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07/02/2006 at 10:46 AM ET

We love it when magazines, newspapers, TV shows and other major web sites write about us but I’m not sure how thrilled I am that we are now involved in the news.

We were contacted in late June by someone trying to sell the stolen Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt baby shower photos.  I wonder if we will be called to testify in the trial, if it ever comes to that point.  The upside is that we might get a chance to see Brangelina in the flesh but the downside is that Angelina will probably pour coffee on me.

These People and Boston Herald articles don’t mention us specifically but they are clearly referring to the Celebrity Baby Blog when they say, "a celebrity baby web site."  THIS Boston Herald article not only refers to us by name but also MY name. 

Thanks to CBB Reader Jennifer.

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haylie on

danielle i am sending you an email in regards to my opinion.

funkyfeet on

The Daily 10 on the E!Channel also referred to Celebrity Baby Blog by name sometime last week and so did one of my local news stations.

Eliza on

wow, definitely publicity, but maybe not one you want. Good luck. I doubt you’d see them in the flesh, they’d probably leave it to the lawyers.

gargoylegurl on

I think it’s terrible that the photos were stolen. I don’t think anyone can dispute that it wasn’t an invasion of privacy. I’m happy to hear that the thieves will be prosecuted. But I just want to say that I support CBB’s decision regarding the posting of the photos, & I don’t think any less of you for doing so. Hindsight is a great thing and I’m sure that if you had the knowledge then that you do now, you wouldn’t post the pics.

I was bothered by the sudden moral & ethical crusaders that attacked CBB for your decision to post the photos. I think a decision was made based on what you thought your readers would want to see, and the majority of us – if being totally honest – enjoyed seeing them. We now know that the means in which the photos were obtained was immoral, of course stealing is wrong, but I don’t see much of a difference between *looking* at these photos and many of the photos we see on CBB every week. Let’s not forget that the paparazzi do not always use the most moral or ethical means when taking photos of celebrities. Long range lenses peeking at celebrities nursing, crying, or their stretch marks, can hardly be deemed as non-intrusive. It’s a pretty weak argument to say that if a photo is taken outside vs. inside a building, that it somehow makes it okay.

As a fan of celebrity gossip and the associated photos, I accept the fact that I am a part of something that is probably not always the most moral or ethical. I know that I am indirectly supporting the paparazzi madness because I enjoy looking at candid shots of celebs (and their children) when they are not working; when they are going about their private lives. I buy the magazines, I come to this website. People have a choice to be a part of it or not, just like they had a choice to NOT look at the Brad & Angelina pics. To shoot the messenger, in my opinion, was wrong, not to mention a tad hypocritical.

LauraSW on

gargoylegurl – as usual, you have just voiced my every thought on this matter! I always agree with what you say, and this is no exception. The moral crusaders who bashed Danielle for the posting of these pictures clearly forgot how they were looking at them themselves – because they had visited essentially a gossip site, which functions to a large extent as a result of often questionable paparazzi photos. I would imagine that a choice always has to be made when it comes to posting photos, rumours, etc. and in MHO CBB has more integrity than most when it comes to these things.

gargoylegurl on

Thanks LauraSW. 8) I’m kinda expecting somewhat of a lynching for my opinion on this one, but I don’t care. I thoroughly enjoy reading the comments here, and I always try to consider opposing points of view, but on this one I have my mind made up. 8)

Sarah CBB News Editor on

It’s interesting to see the site in the news after all the differing opinions I received after posting one of the photos. Knowing what we know now, I definitely wouldn’t have posted it, however, it seems to have been the catalyst for learning of and catching these guys, which is not such a bad thing.

daisy on

Although a fan of CBB, I am getting a little irked at the wishy washy approach that CBB is taking where this story is concerned.

Frankly, I’m curious to know what the CBB is. Is it a gossip site, or a news site? A professional endeavor, or a private blog?

My concerns lie here. Firstly, Sarah said that, and I quote

“this is a case where I need to put my job responsibilites before my personal feelings, that’s all. It’s great for CBB to have an exclusive, and it’s something that’s very interesting to a lot of readers, even if we feel guilty looking at it. That’s why I decided to post just the one – still get the news out, but attempt to keep some things private and personal.”

Now all of a sudden, although questionable, the decision to post the picture was not necessarily a bad thing since it was “catalyst for learning of and catching these guys”

Come on Sarah.

This is what prompted me, as a fan of CBB, to wonder where the CBB falls. Is it a pure gossip site, which above all values “getting the scoop” without the benefit of weighing decisions through the sieve of morality and ethics. Or is it trying to be some kind of responsible journalistic endeavor? Or is it now involved in making questionable publishing decisions because, afterall, you might be “saving the day”, and catching thieves.

I think we the audience and readers need to know this upfront.

Secondly, I thought that the contributors here were all on a voluntary basis, so, you still have a choice to make when your gut tells you something is not right. You certainly do not have an editor to necessarily please as part of your job. You are not, and I don’t think the CBB readers mistake the contributors for, professional journalists.

Even as a voluntary contributor, I think you know the rule of thumb that if a picture was taken in public, it may be okay to publish, even if not in good taste, etc. If a picture looks taken when trespassing (as in peering into windows and such) then the lawsuits may fly. And CBB will get the unwanted press it finds it now has.

And on that note, please remember that even the rags/gossip magazines have a chorus of editors who make these decisions. We are not talking about the paparazzi here, but the editors, and the decisions they make about what pictures they publish. Because believe it or not, there are certain guidelines that even the rags follow (and that’s why they have legal departments as well).

It seems your even your gut was telling you that a picture, not released by Angelina or Brad, and taken in private, was questionable and might even be remotely illegal. However, it seems that getting the story was more important.

So, what is the CBB, a gossip site, or a news site? A professional endeavor, or a private blog? Or was it swept away with the headiness of getting the EXCLUSIVE!

And do not be mistaken, this is not a case of “sudden onslaught of moral & ethical crusaders”.

Sarah CBB News Editor on

There is an effort more towards professionalism – we focus on news, commentary, and style trends, not gossip. We try to stay on the news side of things, catergorizing gossip as ‘rumor,’ and we’ve been quite reliable in the past exclusively announcing pregnancies, births, and names. We also would never copy and paste articles into the blog as you see so many other sites doing – we do write ups ourselves.

Re: your second point, CBB is a part-time job for me. The contributors are volunteers – for Danielle and I, it’s a job. I said before in the previous post that you quoted, yes, I was concerned about getting the exclusive initially. I received the photo at 2 am, and needed to make a posting decision on it. As you quoted, I felt odd about it and decided to post just the one. When I logged on the next day, the photo had gone much further than I had imagined it would in four hours. When Danielle, who was on vacation, and I got in touch in the afternoon, it was taken down after talking about the “reasonable expectation of privacy” issue, and the fact that the photos were rumored to have been stolen. I then left for vacation the next day and was unaware of what was going on with the site for all of last week. I had missed all the recent press coverage, and was commenting on the fact that something that was a poor ethical decision led to a positive outcome. I don’t think I was in any way implying that we “saved the day” – that’s obviously not the case.

Regarding your comment about the decision about which photos to publish, we do much of the same. Many posts our contributors write up are not posted live to the site for this very reason. We are limited as to which agencies we can post photos from or link to because we do try to stay on the legal side of things. We’re currently working with someone on a more specific and defined photo policy which will hopefully be completed in the coming weeks.

Danielle, CBB Publisher on

We may not be “professional journalists” but we try to be as professional as possible. We focus on news, commentary, and style trends. We aim to stay on the objective news side of things, catergorizing gossip as ‘rumor,’ and we’ve been quite reliable in the past exclusively announcing pregnancies, births, and names.

One thing you will never see us doing is copying and pasting articles (aka plagiarism) into the blog as you see so many other sites doing – we do write ups ourselves.

Tina on

You made a decision to post the photos. I don’t see why you need to minimize any other sites that many of your readers visit in order to defend your decision.

Your site even posts to alot of sites that “copy and paste” photo descriptions and articles, if you link to them you shouldn’t criticize them.