US Weekly says Angelina already plans to adopt a fourth

06/13/2006 at 11:21 PM ET

by auditioning contributor Ashley

According to US Weekly, Angelina Jolie, who gained a very modest 25 pounds while pregnant with baby Shiloh, is already planning to adopt again. "They say they definitely plan on adding to their family, but they’re likely to adopt the next time around," says US Weekly’s Katrina Szish.

And guess whose private jet the happy family arrived back in LA on? They chartered Tom Cruise’s private jet for a quarter million dollars.



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gargoylegurl on

I’m glad they are back in the U.S., I wonder if they will stay for a while?

I think exposing children to different cultures is a good thing, but Maddox is getting to an age where he should probably be starting pre-school or kindergarten. I would think that would be hard to do jet-setting all over the world.

Maybe being in one place for a while will be good for the kids?

Zoey on

Ok, I know this isn’t quite the point of this posting.. but of all the private jets in the world, they had to chose Tom Cruise’s. Geez, that man does *not* need anyone to give him more money. How’s he going to vanish off the face of the earth if people keep giving him money? *lol*

Lorus on

It’s no secret that they wanted to have more kids. It’ll be interesting to see what country they choose next. I’m hoping they’ll eventually get a little girl from China or a child from Romania.

qssung on

A ban was placed on foreign adoptions in Romania a few years ago and I don’t think it has been lifted yet.

Shannon on

I wouldn’t be surprised if they left it for a year or two and then had some more biological children and adopted later. Angelina isnt old, but she isnt getting any younger either and i think they will leave it for a bit cause 2 children in diapers is alot, let alone three!

Danielle, CBB Publisher on

Zoey- It is possible that the reason they took Tom’s jet is because they know each other from Interview with a Vampire. As for the cost, I’m sure most of that money is the cost of the flight from Namibia to the US- all that fuel, etc.

Autumn on

Oh I know what you mean gargoylegurl about Maddox getting to the age that he should be starting school soon and I agree, however with homeschooling being such a hot trend in some circles, esp. with people Brad & Angelina’s ages who have kids Maddox’s age and slightly older. I could see them highering a nanny/tutor and having Maddox & co. homeschooled on the road like some celebs and many non-celebs do. (With Ange’s propensity for adopting children, Maddox won’t lack for playmates, that’s for sure! lol!) We’ll just have to see which route they plan to take for Maddox, etc.

I also agree with Shannon too about the biological children. Ange isn’t getting any younger, and at 31 she’s at the age that if she (or Brad) wants any more biological children, now (or more within the next 5 yrs) is the time to do it. (I would love for Brad to have a biological son too, but maybe that’s just me. ;)) Still though if they want to add to their brood by adopting, that’s fine too. (One way or another Maddox (& his sisters) needs a brother too. lol!)

krewcat on

They have both said they want more…I can see them doing it quickly too…

I had 3 in diapers for over a year (2.5 years, 14 months and newborn). The hardest thing about it was the cost…which really doesnt matter to them anyway…LOL Just lay all 3 downa nd do a assembly line at diaper time…ROFL.

I really wonder if they will homeschool. I have thought about it. My business takes me all over the midwest and down into FL/GA. My kids have always come with me, but this fall my oldest is starting kindy and I’m going to have to break down and let her stay here to go….I did think about homeschooling, but there are not enough hours in the day for everything…LOL

coneyisland on

“a very modest 25lbs”, actually this is a very healthy amount for a woman with a healthy BMI. 25-30lbs is a normal amount to gain in pregnancy. Some women will gain more, some less depending on starting weight.

Camille on

coneyisland, I agree. When I got pregnant, my doctor told me I should gain 25-30 lbs to be healthy. I was a bit bigger than Angelina but not all that much.

joy on

I can def. see Angie adopting more children in the future but not right away. Maybe a part of her feels guilty and now needs to have more children to make up for the biological one LOL 😉

Anyways, I hope if they do adopt they get a brother for Maddox.

And I do agree it’s got to be hard on Maddox to be jetted off all the time and he’s not at one place at one time to make friends and try his best to live somewhat of a normal life. I am sure he loves his life but sometimes it’s got to be hard on a kid esp. when you don’t ask for the fame but you just get it.

MuffThumb on

ANOTHER one? children are not collector’s items!

they have three children! that’s enough! if they want to have another biological child to even it out half biological and half adopted, go ahead! but for the love of god, stop at four! just cause you can afford to rack them up doesnt mean you should! children need parents, not nannies!

Dana on

Not too many years ago, families routinely had 16, 18 children. They managed to show love and affection. I believe they intend to adopt a lot more fairly quickly. That’s what they say. Nothing wrong with that as long as everyone is happy. The kids would enjoy having lots of siblings. The parents are hands on. I dont think anyone would suffer. I don’t know about the biological kids. Maybe, maybe not.

Anna on

Angelina and Brad do not seem like the type to hire nannies for their kids or use them as “collectors” items. It’s eay to see how much they love them. And who’s to say 4 is enough?

BabyBliss on

Why stop at 4? They obviously love children and devote alot of their time and attention into raising them. I agree that they do not seem the type to pass their kids off to nannies or treat them as “collectors items”. In fact, they seem quite the opposite. I think big families are great. There’s not enough of them these days IMHO.

joy on

I think that if they have the money they should adopt! Why stop? If you have enough love and affection to care for them then I say go for it! We need more people to open their hearts and adopt children. There are so many unwanted kids. I necessarily don’t understand if you have the money why have 5,8,10 of your own and instead why not adopt. If I have money one day I think that I will do it in addition to having one or two of my own.

I do believe some people take their kids for granted. I know one mother who I would love to beat over the head for her reasonings for having kids…but to each their own.

krewcat on

Why is it anyones business how many kids they have. They very much appear to take good care of them, love kids all around the world, do numorous things for alot of children and have more than enough money to pay for it. Since when is having alot of children considered collecting them?? Dang. If I had enough money I would easily have more. I have 3 now…its NO ONES business if I stop or if we plan to have more(which we are going to try to). The last thing on my mind when deciding to go for another one is up my “collection”.

Last time I checked we didnt live in china where someone else is able to decide how many kids someone has.

gargoylegurl on

I agree 100% with your comments krewcat! Well said!

gargoylegurl on

Also, I feel that Angelina & Brad are doing a wonderful thing by adopting kids from around the world. It saddens me that some people perceive them to be “collecting” children. I think they should be applauded for their efforts, not criticized.