Jon Voight, proud grandpa

07/01/2006 at 10:00 AM ET

Although he is estranged from his super celebrity daughter, actress Angelina Jolie, Jon Voight seems to be relishing the new role of grandpa.

"I’m walking down the street and people say, Congratulations on Shiloh.’ It’s so sweet . It’s a wonderful feeling."

Source: OK, pg. 39, July 3, 2006


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pink.lioness on

I really hope Angelina and her dad make up. I know he’s not be a great father, and he did say bad things about her, and I know these things could have led to her not being allowed to adopt Maddox back in 2002.
But he did publicly apologize afterwards – repeatedly. He’s been trying so hard to make up with his daughter. I sincerely hope Angelina will find it in her heart to forgive her dad, and will introduce her children to him as well. Her dad might not be perfect, but he is her father and nothing is going to change that. She’s hurting herself, too, with this sad family feud.

yogadaisy on

How bizarre. Has he even spoken to Angelina or met Shiloh? I’m sure Angelina has good reason to cut him off – more than just his thoughtless comments that threatened Maddox’s adoption. Sometimes it’s best to cut ties and move on from a toxic relationship.

Lisa on

That is sad. I hope they make up soon. Life is short, they shouldn’t waste it fighting.

Zoe on

Not really sure what exactly went on between the two of them, but I do hope they can work it out. I know there are 2 sides to every story, and just because everyone loves Angelina doesn’t mean she might not be at fault too. I just hope they do work things out before something happens and it is too late.

erica on

*new* role as grandpa? what about Maddox and Zahara?

pink.lioness on

I don’t think he’s ever seen either Maddox or Zahara (despite voicing his hopes to meet them on several occasions… I’m pretty sure I’ve read that a few times). I also remember reading that Angelina vowed to never let any of her children meet her father, because he hurt her so deeply in 2002 – and that as far as she’s concerned, he is dead. Angelina is very close to her brother though… I wonder if he has still a relationship with their father?

Stéph on

He’s grandpa to Maddox since 4 years and to Zahara for 1 year and he just realize?
It’s not only the biological children that count, Maddox and Zahara have the same right as Shiloh.
I think they’re all beautiful children.

Congratulations to Angelina and Brad for their 3 gorgeous children.

Jessica Bird on

I don’t think Jon Voight said he’s a “new” grandpa. I think that was the CBB comment.

dave on

Re: Maddox and Zahara

Well, the source is dubious, but here is a quote attributed to Voight right before Jolie announced her pregnancy: “I’m not sure why she hasn’t had her own children.”

However, he also said this of Maddox in 2002: “It’s a great pain that I haven’t been able to see the baby.”,1,10333,00.html

I don’t know if he’s ever made any statements about Zahara.

Amara on

No wonder Angelina had so many problems with a father like Jon Voight. The comments he made about her and Brad, not to mention his complete dismisal of two adorable children that are also his grandchildren is truly sad.

gargoylegurl on

John Voight has a big mouth. Perhaps Angelina is terrified of bringing him back into her life on account of what he might blab to the media! I mean, what is his problem? He’s an actor himself, he of all people should know that no good can come of airing dirty laundry in public.

I think it’s very sad that they are estranged. I am very close to my father and it doesn’t seem possible that he could ever do anything that would warrant my not being a part of his life. That being said, he doesn’t go around telling everyone that I have mental issues and need help! How awful.

If he’s as concerned as he likes to portray himself to be, he should start by keeping his mouth shut. He still talks about this stuff publicly & I’m sure every time he does Angelina is more sure that her decision to not associate with him, however painful, is right.

I hope they can reconcile, but someone how I think Angie wont risk it. She probably doesn’t want to take the chance that he will expose anything private about her children to the media.

Stéph on

About Dave’s comment

Oh my god!
It’s terrible things to say about your child and grandchildren. I totally understand Angie, me and my father are in bad term too, I didn’t talk to him since 6 months and I’m just 15 years old.
I don’t know for Angie but for me it cause no pain. I just think : I don’t need him.

AnnaRose on

yogadaisy: I agree completely.
Just because someone is related to you doesn’t mean that you should keep them in your life if they bring nothing but pain. And I also think that as a mother it should be Angelina’s first priority to protect her children from people who may hurt them, and if she feels her father will be one of those people then I think she’s right to not want him around.
IMO, life is too short to waste time on toxic relationships.

DeAnna on

Something about Jon Voight rubs me the wrong way. And who knows what went on behing closed doors, but Angelina probably has a good reason (other than the comments he made on TV, which was bad enough) for not letting her kiddies see him.

A on

I think that if he is so eager to meet the new baby why is he talking to the media instead of Angelina or Brad??? Maybe I am just being cynical though 🙂

Marie on

This irritates me to the core.

I am estranged from my father and have been since I was 18. I’m currently due any day now with my first child, so I feel like I have a bit in common with Angelina in this sense. It irks the hell out of me to hear that Jon Voight is relishing being “grandpa” when he’s been cut out of her life and has nothing to do with her or her three kids. I know that my father (a term I use loosely) will be trying to do the same thing, trying to take claim to my child when he has *none*.

Jon Voight needs to back off and stop with this “poor me” crap. She gave him a chance, it didn’t work out. I’ve done the same on more than one occasion and eventually, enough is enough. It’s sad and it hurts, but sometimes the estrangement is better than the alternative.

I wish Angelina all the best and strength in dealing with all of this. I hope Jon Voight gets a clue and backs off.

Azriel on

There is nothing negative in his comments that Dave had posted.What is wrong with him saying that he would like biological grandchildren as well.It’s all to do with carrying the family blood.Some families really hold that true to them.I have four kids.Three are adopted and #4 was a great surprise.No one treats my children differently.They are all treated the same. We have great kids that all carry our name on and we have 1 that will carry on our bloodline.It makes everyone happy- us and our old school family.

Campbell on

A “good reason” is not relevent. What may be a good reason to one, may seem trivial to another. There is no way we can truly know what’s gone on with this family. I absolutely agree that Jon Voight should shut his mouth PRONTO!! That man is like a loose cannon. Good, bad, or indifferent a person should LIMIT their public comments. If I were in her place, and was considering extending an olive branch, I don’t think I’d do it for concern that he would shout everything to the universe. Sad situation, but thru my own experience I have learned that a person must have boundries in ALL relationships, being her “dad” does not autimatically qualify him suitable for a place in her life.