Mia Farrow on Soon-Yi: "She's estranged– and strange."

06/29/2006 at 08:30 AM ET

Actress Mia Farrow, currently in theaters in the horror remake The Omen, recently spoke out on her family and her relationship with director Woody Allen. The one-time collaborators famously split when Woody began romancing Mia’s daughter, Soon-Yi Previn. In one of the nastiest custody battles of all time, Woody sued Mia for custody of their three children– and lost. He and Soon-Yi married in 1997 and have two adopted daughters of their own.

Mia admits she has forgiven Allen because the burden of her anger is "too heavy" for her to carry. However, she has also given up any dream of reconciling with her eldest daughter. "You just can’t go on mourning forever, and so I’ve moved on. It’s been a long time now. And I really don’t think of her as my daughter any more. I can’t. She isn’t. She’s estranged – and strange."

As for Mia and Woody’s children, none of them have seen Woody in years. Their only biological son, Seamus Ronan, recently changed his name to Ronan Seamus, because, as Mia explains, "in America would mispronounce it and call him Seemus." A child prodigy, 18-year old Ronan is attending Yale Law School. Like his mother, he has a passion for helping children, and they are both active in UNICEF. They even travelled to Darfur together in June 2006 to bring attention to the genocide in Sudan.

As for the rest of her 14 children, who range in ages from 12 to 36, Mia says she has never regretted having such a large family. "It can be challenging. I won’t deny that. But they’re just great kids so you just deal with everything."

Source: The Independent

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Miss155 on

how many of the 14 are biological?

Sara on

She has four biological children, all sons (Sascha, Matthew, and Fletcher with her husband Andre Previn, and Ronan with Woody Allen).

funkyfeet on

Woody Allen’s relationship/marriage to Soon Yi will forever creep me out. Yuck!

Jennifer on

If I were named Seamus Ronan and people would keep mispronouncing my name, why not then just change the spelling of your first name instead of switching the two around? It seems weird to change the name people call you so late in life…people don’t really mispronounce Sean so why not just educate people as to how to pronounce your name instead of changing it altogether! I kind of like the name Seamus! Ah well. To each his/her own. Ronan is a nice name too I suppose…I just would find it hard to change my name after so long. Lots of names get mispronounced! I wonder if any of the siblings are in touch with Soon-Yi or if they no longer regard her as a sister.

Sara on

Several of Mia’s kids have changed their names– it makes it a little hard to keep track of them. Her daughter Daisy Previn was originally called Summer, but she decided to change her name after her mother’s character in The Great Gatsby. At birth, Ronan was named Satchel by Woody after Satchel Paige, but kids started calling him book bag so he took the name Seamus when he was 8 or so. Mia’s daughter Malone (the one she adopted with Woody) was originally called Dylan, then Eliza, and now she goes by Malone. I have no idea why they change so much!
As far as I know, none of Mia’s kids have contact with Woody or Soon-Yi (which doesn’t surprise me at all!). They have all been pretty vocal in their support of their mom.

Patty on

As I recall, Mia accused Woody of sexually abusing their daughter Dylan/Eliza/Malone or whatever her name is. And yet, she said in that article that she has forgiven him “In an instant. I can’t carry any of that. That’s too heavy for me. It really isn’t up to me to forgive or not forgive, is it?”

Now that’s strange!

gargoylegurl on

I just fine the whole thing strange…Mia included.

Sara on

I know Mia is very religious, so I think she was trying to be the bigger person. (Judge not lest ye be judged & all.) She has always been very vehement in protecting Malone from Woody, and I don’t think her forgiveness is at all condoning his (alleged) actions.

Heavenly_hibiscus on

Yes, I agree that Mia is strange herself !

I read her autobiography and several things struck me as odd.

Regarding Woody and Soon-Yi – atleast they got married and made everything legal. Their adopted daughters are cuties.

Heavenly_hibiscus on

side note about the name Seamus…he has had that name for 10 years…why change it now ? lol why not when people first started mis-pronouncing it ?

Jennifer on

Yeah, the repeated name changes of the children are odd to me…if you are named Satchel and then you hit school and kids tease you, why was the name changed to something equally problematic for him?!? The name Ronan will probably not be one he wants to keep in 10 more years! It’s almost like those kids are running from the law or something with all aliases! I’m sure all kids go through some phase of liking another name (I remember when I was 6 or 7, I had a day or two where I wanted everyone to call me “Monica” (why, I have no idea…I must have heard that name somewhere and liked it)…I made my family call me that for a good 24 hours before I got tired of it) but to go through the legal process of having one’s named changed is pretty drastic…especially considering these are/were children when the name changes occurred. I just think it’s a little odd…and yes, I agree, I think Mia is a little odd herself in some ways…to the person who read her autobiography, what was in there that was odd? I haven’t read it…just curious.

Randy on

This is weird. My last name is Roonan. My 19 year old son’s name is Sheamus. Do the math. My son’s name is Sheamus Roonan and was born a year before Seamus Ronan.

michelle on

She doesn’t think of her as her daughter any more? What kind of mom she is? Maybe Soon-yi wasn’t a real daughter to her since she was adopted. No wonder Soon-yi fell in love with Woody,if Mia didn’t love her like mom should have. Moreover, Woody wasn’t her father.

GIA on

To Michelle who thinks Mia was or is a “bad mother”…until you stand in someone else’s shoes don’t judge. It had/has nothing to do with

Soon-Yi being an adopted child …it had to do with that same child totally tossing away her relationship to her mother and siblings and self righteously proclaiming her relationship with her mothers own lover. Soon-Yi has never backed down from that fact and never showed an ounce of remorse for entering into this relationship with Allen. Tell me how would you like it if your own daughter began an affair with a long time partner? HOw would it feel to keep reaching out to your daughter, to forgive her, only to have her reject you? Not that Farrow is perfect or perhaps didn’t make mistakes but Woody Allen is the one who acted with impunity – NOT Farrow! Watch the documentary on Allen made a few years ago, mainly to do with Allen’s “career” as a jazz musician and you’ll see why Mia regards her as STRANGE. She definitely comes across as that!

Never will be over it on

Woody Allen and Soon-yi never will stop creeping me out either…………both of them are example of completly lack of morals, I don’t know which is worse, yuck!

Zoey Tayler on

Mia farrow shouldn’t have called her daughter strange and estranged and she should have never said she didnt think of her as a daughter anymore…. I guess I just think a moms love should be unconditional.

Christina on

Personally I think Mia is a narcissist who adopted a bunch of kids for attention. It makes no sense to me why woody Allen would molest Dylan while he was trying to woo soon yi. If he had milested soon yi when she was also a child, that would be another story but he only started having a relationship with her after she was legally an adult. I doubt he would go that far if he were truly a pedophile. Mia just seems to be bitter and unable to let go. She probably hopes that their marriage would fall apart in ruins but instead it must drive her crazy on how long they’ve lastes and now they have adopted daughters of their own.

Christina on

To GIA, get off your high horse and follow your own advise.

Sane on

People like Michelle, Zoey, and Christina, should never reproduce.

Gabriella on

Now watch how Allen leaves Soon Yi for one of their daughters.

Jay on

Ronan Farrow is not Woody Allen’s biological son: he’s Frank Sinatra’s.