Celeb kids with "Normal" names

07/01/2006 at 11:00 AM ET

In a time when celebrity baby names include Apple, Bluebell, Brooklyn, Barron and Zolten, MSN Lifestyles has composed a list of celebs who have chosen "normal" patriotic names for their kids. The four names chosen were John, James, William, and George. The list includes Kirstie Allen, whose son’s name is William True, and Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker’s son James Wilkie. You can check out the other stars named here.

Thanks to CBB reader Alina.

Source: MSN Lifestyles


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pink.lioness on

I’m also more in favour of traditional names. William True and James Wilkie have still got unusual middle names, to show their parents are hip or cool or something, but it’s not going to affect them much in the future.

Rachel K. on

Amen to that pink.lioness!

I think it’s perfectly fine to give your children “unique” if not even totally off the wall (if that’s what you’re into) names, and to even call them by those names as they’re growing up. But I also think that parents should take into consideration that these children are going to grow up to be adults and then, these names aren’t going to be so cute anymore… and with that valuable bit of information at least have the decency to give the child one normal name (be it first or middle) that they can go by later in life if they choose to.

Rinna on

Here’s a couple of crazy names:
Shannyn Sossamon’s son’s name is Audio Science Clayton and Jason Lee became infamous for naming his son ‘Pilot Inspektor’.

Source IMDB

fumar on

I agree with Rinna, Audio Science and Pilot Inzpektor are the worst for me. At least someone like Moon Unit (Zappa), could go by Moon, which would cut the badness in half.

I do love when I read that a celebrity has named their child something traditional. I love Lauren Holly, whose three sons are William, George, and Alexander (I think). When I have children, I will name them traditional names that are easy to spell. I have almost always had to spell my last name for people, and I would not want my kids to have a name that could be spelled lots of different ways.

crzymaid on

While I do think names like apple or bluebell are over the top, I would like to point out that names such as Zolten actually have ethnic origins (in this case Hungarian). As a name it’s the equivalent of John, James, William or George in Hungary.
I also object to names being qualified as “patriotic”. You can qualify names as “normal” if you want to since normal is a question of context, but I don’t see what patriotism or lack thereof has to do with giving your child a name that’s not rooted in Anglo-Saxon tradition, especially if you’re not Anglo-Saxon, which I believe describes a sizeable portion of the American population these days.

Campbell on

Ditto crzymaid

yogadaisy on

I love the traditional American names, too. A friend of mine has three boys, Jack, James, and William. So cute!

Sadie on

I don’t think the MSN story was intended to offend anyone. If you read the story they’re talking about “patriotic and presidental” names. It’s a 4th of July story about the names of presidents and first ladies. I really don’t think it was meant to be taken so seriously.

Amber on

My sons have easy, “traditional”, names: Ian, Derrick, and James. While I wouldn’t name a daughter Coco, Apple, or Bluebell the names I did have picked for girls were Caylis and Xanna. I heard they say Apple’s name in French.

dave on

I think the only names that are truly “weird” are Audio Science and Pilot Inspektor.

Coco, Brooklyn, Barron, Moses, and Zolten are maybe “uncommon,” but not strange.

Apple and Bluebell are borderline.

gargoylegurl on

I think Bluebell is actually quite a pretty name. I wasn’t sure at first, but it’s grown on me.

It doesn’t strike me as a strange or borderline weird name. It’s really not much different to other flower names: Daisy, Rose, Violet, etc. Maybe a little less common, but I like it.

DeAnna on

I don’t think Apple is that bad. While it’s not common, I think Gwyneth and Chris are getting too much criticism when there are names like Audio Science and Pilot Inspecktor. Compared to those, to me, Apple sounds like Molly.

Heavenly_hibiscus on

Does anyone know how do you say ‘Apple’ in French ?

Part of the interest in celebrity babies is the thought of “oh my what are they gonna call the baby?” ‘cos you know it’s gonna be something far out !

I do think some celebs are clutching at straws though. Some names are cute as ‘nicknames’ but not actual names.

Millie on

The french word for Apple is ‘pomme’ but I really can’t imagine Chris and Gwyneth calling her that!

I’m with the general consensus here, unusual names are fine by me but Audio Science and Pilot Inspektor are just awful and a guaranteed embarrassment to that child as it grows older.

My daughter’s name is Abigail. Traditional and not particularly uncommon here in the UK but also not as popular as some.

shaylee on

ew i hate “normal” everyday names like that…I would never give my kids names like that… I like uique names but definatly not names like Audio Science, Apple, CoCo and other horrible names like that. Names I like that are unique but not off the wall are or everyday names:
Layken, Kylen, Presley, Eja, Khia, and Kalaina

mom4bob on

What about Zolten’s big sister, Moxie Crimefighter? I find her name to be considerably more strange than her baby brother’s traditional (albeit uncommon) Hungarian name.

Gargoylegurl, I agree with you about the name Bluebell being pretty; I just don’t care for the way “Bluebell Halliwell” rolls off the tongue. Can you imagine all the name-rhyming grief that poor child is gonna get in school?

yogadaisy on

Millie, Abigail is an EXTREMELY common name here in the US. I think it’s been in the top 10 for 5-6 years and is currently the #4 name. That’s a lot of Abby’s!

One of the reasons I love the more traditional name is because they are so uncommon these days. I don’t care at all for “unique” spellings of names – substituting Y’s for other vowels or making the spelling difficult. All it will do is condemn your child to a lifetime of spelling her/his name several times a day. Trust me I have a name that is hard to spell and it’s such a pain! I sometimes order my Starbucks or Jamba Juice with the name Mary just to make it easier for me, LOL!

Joy on

I like different but not too different that my child gets made fun of!

I think that I’ve gotten used to the name Apple and don’t find it too wierd anymore next to some of the other celebs names. I think alot of people enjoy traditional names. For me I’d like to go different that my kid isn’t 1 of 5 in his/her class but that it’s unique enough that he/she won’t be made fun of….then again kids can be cruel and they’ll find anyway to be mean to any kind of name!

Free on

I agree with you crzymind….but not too much is over the top for me, the way some people like traditional american names is the same way I am about what is considered not “normal”. wild, crazy ,weird…lets make it interesting. For example some people would consider naming there child George, it could be in honor of what they call…”The Father of our country”, okay I’m American so I know that statement does not stand for my friends in other countries, as a matter of fact it really does not stand for me either..I am Cherokee/Apache. Well one of my heros is Wilma Mankiller, the first woman leader of the Oklahome band of Cherokee.Mankiller is a wonderful name to me. Just like george or Washington or Jackson is to others.

Millie on

Yogadaisy, I didn’t realise Abigail was that common in the US! I think it’s in the top 10 names here in the UK at the moment, but I don’t think it’s as common as many of the Chloe’s, Emily’s, Katie’s Sophie’s etc over here. It’s one of those things where you don’t think a name is that popular but then when you give it to your child there’s suddenly loads of them everywhere!!

alex on

The next Sophie or Katie I meet is in extreme danger of being decapatated…. or maybe just been ran away from, lol. I too like unusual name, though I think there is a point where “unusual” becomes just plain weird. I like the names Catalina and Melody for my two girls.