not katie and to bounce about like a loon why not with his child???

    K. on

    Aren’t birth certificates public records? Surely someone could find a birth record with the county she was born.

    dida on

    c’est vraiment du n’importe quoi suri n’existe pas mais oui biensur.
    biensur qu’elle existe vous les américains vous savez pas se que vous voulez
    Quand on voit tom cruise sa vous enerve et quand vous ne le voyez pas sa vous enerve
    faudrait savoir se que vous voulait
    Suri est bien chez elle laissez la tranquille

    sarah on

    if i were suri, i’d be happy not to see my parents use me to plater my face all over mags for cash

    Aleah on

    Katie looked truly pregnant so I wouldn’t say Suri doesn’t exist, but there’s definitely something fishy going on. I’ll go with the Church of Scientology not wanting to release pictures of her (yet?) thing.

    crzymaid on

    Mais si on sait exactement ce qu’on veut. Mais nous ne sommes pas tous d’accord.

    Et votre Francais serait plus convaincant si vous l’ecriviez correctement (ceci venant d’une Franco-Americaine).

    KimD on

    I don’t know Scientology teachings, but for some reason, I think it has something to do with Suri not being seen.

    Jaclyn on

    I think its a mixture of wanting to enjoy a newborn and a bit of ego, making us all wait.

    gargoylegurl on

    I agree with Stephanie and Jaclyn!

    I’m getting tired of all the loony conspiracy theories!

    Lisa on

    I find it sad that Suri hasn’t seen the light of day. Celebrity or not, she’s 3 months old and hasn’t been out for a walk in the fresh air.

    nicksmomma on

    I believe that Suri is real. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Tom & Katie not wanting to show her off until they are ready to. No one is entitled to see this child (no matter how much we would like to). I just think it is absurd that people would go as far as saying that the entire pregancy was a BIG pr stunt..that would be going a little far (and I know Tom is an extreme person, but jeez) and what’s even sadder is people saying that the reason no one has seen the child yet is that maybe there is something “wrong” with her. Even if this were the case, I doubt that would keep them from allowing a photo to be taken. That would be almost like saying they were embarrased or ashamed, and I just don’t think that would be the case. This is just my opinion though…

    stephanie on

    Lisa, Tom’s house is huge so they might have taken her out in the garden.

    Alisa on

    Wow this pathetic poll is beyond sad. I feel sorry for this litlle girl. People are already spreading nasty RUMORS about her. What when she gets older are people gonna run her down & try to snatch DNA from so they can prove if she’s Tom & Katie’s or not?

    Aleah on

    @ crzymaid:
    Malheureusement, les jeunes d’aujourd’hui ne font plus attention à leur grammaire ni à leur orthographe. Ils ne s’en soucient pas et ont même le toupet de prétendre qu’ils parlent un français irréprochable (ceci vient d’une Franco-Grecque)

    Hilde on

    Che sondaggio stupido, ragazze.
    Suri Cruise esiste quanto me, non c’è niente di male nel non farla vedere su tutte le riviste.
    Dio mio…

    esther Panda on

    Ok…..Si nous devons nous mettre à écrire en français….ma foi je vais peut etre m’y mettre aussi… Je post souvent et j’écris en anglais,cela me semble tout de même plus judicieux compte tenu que ce site est sans doute majoritairement consulté par des anglophones mais bon…
    Anyway… Nous finirons bien par la voir cette petite Suri, je suis sure qu’elle est en parfaite santé, très mignonne et chérie par ses parents! C’est leur droit le plus absolu de choisir de ne pas la montrer!

    Patti on

    Where is “E!’s True Hollywood Story” when you need it?

    I do believe Katie was pregnant. I think what’s up in the air is:
    When was the baby conceived, how and who is the genetic father. Uhm, Tom, is a public DNA test out of the question? 😉

    From the paparazzi pics, I think she gave birth a few months before she actually did. I do believe that the last month or two of the pregnancy were faked. Why? Tom only knows. And, since he’s a complete lunatic now, we’ll never know either.

    So let the theories live on! 😀

    crzymaid on

    @Aleah: Tout à fait d’accord. C’est lamentable.

    I also agree that it’s probably some Scientology tenet that’s keeping us from gazing on Suri.

    olivia on

    I believe that they just want to enjoy their baby and not share with the rest of the world. I’m sure they have plenty of people to do their shopping and errands and whatnot so not leaving their home is NOT a problem. Like someone else said their home is HUGE and I’m sure they go outside all the time just not in view for the crazy’s!!

    blue4t on

    I do believe that Suri is real and I also believe that she is Tom’s daughter. I do think there is something suspicious going on. Maybe she was born a few months earlier than we were told. The date of the birth seems very coincidental, with it coinciding with the opening of Mission Impossible 3 and all that. It is possible that it turned out that way, but we won’t know for now.

    Meg on

    I think it’ll come out years from now that Tom Cruise isn’t the biological father of Suri. Why didn’t he have biological kids with Nicole Kidman during their 10-yr marriage? Nicole allegedly had a miscarriage when they were divorcing. If Tom’s so gung-ho about expressing his love for Katie, why wouldn’t he show off Suri, the product of their much too dramatic love? It doesn’t make any sense to me.

    Amelie on

    Even Tom and Katie’s friends think it’s weird that they haven’t met Suri:

    “BABY Suri Cruise isn’t just playing hide-and-seek with the public. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have yet to show off their spawn to fellow Scientologists John Travolta, Kelly Preston and Lisa Marie Presley. Even good pals Will and Jada Pinkett Smith supposedly have not met the newborn despite repeated calls to Cruise, reports Us Weekly. “Every time, it’s a different excuse: He’s busy or Kate’s not feeling well,” said a source. “[The Smiths] think it’s so weird.””


    ponlork on

    I wonder if Katie’s parents even seen Suri yet. If they haven’t then something fishy is definietly going on.

    hayley on

    Yeah she exists but she may be…less than perfect. Hear me out. I’m not wishing anything on the kid but here’s the thing. The Church of Scientology doesn’t accept diagnosis of illnesses.

    John Travolta’s 8 year old son is autistic..and a non verbal autistic child at that so it’s pretty severe….and the Travoltas refuse to acknowledge it. Teachers, tutors, doctors, adults in close contact with the family all say “something is wrong” there developmentally and emotionally…but the Travolta’s refuse to accept Autism as a diagnosis. The kid, Jett, is adorable…but he’s autistic.

    Mel Gibson’s sixth child was born with a hare lip and a cleft palate. No one saw pictures of him until he was a year and a half, almost two years old…after the defect had been mended. There were pics of this older kids floating around…none of young Tom, until the problem was fixed.

    Maybe Suri has a cleft palate, club foot (Jodie Foster’s first son Kitt had a club foot and was in a cast for a while as a toddler) or something. God willing if it does exist (and let’s hope it doesn’t) that it’s minor. But weird as Tom is….and I am thisclose to thinking he’s either absolutely nuts or an alien…I bet that’s the case.

    Because God knows he’s a media hound and very very very eager to shoot down all the rumors (gay, not really in a relationship with Katie, insane) that have been circulating about him. He certainly has been willing to be filmed and taped controlling the crap out of poor Katie on whom he keeps a death grip. So why else would he not exploit the crap out of his child unless something were less than perfect in his eyes.

    I hope the kid is physically healthy. Mental health is fairly hopeless should Tom having anything to do with her upbringing.

    sachie on

    I want to know what happened to the Tom Cruise that was in Top Gun? This person that he has transformed into has made everyone question who he really is. I hope for the sake of the poor child, that either she doesn’t exist and if she does that Katie’s parents get custody of her because we all know that the way their relationship started, the weird pregnancy and his idiotic and insane behavior, all of these incidents don’t match up. Its not normal. If those cooky cult scientology people have control over this poor girl like they do over Tom Cruise then I hope she can find a way out. I don’t think its right to tell anyone what to believe in when it comes to religion, but Scientology is a cult and I have known people to go through their entire savings and others because they were so trapped into scientology. I also hope there is nothing wrong with this little girl. If there is, he is always so “proud” of everything then he should just be proud of his kid too… however we all know that there is no way he conceived this child because we all know that he is gay- he is the only one who needs to come out of the closet already.