Anna Nicole Smith confirms pregnancy

06/01/2006 at 11:04 AM ET

Anslogo3d_pregAnnanicole1Anna Nicole Smith has confirmed her pregnancy via her web site,  Watch her floating in a swimming pool set the record straight

In the video, she says,  "Yes, I am pregnant.  I’m happy.  Very very happy about it. Everything’s going really really good.  I’ll be checking in and out periodically on the web and I’ll let you see me as I’m growing."

The ability to watch future videos will require joining Anna’s website for a fee (not yet specified).

She doesn’t say how far along she is or who the baby daddy is but, as we reported on May 23rd, rumor has it that she is five months along, the father is Larry Birkhead, a freelance entertainment reporter/photographer, that she plans to raise the baby alone, and that she wants to name the child, "Cherrie Pie."

Larry Birkhead told, "I have been told that I am expecting a child, I have seen the ultrasound and have spoken to doctors. I am very excited about the possibility of becoming a father."  If you’re curious what Larry looks like, TMZ has a photo of Anna and Larry together.

PS The best part of the video is watching her dogs in the background!

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Candice on

Seriously now, not everyone needs to procreate.

kaylamc on

Wow!!! Anna Nicole is the last person I thought that would get pregnant!!! If she’s happy about it then good for her!!! I wonder if she’s afraid of gaining back the weight she lost?

Lydia on

You’d think Cherrie Pie would be where you draw the line.

Cole on

Well :clears throat: I hope everything goes well.

gargoylegurl on

I guess I’m happy for her, but man she is one odd chicka! lol 8)

Autumn on

Oh you’re a bit late for that one, Candice, because Anna Nicole already has a 20 year old son named Daniel! (At this rate she could’ve bee a grandma too! :?)

I just hope for all the best for Anna and her new baby girl. (I just hope her TrimSpa Pills don’t give her baby extra problems.)

joy on

Dear God help this child……….*ooops* did I say that out loud!?!?

pink.lioness on

Congratulations to Anna Nicole!

No matter what might have gone wrong in her life, or what people say about her, she’s been a good mother to Daniel and I’m sure she’ll be a great mom to this child as well.

p.s. “Cherrie Pie” sounds nice enough, better than some other celebrity kid’s names out there, just my opinion of course.