Is Cindy Crawford pregnant?

05/30/2006 at 05:05 PM ET

A few CBB readers emailed us this afternoon with pictures of Cindy Crawford out shopping with her adorable kids – and it appears Cindy might have a baby bump! 

What do you think – is it baby number three for the Crawford-Gerber family?

Cindy and her husband Randy have two kids, Presley, nearly 7, and Kaya, who turns 5 in September.

Source: Teddy and Moo’s

Thanks to CBB readers Charleen, Brooke, and Bethany.

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kristen on

in the first picture it doesn’t look like a baby bump but in the other pictures it looks like it may be. I hope so, how refreshing it would be to have some more natural celebrity birth news!

gargoylegurl on

In my opinion she definitely looks pregnant. I hope she is! 8)

Hannah on

If there was a side shot, I could say yes or no. She could have just had a big lunch and her ab muscles are bulging out.

landroverdisco on

It could be just PMS bloat. But it sure would be exciting if she were adding to their family.

pink.lioness on

She definitely does look pregnant but pictures can be deceptive. I don’t think she would pick up or carry her daughter around if she was pregnant…

Hannah on

In response to “pink.lioness”, why not? I carried my daughter around up until I was 36 weeks pregnant and my midwife advised me not to. It’s perfectly safe to carry your children whilst pregnant, unless otherwise advised by your doctor.

Jennifer on

Hannah, so if your midwife advises you not to, you ignore her because she’s not an M.D.? That sounds pretty dismissive of midwives’ experience and expertise…I don’t get it…a doctor CAN give you bad advice just as much as anyone else…doctors are known to be quite flawed in their knowledge sometimes too!

Hannah on

I think you misread me, and since most people don’t go to a midwife, I used it interchangeably. You will see in the first bit that I said:

I carried my daughter around up until I was 36 weeks pregnant *and my midwife advised me not to.*

Scarlett on

She definately looks pregnant. In the first photo I thought maybe she just put on some weight but judging by the others and the way her stomach looks, I would say that she is. Her kids are soo cute especially her little boy!

rachel on

Hannah, hate to make assumptions, but do you mean you carried your daughter until you were 36 weeks, *at which point*, your midwife advised you not to, anymore?

that would seem to make a bit more sense.

Hannah on

No. I was pointing out to Jessica, who thought I was disregarding my midwife’s authority, that I stopped carrying her when my midwife told me not to.

kaylamc on

I think she looks pregnant!!! Awww how cute!!!

tink1217 on

I also carried my daughter around til I was probably about 35 weeks pregnant with my son. My doctor never said not to. It didn’t hurt me or the baby. I think Cindy definitely looks pregnant unless the pics are manipulated in some way. Just like Britney’s belly a month or two ago. I am guessing maybe 3-4 months along. I hope she is anyway. They make beautiful children!!

Liz on

How does she definitely look pregnant? I think picking up a child like she is in one of the pictures affects your posture in such a way that it makes your stomach poke out. I think she looks perfectly normal. I vote that neither she nor Reese are pregnant. It’s not that I don’t want them to be, but it’s just that I think they look healthy and normal. Apparently, we are so used to celebs being emaciated that we jump to call a little meat on bones a “baby bump.”

metoo on

Anyone else think that Cindy Crawford looks just like her husband, Rande Gerber?! I have always thought they looked very much alike!!

Lola on

I wish she would cut her son’s bangs so he could see where he’s going! Anyway. I don’t think she’s pregnant either. Somehow I don’t see this couple having more kids. I guess time will tell.

Lorus on

I think she might be pregnant as well. She’s one of those women who bounced back to a flat belly really quickly after giving birth. The second picture definitely looks like something is bulging out from her pelvis.

tink1217 on

Liz, its is the shape of her stomach and where the “bump” is located that makes me think she looks pregnant. Looks like a 3-4 month baby belly to me. We could be wrong, of course! But, just from experience it looks like a baby belly. Like Lorus said, she bounced back nicely after having children so her stomach is always so flat. Cindy is very health conscious and I would not think she would just all of a sudden have a little flab. It doesn’t look like flab, it looks like a bump.

Liz on

I think she just looks like she’s wearing low rise jeans and her stomach is poking out. In the pics just after the alleged “baby bump”, which were taken around May 12, she doesn’t look in the slightest bit pregnant. I could be wrong too, but I still say not pregnant.