Maybe those Britney Spears on vacation photos were stolen after all

07/02/2006 at 06:03 PM ET

I assumed that the photos of Britney Spears, Kevin Federline and their son Sean Preston on vacation recently published by US Weekly were completely legit because one, they bought them from a photo agency, and two, because US Weekly would know better to publish photos that have questionable origin. 

However, BBC’s News web site is reporting that Britney is "outraged and saddened" that these photos were published.  Jive, her record label, released a statement that the photos were stolen by an unknown perpetrator" and that they were published without Brit and K-Fed’s "knowledge or consent."

When we first reported on the publication of the photos last week, we asked if you thought the rumor the photos were stolen was true.  Almost 2,000 readers responded, and of those only 10%  believed the photos were stolen. 

Source: BBC News


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AnnaRose on

Just because Britney claims that they were stolen isn’t enough to make me believe that they were, not after how dishonest she was during that Dateline interview. I won’t believe it until I read something about legal action being taken. Until then I’m just going to consider this the same as when she claimed she was considering legal action against the highchair manufacturer, and then we never heard anything about it again. IMO, her word is no longer credible.

ali on

AnnaRose, even if she would take legal action you found other reasons not to believe her. That’s how people are.

AnnaRose on

ali: What I said in my post was that I won’t believe it until there’s legal action. I have heard nothing about legal action being taken, and so at this point all we have is her word, and her word isn’t exactly credible after her dishonest so far. And you don’t know if I would still not believe her if legal action was taken, because you don’t even know me and you have no idea what I would say or think if legal action was filed.
As for the high chair thing, I have heard nothing about legal action being taken on that one either, only threats of legal action were made, which makes her lose credibility IMO as well.

Heavenly_hibiscus on

Just out of interest how were they stolen?

If someone has nicked photos why would they have picked to show/sell the photos where Britney and Kevin are grinning at the camera. The photos looked to me very much like they had been ‘chosen’ by Britney and Kfed.

KMGunn on

What does IMO mean?

AnnaRose on

KMGunn: IMO means in my opinion.

Brandi on

Sounds to me like she really IS trying to become Angelina. The dark hair, the giving to charity, the “stolen” pictures.

Jane on

Hmmm Interesting. I thought they weren’t stolen, but maybe I was wrong. But it is dodgy how all the pictures were great looking and happy family shots.

dave on

The full statement from Jive Records is here:

suzette on

Why would they be mad that photos of them as a happy family were published? I thought the pics were cute and showed them being a family unit, not posed and fake.

Joy on

Every magazine shows pictures of celebrities out and about. Do all these celebs give consent for these photos to be taken and published? my answer would be no so then how does it make it that Britney gets to claim they were stolen? I guess I don’t understand how it all works.

Sarah CBB News Editor on

It’s because they were taken in a private place with a reasonable expectation of privacy (hotel room, plane), not out in public. A nanny, bodyguard, maid etc could have had access to the areas and taken them. Who knows.

MissScarlet on

I think they were stolen. US Weekly is definitly not a credible magazine.

Hoother on

I’ll wait to see if she follows through with any legal action. She threatened to do so to the high chair maker during the whole Sean fell out of the high chair thing.

I don’t know what to believe with her anymore.

On a side note, I really liked these photos and would have preferred to see them over the naked ones any day. She seemed more “normal” and cute than in anything that’s been professionally done of her in a very long time…aside from K-Fed being in them that is…ha…but she’s a little cuckoo right now and I hope she can pull things together for the sake of the kids.

ericka on

I agree with MissScarlet.

God I feel so bad for her no one ever gives her a break.

carly on

poor britney, this is the last thing she needs with another baby arriving so soon.hope this gets resolved quickly and without pain for her and family

tink1217 on

I have a question…did Britney actually say herself, to a journalist or was she quoted as saying she was going to file a lawsuit against the high chair company?? Or was it just somebody said she said she would and the press reported it?? Just curious. On this new one, those pics looked very private taken by a family member or friend and not meant for public view. Why shouldn’t she be PO’d about it. They can’t control the paparrazzi out in public, but private pics like that should be off limits of course.

AnnaRose on

erika: I disagree with what you said about no one ever giving her a break. It seems that there are lots of people who are willing to make excuses for her and overlook every bad thing she does no matter how dishonest or dangerous those things may be. As for the rest of us who don’t let every bad thing she does slide: she has earned all of that. Britney acted in her interview with Dateline as if she is being picked on for no reason when really there are plenty of reaons why people are upset with her: 1. she deliberately put her private life out in the public 2. she has risked her child’s life repeatedly and
3. she refuses to admit to any of her mistakes or take any responsibility for the part that she has played in her life getting to be this big of a mess.

In answer to the question about the high chair, I don’t know for sure. The information was posted on this site at some point, so I’m sure it’s in the archives, but I haven’t had a chance to check yet.

Lorus on

I don’t mind that Brit is a young mother (I had my daughter at 22), nor do I mind how she dresses since it’s her perogative. The only thing that really irks me about her was the carseat safety issues. She’s never taken responsibility for these incidents! It’s all about “I’m country” or how Sean was already 22lbs so he could sit forward facing (not to mention how loose the straps would have been for him to slump forward!). As a mother I make sure that I educate myself when it comes to the safety of my child. My daughter was rear facing until the age of 4 because it’s the absolute safest way to ride in a car. She’s 5.5 years old now and still rides in her 5-point harnessed Britax Marathon while everyone else in her Kindergarten class is either in boosters or nothing at all. Why? Because she is safer in a 5-point harness! I would never forgive myself if something were to happen to her that I could have prevented. The number 1 killer of children under the age of 15 is car crashes! I just hope Britney learns this eventually and will turn things around.

gargoylegurl on

Britney mentioned legal action against the highchair manufacturer. Just because we haven’t heard anything about it does not mean she hasn’t gone forward with a law suit.

The media picks and chooses what they report. It doesn’t suit their current agenda to report anything positive about Britney Spears, at least not now. I remember when it used to be that way with Angelina Jolie. Angelina has been a philanthropist and activist for years but we’ve only really started to hear about her efforts in recent times. It wasn’t that long ago that we were constantly being fed stories that were less than positive about her: the blood vile necklaces, her Gothic-like style, her sexuality, the controversial kiss with her brother, etc. Suddenly Angelina can do no wrong and Britney can do no right. I apologize for bringing up Angelina up in a Britney article, but in this case I am doing so to illustrate my point.

Britney and Angelina have both done some questionable things in the past. I’m not defending the mistakes that Britney has made. But I totally agree that the girl cannot catch a break lately. Brit messed up BIG TIME by driving with Sean on her lap, and she handled the aftermath poorly. Brad rode with Zahara on the back of a bicycle while she was not wearing a helmet – VERY DANGEROUS. He made a mistake as all of us parents surely do. How come people don’t mention this over and over and over again?

Britney hasn’t handled herself the best in the past few years, she’s made some mistakes, but I believe the media has jumped on it and is trying to create a ‘media witch’ and a ‘media darling’ for the sake of controversy; for the sake of sales.

AnnaRose on

gargoylegurl: I just don’t believe that the media is part of some conspiracy to make Britney look bad. She manages that just fine all on her own. And I believe that if Britney did pursure the highchair thing we would have heard about it. She had the perfect opportunity to clear that up on Dateline when Matt asked her about it, and she said nothing about legal action, which leads me to believe that there’s something very fishy going on with that situation.
As for the Brad Pitt/bicyle incident: I can’t speak for everyone but the reason why I don’t keep bringing it up is because:
1. the next time I saw Brad with the children on bikes they were wearing helmets, which leads me to believe that he learned from his mistake (whereas Britney turned right around and risked Sean’s life again by installing the car seat incorrectly), and 2. I never once heard Brad trying to make excuses or justify what happened, again leading me to believe that there’s a possibility that he might have realized that it was a mistake (Britney, on the other hand, is actively defending what she did, which makes it quite clear that she still has yet to grasp the gravity of her mistake).
I don’t believe for a second that it’s just the press that is making Britney out to look bad, she’s doing a perfectly fine job of that all on her own.

gargoylegurl on

AnnaRose (love your name by the way 8)) I don’t think it’s necessarily a conspiracy, that seems like a strong word. I just think that sometimes the media decides on a target and runs with it. Just my opinion. 8)

AnnaRose on

gargoylegurl: Thanks for the compliment on the name.
I was basically mentioning the “conspiracy theory” thing based on Britney’s Dateline interview. She was basically implying that they had planned the so-called “attack” on her, and that just bugged me. If she had at least taken some responsibility for the fact that she did play a part in things escalating to this level then I might feel more inclined to cut her some slack. But for her to plan the entire thing on the press and act like they were unfairly attacking her just rubbed me the wrong way. I do think it’s unfair that the press makes up lies about certain people (and I don’t think it’s necessary for them to print so much about her marriage), but in my opinion all of the negative press she has recieved about her parenting skills was earned. I think her parenting skills are criticized more than other celebrities for the simple fact that she does more stupid things in public than they do, and I believe that if any other celebrity did those same things they would be criticized just as much as she is. I don’t think it has anything to do with her just being their target.

Alisa on

What a shock. It’s not so shocking if these pics here stolen. I also don’t get how US Weekly would “know better”? There a sleazy tabloid that lies & will do anything to invade celebs lives.

Other celebs do do those stupid things in public & aren’t jumped on about it. Like Gweneth. Also britney did not “risk Sean’s life”. His carseat facing that was was not against the law. It could go either way says a CHP officer. The paps do go out of there way to try & make Britney look bad. Especially with those attacking captions on there pics. The media attacked her for loosing her balace & having the nerve to hold something in her other hand while holding her baby.

Anyway I thought this post was about stolen pics, not attacking Britney? Oh wait….that’s what all these posts are about.

Alisa on

AnnaRose Britney is being picked by haters like you. She always has been & has every reason to finally be sick & tired of it & speak up. Plenty of clebs are dishonest & do far more dangerous things that britney has done, yet people ignore them or sweep them under the rug has no big deal.

Britney is not a complainer, the media & public has been on her back for nearly ten years for crap they let other celebs slide for.

tink1217 on

I have always been a Britney supporter, everyone here knows that. And I get bashed for it, argued with, told I am “naive”. I still believe as Britney does…the tabloid press has taken it upon themselves to attack her every chance they get ever since the Las Vegas wedding crap. Not defending everything she does. I totally agree the driving with SP on her lap was a major mistake on her part and she should have just admitted it was a mistake and a bad thing to do. However, facing the car seat forward is not against the law and although I think he is too young to be turned forward, I am not going to bash her for a preference. Many many moms I know do the exact same thing with their car seats. Friends of mine at that. Even though I have metioned it to them that it is safer to have them rear facing. It is her choice. Up until the last year or so I had never heard Brit complain about any of the media attention. Since her sonwas born she has been contantly targeted and it doens’t matter what she does, they will make it out to be “bad parenting”.

If the pics were stolen, I think she has every right to file suit. If they weren’t and it is a publicity stunt, who cares??? They are at least happy looking pics of her and her family. BUT, the big thing is I don’t think they would be making such a big deal out of it if they were not stolen. Too many Britney haters out there would rip her to shreds over it, as usual!

AnnaRose on

alisa: Just because I think it’s wrong for Britney to risk her child’s life does not make me a hater. You don’t even know me, and you don’t know if I hate her or not. I don’t care what she does with the rest of her life (the way she dresses, who she’s married to), but risking a child’s life is not okay, period. There is no excuse or justification that will make that okay. As for the carseat being the wrong way, just because she didn’t break the law does not mean that it was safe. There are a lot of dangerous things that are not against the law, but that doesn’t make it safe for children, and the fact that it’s not against the law would not have kept Sean alive if she had gotten into an accident.

And I don’t buy this whole excuse that Britney makes that she’s being picked on by the press. The press sets out to find ammunition to make every celebrity look bad (they’re not just targeting Britney), but in Britney’s case she hands them the ammunition on a silver platter. The reason why they have more bad things to say about her is because she does more bad things. And I believe they would have made as big of a deal out of any celebrity driving with their child on their lap, just none of them have been stupid enough to do that.
You claim that other celebrities have done a lot worse things and yet people ignore them or sweep them under the rug: I would love to hear what those things are that you’re referring to. Because I have yet to see a celebrity risk their child’s life and then not get flak from the press for it.

Ronnye on

Well said, tink! Wow, annarose, your hatred for Britney comes thru your posts. It’s this simple…if she wants to drive with SP facing forward, then more power to her, I won’t lose any sleep over it and I won’t judge her. It’s HER life!! Some of us think we know it all and it must be OUR way. If you think that she is the only celeb who has messed up, then you are naive. Is she the only mother who has messed up? Absolutely not!! Give the girl a break and leave her alone! We are not perfect either.