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06/30/2006 at 08:45 AM ET

Ever wonder what strollers your favorite celebs schlep their kiddos around town in?  US Weekly has a spread featuring the most popular celeb carriages and it’s not just the ubiquitous Bugaboo!

Babygearedshop_1903_35587549Orbit Baby: Gwen Stefani has the new Orbit Infant System with a car sear, car base and stroller seat which rotates 360 degrees so Kingston can face whoever’s driving, forward or even sideways!  ($899 at

100015navy00000Baby Jogger Q-Series: Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger steer Matilda around Brooklyn in one of these super smooth jogging strollers.  As I’ve mentioned before, the Baby Jogger City Series is my recommendation for stroller system as they now offer an infant seat attachment and a bassinet. ($250 at

1_17438_lg_gaStokke Xplory: Do you live on Mars or want to look like you do?  Angelina Jolie bought one of these freaky looking puppies.  Courtney Cox-Arquette was probably one of the first celebs to drive this in public.  My husband and I considered getting one but didn’t like that it’s all plastic.  It is pretty damn cool looking. ($950 at

Ryder_carbon_frontMaclaren Ryder: Heidi Klum drives Leni (and possibly even Henry) in the quintessential New York  City stroller.  It is impossible to walk around New York and not see at least 3 out of 4 kids riding in them.  I wonder if Kate Hudson has one for her son Ryder. ($250at

Micro_v2_pink_125Silver Cross Micro V2: Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have one of these super lightweight umbrella strollers.  When a Maclaren will do but you want to spend more money… ($149 at

1_17305_lg_pa_1Bugaboo Cameleon: Gwyneth Paltrow is just one of many celebsdriving a Cameleon.  She may even be responsible for starting the celebBugaboo craze!  Who else drives a Bugaboo?  The question is more like,who doesn’t! ($879 at

Do you have any of these celeb strollers?  What do you like/dislike about it?

Source: US Weekly, July 10, 2006

To read about why I chose the Bugaboo Frog and my responses to some of the questions posed by Posters, please click the extended post.

To Poster Layla’s Mommy: You can use the Bugaboo up to 40lbs.  My nephew is 5 and weighs around 35 lbs so I think it’s good fora big toddler or a lazy kindergartener!

One of the reasons we chose the Bugaboo Frog was for the reversibility-the baby can face forward and towards you.  I found this great articleat About.comabout other reversible strollers.  They include Besides the moreexpensive strollers like the Stokke Xplory, Bugaboo Frog, Cameleon,Gecko and the Quinny Buzz (which is hard to find in the US), the lessexpensive models include Rock Star Baby,  Fisher Price Infant toToddler, Hauck I’Coo Infinity and Peg Perego Venezia.

We also liked that the Bugaboo had a bassinet.  As Poster Charlottealuded, We have also read that it’s not good for babies spines to be inthe seated/curled up position for so much time- like they are when theyare in the infant car seat that many people use with a Snap and Go typeframe as a stroller.  Yet, you CAN use an infant car seat (Peg Peregoand Graco only) with the Bugaboo.  We also liked/needed thesuspension.  Living in NYC, you do a LOT of walking and the littleplastic wheels on a $50 stroller were not going to cut it for us.  Yes,I know tons of New Yorkers are quite satisfied with their inexpensivestrollers but…

The other reason we chose the Bugaboo Frog is it’s JUST so coollooking.  My husband and I are into the way things look so Anya’svehicle was going to have to look cool. 

As for the price, I agree- the price is absurd but it had all of the features we wanted.

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Ana on

I like them all, but the Orbit looks so cool to me!! It’s so trendy! The Bugaboo is also very cool, and I think you can use it ’till your kids is bigger, so it must be much worth the price than the Orbit in the end.

julie on

oh the maclaren. so lovely.
we have the double and its amazing
guarenteed to fit through any single-doored, door frame.
before the second kiddo,
we had a bertini, which was fabulous and turned on a dime,
but a heavy little sucker.

pink.lioness on

I like the ones that can be turned around to face both ways. Especially for younger babies – seeing mummy or daddy gives them assurance and a feeling of safety. Also, on sunny days, the sun can’t shine into their eyes. When they’re older and more curious about what’s going on around them, the seat can still be turned around to face outwards.

I like the style and quality of the Bugaboo best but it’s sooo expensive! I’d probably go for a stroller that’s very similar to the Bugaboo, but less expensive – the “Infinity” by Hauck.

Stacey on

No, they’re too expensive, and your kids won’t be in them long enough to justify the price. 😛

Charlotte on

We love the Bugaboo! When my son was little we used the Bugaboo frog and it is a perfect stroller. Very light, very easy to take around in small shops, crowded places and narrow streets and needs only one (light)hand to push.

My son liked facing us more than facing outwards, and we all enjoyed our Bugaboo extensively.

When he started walking I sometimes used the MacLaren triumph, but found it much harder to push than our Bugaboo.

If we would have another baby I definitely want to try the Stokke Xplory. I LOVE the look of it, and the fact that the child is placed much higher above ground level. Especially in a big, crowded city I find that a very appealing idea. And now it is suitable for both babies as older children it’s perfect!

Keila on

I’ve got the Cameleon and the Maclaren Techno xt…. The bugaboo is amazing! I live in Queens (NYC) and it was worth every penny. My daughter is 6 months and enjoys facing in and out, it turns around in the same spot and handles the bumps like a pro. I agree, it is pricey, but I plan on having a few more munchkins, hopefully getting the full life of the bugaboo. My biggest concern with the bugaboo was how it folds and would fit in my car, haven’t had any problems as expected, and would highly recommend it. The techno xt is also a great stroller, but I’m sure I’ll get more mileage out of it when she’s a little older. We’ve used it on trips/flights, and we love it too, in a different way.

Stacy B on

We have an old-school Emmajunga that we got for $20 at a thrift store. They are virtually indestructible and in my opinion, look way cooler than any of these new “trendy” ones. For the first 18 months, I didn’t use a stroller at all but carried my daughter everywhere in a KK pouch or the Ergo (when she got heavier) and sometimes it makes me kind of sad to see tiny babies lost in these huge modern baby contraptions when they could simply be worn in a sling. Does anyone agree?

Stephanie on

I think the Orbit looks so cool too, the mocha color looks very different!!! I used to like the Bugaboo but I think if we get pregnant now I would look at the Orbit, I am kind of getting sick of the Bugaboo, and it doesn’t look as neat as the Orbit, I am interested in seeing what the orbit has for when kids get older!!

Mille on

I have the Maclaren Techno classic for my 11 month old daughter. I use it primarily for when we go out in the car, as if fits easily in the boot. I also have a Mamas & Papas travel system which is lovely if you’re going out for a walk, but doesn’t fold down very small and is heavy and bulky. But the Maclaren goes in the car lovely, and my daughter loves it and looks very comfy.

Charlotte on

Stacy: I carried my son in a sling for the first few weeks, and after that in the BabyBjorn carrier. I agree that it feels so much better to have your baby attached to your own body instead of wheeling them around. When they become more heavy I prefer a stroller though! 🙂

Stephanie: What I’m wondering about the Orbit: here in Europe people are warned against using maxi-cosi kind of seats for longer than 2 hours at a time. As little babies usually nap in their strollers, would it be a good idea to leave them in the Orbit basestation-thingie for a longer time? Or is there some other kind of ‘bed/nest’ to attach to the bottom part?

Jennie W. on

I’ll take a cheapo stroller with a cup holder anyday!

joy on

I am with Jennie! I own a very nice saftey first light weight easy fold stroller…only $50 and works wonderfully! who needs something so ghetto and expensive! The kid will be out of it before your done paying it off!

Autumn on

Cute strollers, but I’d imagine if I ever have kids, I’m right with Jennie and Joy, I’d just go with a decent department store/discount story Graco or Evenflo model or something.

The Stokke stroller does look neat, but it doesn’t look like it’d handle kids past 6 – 7 months (if not sooner), so what do you next? Take the babyseat off and let your husband use the bottom part/wheels for a golf club caddy? lol!

Tina on

I also sling my babies till they are too heavy for my bad back! Even when they are tiny, I will sling and bring the stroller for those just in case moments (the stroller usually ends up being the place to hold the shopping bags or my purse).
With that said, I have the Bugaboo Cameleon and adore it! I stand by the saying “You get what you pay for”. I looked into the Stokke but decided the Bugaboo was best fit for us.

jess on

I don’t have babies yet (working on it) but seeing some of the price tags on these strollers made me a bit nervous. Thank you to Joy and Jennie for your testimonials that cheaper strollers can still do the trick – it makes me think I can actually afford to have a baby 😉

Heather on

Silly question, I know, but doesn’t Gwen Stefani have a bugaboo? I’ve not seen pictures of her with an ‘orbit baby’ – Does anyone have any?

Kildine on

Funny to see this subject !

I did the same 1 month ago on my forum of my website ….

Kristin CBB Fashion Editor on

This isn’t an advertisement. The spread was in US Weekly, and the reason we featured it on our site is because our readers ask about these things. The post starts with, “Ever wonder what strollers your favorite celebs schlep their kiddos around town in?”.

Also, this is a comment that I posted under a different category, in regards to someone asking why we have all of these advertisements in the first place:

The posts about stuff celebs buy or get as gifts or receive free from companies are NOT advertisements. The only posts that are ads are the ones that say Sponsor or Giveaway in the title. Why do we include them at all? Because in our Reader Survey, a majority of readers said they are interested in the products celebs use.

We write about products that celebs use with their children because this is a celebrity baby blog. You may not be one of them but people write in to us all the time asking, “What kind of stroller does that celeb use?” or, “I really like Gwyneth Paltrow’s diaper bag, what is it?”

Regarding advertisements- why do we have them? There are costs involved in running the site, not the least of which is bandwidth. The weekly highlights newsletter, the fun new polls, etc. – they all cost money too!

I hope that answers any questions you may have! 🙂

And I just want to add, we have a Maclaren for our toddler, and it’s great for traveling with! 🙂

joy on

Jess –

it’s so true! you don’t need expensive gadgets for your kids! I laugh all the time when I see people who spend so much money on one item! I mean sure if you have it to spend then that’s great but for most people like myself we live on tighter budgets! And truthfully you want to know where I buy all my baby items for the kids I watch (shhh consignment shops)! yep! I get great baby products for half the cost!!

If I had to consider any of these strollers it would be the one Jennifer Gardner uses bc it looks easy to use and least expensive! But like I said for as fast as kids grow why spend the money when they are only going to tell you at 2 years old, “mommy I want to walk!” 🙂

Layla's Mommy on

We want to get the Bugaboo Cameleon for our next baby. Right now we have a Greco. 😛

Layla's Mommy on

Oh, I forgot to ask. If you have a Bugaboo, how long can you use it for? Can it be used into toddlarhood?

Lorus on

A friend of mine collects strollers (she has about 15) ranging from different types of Maclarens, Mountain Buggies, Bugaboos, Chariot, Valcobaby, etc. I’m not fond of the Bugaboo Cameleon she has. It’s a nice stroller but I much prefer one of the many Maclarens since they are light and fold up so small in comparison. The two mountain buggies she has (single and double) are great for other types of terrain but again they don’t fold up that well.

Collette on

We have a Stokke Xplory and adore it! Our daughter is now two and has plenty of room in it, she’s very comfortable! We had a Bugaboo that tipped over sideways trapping her partially under it and I will never recommend one again!

Tina on

Bugaboo can be used for a long time. There are so many different options (bassinet, facing forward, back, recline, etc). My 3 year old loves it and fits quite well. He mostly walks now but when his little legs get tired… he loves sitting in it.
We also have the Quinny Zapp as our smaller stroller. It’s awesome! (It was a gift from relatives over in England).
I have tried the Chicco, Graco, Maclaren and Peg Perego and the Bugaboo is what we ended up with.
Oh and how does one TIP a Bugaboo?? I couldn’t tip mine if I tried.
I have seen older toddlers in the Stokke and they look plenty comfy.

sarah on


pink.lioness on

The Bugaboo isn’t just a stroller, it’s so much more. It can be used right from the start up to around 4 years and later for any possible siblings as it is very versatile and excellent quality. Quality does have its price. If there was a way I could afford one, I’d definitely go for it.

sarah on

yeah i bet it was actually made for like 50 dollars and is really worth 250. soo dumb. why spend 900 dollars on a stroller, when you can invest in more important things, like diapers or college.

sarah on

besides, bugaboos are like louis vuittons or chanel sunglasses, they are simply status symbols….

Keila on

I’m sorry but bugaboos are not status symbols… There is nothing wrong with investing in something you deem worthy. We don’t have a whole lotta $ but I decided if I were to push my daughter around in the streets of NY, she must be comfy. It gives you TONS of options and we opted to invest in one. We got most of our things as “hand-me-downs” including crib, furniture and clothing. Now give me one good reason why we shouldn’t have invested in this versatile stroller. If you ever get the chance of putting your baby in one, you’ll know what the rave is about. Not for the looks, but the comfort it provides for
infants, babies AND toddlers.

I’m not writing to create any disagreement on here, just trying to stand by the product that has worked for my husband and I.

It’s just not right to bash it if you don’t think it’s worth the 900 bucks. We are going off the topic this post was intended to, no? If you have any of the above strollers, what do you like or dislike about it, simple as that.

sarah on

to be honest, will the child care what she/he was carried around in when she is 10 years old? do you think they will remember being comfy? my gosh, there are so many other strollers that are comfy not worth 900 dollars. i’m not bashing, it just is ridiculous!

sarah on

i understand the thing is versatile, but the jacked up price blows my mind!!!!!!

Olga on

Ok i think buying a 900 dollar stroller is worth if you have the $! And i begged my husband to buy me a bugaboo cameleon when we found out we were having our first baby! the whole 9 months i bragged about it! He had enough of it and got us just a graco system stroller let me tell yaah our daughter hated it always cryed in it so we decided to keep our options open! we went to babies r us and saw a maxi-cosi foray! its just like the bugaboo but better quility! and much cheaper! the handle is not so wabaly like the bugaboo and the fabric is so amazing wipes up clean! but the bugaboo got the fleece fabric and is always staticky! poor babies! so i say i would of spend the money on the bugaboo but why when i can spend 350.00 bucks and get me something better then the bugaboo yeah your just buying the name! bugaboos are good and people point at you when you have one we get the same with the foray so save some money and shopt at baby gap for your kids! thats what we did!

Aimee on

$900+ for a stroller these days is what it cost for a high end stroller. That’s just the way it is. And yes it kinda does matter if the baby is comfortable in the stroller or not. An infant that isn’t comfortable in the stroller is going to cry. Also what the stroller has to offer is important. It needs to have good back support for the development of the baby’s spine and neck. Infants are born with only cartilage, so a child sitting in a cheap stroller that doesn’t offer a full recline, but is cheap, is going to in the long run hurt the child.

A good stroller doesn’t necessarily have to be $900. The best stroller is going to fit the needs of parent and child. The preg prego strollers are less expensive and infant carrier adaptable. And why are they less expensive? Because the materials are less costly then that of a bugaboo, orbit, or Stokke; in fact stokke’s materials are the same as mercedez, so really, you aren’t paying for a status, you’re paying for durability.

But the audacity that some people have, saying that it doesn’t matter what you put a child in, it’s just a very ignorant way of thinking.

csgo on

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