"Babies are the must-have celebrity accessory"

06/01/2006 at 04:07 PM ET

Though we are happy to be linked to in today’s Washington Post’s blog, Celebritology, I don’t like how people keep referring to babies as "the must-have celebrity accessory." 

What the $#&!?  Celebrities are people too!  We are only hearing about their pregnancies and babies more and more now that the media has declared a Hollywood Baby Boom.  Several times a year since I created the Celebrity Baby Blog (January 2004, by the way), the media declares there’s a Celebrity Baby Boom!  Other than realizing that babies sell more magazines, what gave them this idea?  They have always been getting married and having families, just like normal people. 

Ironically, I even heard that organizers in the gifting suite industry consider celebrity babies to have jumped the shark.  Which is it?  Are celebrity babies "hot hot hot" or are they over? 


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FC on

It’s not right that they’re calling babies “accesories”. That demeans the child and their families, making it seem like they only had the children to be a part of the “in crowd”, that the parents got married or whatnot just to fit in with everyone else in Hollywood “who’s doing it”.

It’s almost hurtful, despicable, really.

If they’d only stop making it seem like marriage and having children is just some hot fad that’s going to burn out and be replaced by something else. That’s not even the truth.

I’ll just stop myself before I rant all over the place. -_-

joy on

I actually know a few families who consider their kids to be assets. One told us she’ll keep having them so she doesn’t have work and doesn’t care if they ever get a college education. I know another who just considers her kids to be like assets (something to have).

I actually believe the trend of hollywood babies has increased in the last 5-10 years. And now and now we’re finding all kinds of celebs getting pregnant by their boyfriends and not their husbands. Not that I am against it if your in love but nobody seems to want to be married then start families anymore.

In the local newspaper in my area they had an article about do you care about celebrity births and they polled several people who all said NO what’s the big deal? people give birth everyday what makes a celeb so special and now I am beginning to think, yeah what’s the big deal?

Although I do find an interest in some hollywood couples alot I could careless about.