Jive Records releases statement about stolen Britney photos

07/03/2006 at 02:49 PM ET

Some CBB commenters were doubting the veracity of the news that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s vacation photos that were published recently in US Weekly were stolen.  Below is the statement released by her record label, Jive Records.

Statement Regarding the Personal Vacation Photos of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline

NEW YORK, July 1 — Personal vacation photos belonging to Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were recently stolen. Following the theft, the photos were published by Us Weekly. While the photos depict happy family vacation memories, The couple is nevertheless outraged and saddened that their private family moments appeared in the magazine without their knowledge or consent after the photos were stolen by an unknown perpetrator. The matter is currently under investigation, and Spears and Federline are evaluating all of their legal options.

Source: PR Newswire

Thanks to CBB Reader Dave.


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Jaclyn on

This still doesn’t mean much to me. Jive is protecting a business assest and furthermore, simply may have been misled. I still cannot get over how happy they look in those pictures and how much it looks like a PR move to me. I hate to say it, but I have to agree with the theory that Britney’s allegations that they were stolen is to cover up for the theory that were a PR move in the first place. The timing is just to suspicious.

Having said that, I feel sorry for Britney and I would hope that if they were in fact stolen she would pursue the matter, not simply talk about it. I would also hope that she would recognize once and for all her serious credibility issues and would make changes to protect herself in the future. No matter what happened in this particular incident, she should look at herself and wonder why nobody (or very few) believes her! She’s fallen so far, so fast.

Holly on

these pics actually paint her in a much better light than the ones of her nude… I wouldn’t want my photos stolen either but these pics are not scandalous like the ones in Bazaar!

Heavenly_hibiscus on

When a magazine (or website) receives photos of a celeb how are they supposed to know the exact origin of those photo? How could they have know they were stolen before publishing them?

These photos are a lot better than other recent pix I have seen of her!

P's Mama on

I still believe these photos were not stolen and that ultimately Britney is behind this whole thing. I think she’s taking a page from Angelina’s play book in a desperate attempt to regain her place in the public’s heart. Those photos look way too staged for me and her hair and make-up in them are about as flawless as she’s looked since she hooked up with Kevin, which leads me to believe that she had a plan in mind when they were taken.

Shannon on

I have no reason to beleive that these photos were not stolen, but I am suspicious. After wanting to make themselves look like a happy little family. And how she has been desperetely seeming to try to make herself more and more like Angelina, who now has had photos stolen. Now Britney has photos stolen too? Just one more thing to compare her to Angelina for.

Probably totally wrong on that assumption, but it just seems to weird.

patricia on

I hope Britney follows through on this. With Brangelina and others like Reese Witherspoon they seem genuine because when they sue it appears to be real. The rest of the time they are camera shy and stick to it. Britney goes back and forth and makes it hard to believe she is seriously upset by this.

Britney threatened legal action in the high chair incident but never followed through. She thinks making out she will sue and is ‘looking into’ something will fool us all into thinking oh yeah they must have been stolen if she is taking this action.

I don’t believe Britney for a second. Little girl who cried wolf one too many times. She is full of excuses for everything she does.

trix on

Britney has serious credibility issues, that’s very true. Her behavior in the past two years has showed her in another light and it seems she has no problem lying about things.

The person she pretended to be is clearly nothing like the person she truly is.

Don’t we respect people a bit more when they are up front and honest? Even the not so squeaky clean celebs can get more respect for saying ‘This is me, warts and all.’

virginia on

What I find disturbing about Britney is that she seems to have a child’s mentality and yet an adult’s life. She is like Michael Jackson almost.

She has the money of a serious adult and the power afforded to her by those around her of an adult. She is about to become a mother for a second time and is a married woman.

And yet, when confronted with serious issues and having to deal with the circumstances of her own behavior she cries a lot and does a lot of shoulder shrugging and bottom lip pouting.

My three year old acts like that when I talk to him about something he doesn’t want to admit to like hitting his little sister.

Alisa on

Once again instead of talking about pics you people go off on your hateful Britney rants. I know it’s hard to believe but even “evil” Britney can have something stolen from her.

She IS NOTHING like that child molesting freak MJ!! Trix unless you know her You have no idea what she’s lying about newsflash, all celebs lie about their personal lives.

Stop beleiving the tabs patricia, she never said she was gonna sue the company, the tabloids said that. She’s not a little girl nor has she “cried” wolf. Get your facts straight, britney has sued people many times in the past & has several lawsuits going now. Everyone is full of “excues” for what they do. She has also said many times she is who she is take it or leave it. She wasn’t pretending to be anyone. You make her out to be serial killer hiding in the bushes. She was a kid & grew up & changed from the spotlight.

Alisa on

Shannon why just Britney what about Kevin? How the heck is she trying to look like Saint Angie? I guess she tradmraked black hair on white women now. She’s not desperately trying anything. These look like normal vactaion pics & her hair & make up don’t look great. What’s staged about them. No way would she let US weekly get these pics. They hate her & she hates them even more. They’ve been at war for years. But i’m sure this was all part of Britney’s plan when these were taken MONTHS AGO!

People hate it but accept the fact that even Britney & Kevin can have happy family moments.

Autumn on

In some ways I agree with some of you that despite Britney’s age and money, she does seem rather immature.

Yeah thee might be a difference in many 24 yr olds, such as the ones who are over;ly reponsible, have a great career (which they truly earned through education, etc.) and are on top of everything are seem like they’re more “24-going-on-34”. Then there are the ones still having a good time on their parents’ expense anmd try to find the easy way out in work or the “24-going-on-21” (ie most of the casts from past seasons of MTV’s Real World, etc.)…and of course there are many more 20-somethings that fall somewhere between the two extremes.

However for Britney I still think that she has the maturity level of a teenager 98% of the time, and thus pitches a fit when she doesn’t get her own way.

In some ways she might as well have taken the route same-aged Christian pop singer Nikki Leonte had to take when her burgeoning career was unexpectantly sidetracked by a pregnancy back in 2000 when she was only 18. (I’m sure Nikki could have a few things to teach Britney about being a mother.)

Anyway the only things those pictures of Britney, Sean, and K-Fed on vacationb prove is that 1.) she can get along with her husband sometimes and 2.) she’s the same old dorky popstar that she was back in 1999 (esp. in the stroller pic w/her blonde hair and million watt smile.)

tink1217 on

all celebs lie and manipulate the press. It’s been going on for years and years!! However, I don’t think she or Jive is lying about the pics being stolen. They truly look like private family pics. It is dofferent when some celeb is walkng down a public street and the tabloids get pics. This is totally different. If she wanted the press to get pics like this she would have given her permission.

I don’t agree with everything Brit does or says, but I am not judging her for it either. Like I have said in the past, it is her life and I hope she will be happy and I hope Sean and the new baby grow up to be happy.

AnnaRose on

alisa: No one was acting like Britney is a serial killer. They were simply saying that she has a credibility problem, and she does. Britney is reaping the negative effects of what she has sown, and I’m sick of hearing her blame the press.
You insulted another poster and said that she couldn’t know that Britney was lying because that person doesn’t know her. Actually we do know about lies that she has told. She claimed on Dateline that she didn’t know that Kevin was involved with Shar until two months into it, and yet it was in every magazine and on the news during the time when Britney claimed to know nothing (there’s lie number one), then she claimed the press was surrounding her car on the day when she drove with Sean on her lap and yet the pictures clearly show that there was only one photographer (that’s lie number two). And those are only the ones I can think of off the top of my head.
We are all free to have opinions that are different from yours. We don’t all have to pretend like we believe every lie that she tells. If you want to that’s your choice. But the way you’re jumping down the other posters throats about this seems a bit extreme. Unless you’re a relative of hers I don’t see why you should care that there are other people on this board who don’t like her.

Trix on

ALISA- No I do not know Britney Spears personally, but it is my opinion that she is not a credible person anymore. I am entitled to that.

However, what is really shocking to me is that you know Michael Jackson personally! Of course that is why you refered to him as a ‘child molesting freak’ in your post. See I don’t recall him ever being convicted of that and so if we all go by your rules for you to say that about him is only allowed if you KNOW HIM.

Don’t jump down my throat and do be a hypocrite. Allow others to have an opinion please.

gargoylegurl on

I can see valid points in most of the comments on here but I think what is comes down to is that none of us *really* know any of these celebs.

There are so many rumors, lies, stories, etc. It’s so hard to know what is true about anyone anymore. It’s probably always been this way; is just seems that the media & paparazzi are more intrusive & vicious than ever.

All celebrities have advisers, managers & PR people that are paid to make sure they have a certain image that is projected to the public (some do a better job than others). I don’t think we have the slightest clue who these celebs really are – in real life.

Maybe the photos were stolen or maybe it was a PR stunt? I don’t think it really matters.

When all is said and done here, no matter whether Britney deserves the criticism or not, the only ones that are really going to suffer are her children. It wont be long before Sean and the new baby will be old enough to understand the things that are being said about their parents. How sad.

(A little of topic here, but I just want to add in response to something that was mentioned in a prior note on this thread: I still say Brad “got off easy” in regards to the whole riding-on-bike-with-no-helmet-on-Zahara deal. And Brad & Angie’s relationship started in a less than desirable manner, but that doesn’t seem to be mentioned as often.) Anyway, I’m fan of them all – I wish them all well, Britney and Kevin included. 8)

AnnaRose on

I think the difference with Brad and Angelina is that no one really knows if they were together before he and Jennifer separated. It’s all just ruomrs at this point, and Brad and Jennifer had no children together so it’s not as if a family was disturbed.
Also, I have yet to hear Brad try to justify the lack of helmet. In the very next picture the kids were wearing helmets and so he seems to have realized his mistake. Britney added fuel to the fire by trying to justify what she did. I don’t want to hear excuses from her about why it’s okay, because it’s not okay.

Ronnye on

AnnaRose, that is the most double standard response I have ever read. I am not a Britney fan, but geez, what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander. Whether she tried to justify her actions and Brad did not is NOT the point…they were both wrong!

funkyfeet on

Yes, I agree Brad & Brit were both wrong. The question, imo, is did each learn from his/her mistake? And in order to learn from mistakes you first have to admit to making them. Just going by Brit’s Dateline interview and her answer to why she drove with SPF on her lap, I don’t think she has. This doesn’t make her a bad person. It just makes me question her maturity level. That said I’ve change my mind and I think the pictures were stolen.