Carriage ride: Victoria, Romeo and Cruz

07/01/2006 at 10:40 PM ET

Victoria Beckham, and her sons took a carriage ride in Baden-Baden, Germany this week. Celebrity Nation has picture from Saving Face, of the Momma with her two younger boys, Romeo, 3, and Cruz, 17 months.

Source: Saving Face Forum via Celebrity Nation

Thanks to CBB reader Bella.

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fumar on

Aww these boys are so gorgeous, but I always wonder why their hair is long. Also, does anyone else think that that might be Brooklyn in the photos? (wearing white and green, it looks like he’s sitting on the carriage floor).

Posh_Fan on

That is Brooklyn. There are more pictures at the Denden forum where you can see him more clearly.

I think Cruz is a really beautiful child. He got the perfect head of dark curls, those chubby cheeks and his dad’s good looks. He’s going to be a very handsome man one day. Romeo’s hair is getting so long but it looks cool now. He’s starting to get cute. I might be the only one here but I think Victoria looked FANTASTIC. She always looks so perfect but I was getting tired of her old hairstyle and this new one really suits her. How sweet are pictures of her reading the book to Cruz?

Millie on

All of the Beckham children are so cute, and Brooklyn is turning into such a handsome little boy. I’m personally not so keen on Romeo’s hair, but Cruz has a gorgeous little head full of curly locks!

One thing that strikes me is how much they all look so much like Victoria rather than David.

carly on

They are beautiful boys, they are all going to be handsome.i love seeing her victoria with her babies she seems most happiest and content when her boys are with her.she certainly seems to be a wonderful mother

jodie on

Go to for more pictures! There are lots of brooklyn and mnay more

Shannon CBB contributor on

Yeah that is Brooklyn on the edge. Sorry! Didn’t see him there.

Romeo’s hair makes me wonder if he wants to keep it long, because they never kept Brooklyn’s hair long, so it seems as if it is a choice of Romeo’s. Cruz is just ADORABLE!!

Jenny on

The Beckham kids are just so adorable. I think Cruz looks like the perfect mix of Brooklyn and Romeo.

Hillary on

I think they are just the cutest family. Those kids are adorable. I agree that Victoria looks great as well. I wonder if they’ll have another anytime soon? Can you imagine those three boys and a little sister?

Campbell on

I absolutely adore the hair on all the boys! We must remember that we are a global society and truly anything goes when it comes to style/fashion. European styles are diverse. Princess Caroline of Monocco’s sons have beautiful locks also. One thing…. Victoria is always stylish and cutting edge however she looks so “plastic” to me. jmo. BUT, she’s seems to always have her boys with her. I think in many ways that really sets her apart. She may well have a nanny, but she appears to take her position of MOTHER very seriously. KUDOS!

Kily18 on

I really don’t like this woman, she is sooo fake, I don’t know.

and the boy with long hair is really ugly!

shaylee on

aww they are such cute kids..especially Romeo. To me, he is the cutest of the three boys…I LOVE boys with longer hair like that

Heavenly_hibiscus on

They boys are gorgeous. I also think Cruz is a real mixture of Brooklyn and Romeo.

I wonder if Posh sometimes finds it hard to be so high maintenance ? 😀 I couldn’t be bothered !

Hillary on

“And the boy with the long hair is really ugly”???

Can we show a bit of maturity, please? That type of comment is uncalled for.

kily18 on

ok, then tell me where I was immature, please? why can’t I say that this boy is ugly?

cannot I have an opinion different of yours that I am an immature person?

does everybody have to have the same opinion? c’mon!

Shannon CBB contributor on

CBB works on the policy that comments are not to be offensive or nasty towards the celebrity, their children, other posters or the CBB staff.

You are allowed to have an opinion. However, please do not post it if it is nasty or offensive towards the celebrity.

Please consider the new motto in regard to posting: “Is what I’m about to say true, helpful and necessary?” If not, please do not post it.

gargoylegurl on

In my opinion calling a child ugly is a little harsh, c’mon – he’s a kid! Somehow it just seems particularly hurtful to say that about a little child. That’s just my opinion. 8)

I totally agree with CBB’s posting guidelines. It shows an integrity that is often lacking on other similar sites. That’s one of the main reasons why I spend so much time here. 8)

The only thing is, I do think that this policy should be applied to all threads & all stars. I don’t wish to get off topic by mentioning Britney – I’m just stating this to illustrate my point here – I think she’s been called some horrible things on here lately and in my opinion it’s not right. I think opinions can be expressed without resorting to name calling.

Just my 2 cents. 8)

alex on

Couldn’t have said it better.

M on

I agree with Campbell

VB is the fakest (literally) celeb out there. Not just in the looks department, but her whole demeanor stinks!

Also– ROMEO is not CUTE!!

M on

Sorry— I meant I agree with kily18

jenny on

So M if you don’t like her why you came to this topic ti see her pictures and post comment here…

karlee on

Her boys are so handsome.I think romeo is the cutest, cause I think he looks more like posh than becks. Its nice seen posh send time with her kids. Like her or not, I think she is a good mom.

pink.lioness on

I think Brooklyn is the prettiest of them all (JMO), he looked so sweet already when he was a little baby, but the other two are also cute 🙂

Calling a 3 year old child “ugly” is just nasty.

Kily18 on

I told you before, that is my opinion. If you don’t agree with me that’s ok, I also don’t agree with you, but I won’t discuss, because it is a waste of time, both of us have different opinions —> that’s it!

Different people have different opinions, and thanks GOD! can you imagine everybody with the same opinion? extremely bored.

Kirsty on

Everyone can have an opinion, but if it is defamatory, especially regarding a defenceless child who never asked to be born into a situation such as this, then you need to take a long hard look at the sort of person you are. Like someone else said, you came on here and obviously had a look at the photos, so are obviously interested in the family.
I have long been a fan of Victoria Beckham, the ball they had before the start of the World Cup was amazing, and I was particularly pleased with how she attended a party for the children they have helped beforehand.

Hillary on

Well said, Kirsty. There is nothing wrong with opinions – unless they become rude and insensitive. Saying that a small child is ugly certainly crosses that line.

Ada on

Calling Romeo “ugly” is extremely uncalled for. Keep your nasty opinions to yourself, please. Especially when they concern a 3-year-old baby who has never done anything to merit such a disrespectful comment.

I, personally, think he is the cutest of the Beckham boys. I love his hair! It is unique.

I saw a picture of Victoria once that just made me love her, regardless of all the snippy comments she gets… It was a pic of her and Romeo in Spain, and she was wearing this long peasant skirt and twirling him around on her hip. They were both laughing and nuzzling and it was a really beautiful moment of her as a mother.

I think they have a great family.

Sarah CBB News Editor on

Offending commenters in this thread have been removed.

Calling a defenseless child ugly is not adding to the discussion in any postive way.

M on

Well Jenny to answer your question— I came on the site because I have never seen pics. of their baby Cruz and I was curious to see what he looked like, that’s all and I stated my opinion as well. Move on…

Aleksa on

In my opinion Romeo is the cutest. I like the way boys look with long hair. I think Brooklyn and Cruz look cute too, but I like Romeo the best.

They are all quite a good-looking family, and none of them deserve to be called ugly.