Face-Off: Britney vs. Gwen

05/30/2006 at 09:30 PM ET
Britneyspearsnewsmusic05100675Gwen_stefani_hollaback_75_musicWhich Knocked-Up Knockout do you prefer- Britney Spears or brand-new mom, Gwen StefaniVisit AOL Music to vote!


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gargoylegurl on

I really like them both! 8)

tink1217 on

I like them both too. I know most will prefer Gwen due to Brit’s “mistakes”, but I always root for the underdog!

joy on

I like Gwen. Nothing about Britney phases me.

Failissë on

Isn’t it kind of mean to say people are “knocked up” ? LOL.I know, I know, it sounds nice together when you say it, just thought i’d add my 2 cents.

BTW, I really really prefer Gwen. Brit, I really feel sorry for a lot of the time.

In all fairness, Kingsley or Kingston, whatever his name is a new baby.So Gwen hasn’t had a chance to drive with him on her lap/ bust his head on high chair etc.

And Gavin is a sweet guy and he will be active in the baby’s life.So no dead beat dad syndrome like K-fed.

As far as step-mom goes, Brit wins.She seems more involved in the children’s lives. Gwen doesn’t seem involved in Daisy’s life at all.Well maybe because of the circumstances.

All in all, I think we should wait this one out before we cast our vote.