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07/03/2006 at 01:00 PM ET

Watch Fox News Live at 2:50 pm EST to see Danielle talking about the Brangelina Baby Shower Photo caper.

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Emily on

Danielle was wonderful, I loved her lip gloss!

Candice on

Whew! I saw this at exactly 1:50 my time and turned the TV on just as they were introducing you, Danielle!

This site is going to get so much publicity from all of this! Yay!

Shelly on

Aww, I missed it! 😦

Stéph on

Aww, I missed it by 1 minute

is this going to pass again?

Doreen on

I missed it too! 😦

Principesa on

Sorry, Danielle. But when I tune into uber conservative Fox, it will be a cold day in hell.

Erin on

Ditto Principesa

Lisa on

Have to agree about Fox news, can’t stand how unfair and unbalanced it is. Too bad you can’t post a transcript from the show on this site.

snail on

Lighten up people. So serious about a TV channel

It’s just news.

Danielle, CBB Publisher on

It was really funny because they were more interested in how tax dollars are being wasted by the Secret Service’s investigating the case than what actually happened. (I don’t know why they kept saying Secret Service- as far as I know the FBI is involved, not the Secret Service.)

I’ll try to post a transcript later.

chicka on

cnn is just as unbalanced, so be quiet.

Lisa on

Thanks Danielle, that would great. I love this site.

Stéph on

Danielle, do you have a picture of you during the show?

Danielle, CBB Publisher on

Nope. To be honest, I don’t even know how to get a screencap from my TV aside from the obvious taking a photo of the screen.

Jaclyn on

Too bad its not up here (we have to pay extra), post a transcript if you can.

As for the tax dollars spent on the searching for the perpetrators my only question is, would they have done the same thing for someone else? Famous or not famous we all deserve our privacy to be protected.

Doreen on

It is pretty ridiculous though, I mean come on! The FBI needs to deal with freaking Bin Laden and catch that guy and the rest of the MOST WANTED! NOT deal with some baby shower photos. There shouldn’t be time for that. Truly sad. Yes, if it was any of us, nobody would give a darn.

A on

Check this out, everyone —


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gargoylegurl on

Doreen, I shared the same feelings as you, but then Danielle pointed out that it’s not unusual for the FBI to get involved in something like this.

Shannon CBB contributor on

WOW, Danielle that’s awesome! and great for the site!!!

News on

It’s “just news” ??? “Don’t get so serious”??? I do believe the news is pretty serious. It should not be used for political agenda by any news agency. Also, in reading through the posts, it didn’t read that anyone said CNN wasn’t unbalanced, just that Fox News was the topic of conversation.