Britney Spears and Sean Preston out in Malibu on Saturday

05/28/2006 at 12:09 PM ET

Britney Boards has new photos of pregnant Britney Spears out and about with son Sean Preston in Malibu on Saturday. Britney is smiling and seems to be in a great mood while adorable Sean entertains himself by chewing on a piece of paper. Maybe those bottom two teeth are trying to poke through?

Source: BritneyBoards via X-Britney.

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Elle-Emily on

They’re both gorgeous. She looks much better than she has in a while. Pregnancy (and lipstick) obviously agrees with her.

gargoylegurl on

I agree with Elle-Emily – Brit looks good, in my opinion the best she has in a while. Sean P is getting cuter and bigger by the minute.

I see she has her “manny” with her in one of those pics. 😉

Glad to see her looking less stressed out. She seems much calmer and more relaxed. 8)

Christy on

Again with the pants-less baby? Isn’t it risky to wear white and hold your baby’s diaper that close. I would think it would be gross. You never know when the baby will go potty, so protect yourself!

Erin on

I would be so nervous that the baby would start choking on the paper =X Time to buy a teething-ring, Britney! =)

Autumn on

Oh what an adorible way for Britney to dispose of her parking ticket, let Sean eat it!?!

Ah the girl needs to invest in some teething toys now that Sean’s at that age, but that’s just imho.

They’re all cute though, even though letting Sean go around wearing just a diaper while she wears white is a risk, I guess it’s a risk Britney’s willing to take. (Good thing it’s only a risk to her laundry this time. 😉 lol!)

joy on

Oh my nieces and nephews love paper!! They’d rather rip and tear paper apart then play w/ their toys.

Granted it’s probably not great if injested but I don’t think it would harm him. Usually the paper melts when it gets wet LOL

I though have to disagree and say that I feel she looks very worn down in those pics. She looks very old to me.

But anyways, the baby is so cute and I love babies in the summertime when they just are wearing their diapers!

landroverdisco on

I think she looks in good spirits. Her outfit and appearance look markedly improved. She would feel even better if she got rid of Kbaggage. I think it is a very positive step she got a “manny” for Sean Preston. Considering, KFed basically deserts his offspring at conception.

FC on

Sean Preston has that whole cherub look going on, hehe. But I’d just want to snatch that paper out of his mouth. Give him a baby chewing ring or something to gnaw on.

Sorry, babies chewing paper is a pet peeve of mine. ^_^

Kresta on

I find it odd how people are commenting on Sean chewing on a piece of paper, yet in another thread everyone’s darling Reece Witherspoon is carrying her son while holding a hot beverage and no one comments about him getting burnt.

spindoctor on

i agree with the first 2 posters. she looks very good. and sean is a so so sweet. also, if you click on the close-up of sean’s face, it’s definately not a piece of paper. it’s a lime green toy or teething thing made of plastic.

Autumn on

Yeah you’re right Kresta, that would’ve been tragic if Reese would’ve tripped and spilled hot coffee on Deacon!

I guess I hadn’t thought about it at the time I saw the picture. (What I did wonder was, what type of drink would you buy for a 2 or 3 yr old at Starbucks?)

Shannon on

Autumn-I babysit for a little girl who is three and when we go up to the shops i often gets Starbucks and she wants something too. She’ll either get a babycinno (frothed milk with some chocolate powder), warm milk in a starbucks cup, or a hot chocolate. Starbucks (or at least the one near me) always seem to be great with varying their menus slightly so litle kids can have something too.

On the Britney note – i think she looks gorgeous and its great to see her happy after the events in the past couple of weeks. Sean’s a cutie!!

FC on

Kresta, I didn’t see the photos of Reece and her kids and the whole hot coffee thing. If I had, I might’ve said something, but I never saw that post.

I comment on what I do see and right now it’s Britney and Sean.

Autumn on

FD, the post about Reese & Deacon is 14 posts below on May 25th I think. Although here’s the original pic:

Shannon, thanks for the info on the babycinos. I knew that when my sister was younger and our family would stop at a Starbucks on the turnpike, my sis would get a hot cocoa, but she was older than 2 or 3. That’s cool they make chocolate milk for kids. At least it’s better than juice or frozen cappucinos all the time.

Speaking of juice, frozen cappucinos, and Britney & her kids, who knows what she’d let them drink…

I just hope Sean didn’t actualy swallow too much of that paper he was gnawing on in the pics. He doesn’t need to develop a pica habit at 9 months.

gargoylegurl on

I could be wrong because I’m not a doctor, but it’s my understanding that Pica is a disorder brought on by other disorders such as autism, not by a baby simply gnawing on paper.

Besides, we may be jumping to some conclusions here. Someone above pointed out that if you look carefully and zoom in on this pic, the “paper” he’s chewing on, actually looks like it’s not paper at all. It appears to be some sort of ring or chew toy.

Sean is at an age where just about everything he comes into contact with he will attempt to put in his mouth. I don’t think we need to worry too much, it’s normal. 8)

KF on

Cut the girl some slack! Even if it is a piece of paper (which I don’t think it is), so what?! Little Sean is happy, and it isn’t going to hurt him. When I go grocery shopping my daughter loves to hold the shopping list – she prefers this to toys or items in the cart. And yes, she’s put it in her mouth more than once and probably eaten some of it too and she’s perfectly fine.

Anyway, when the little babes crawl around they inevitably get all sorts of lovely things on their hands and sometimes in their mouths… ;o) Such is life!

Kambrit on

Britney looks awesome. I just want to get my hands on Sean and cuddle that little boy.
My daughter loved paper, that did look like a toy because it wasn’t falling apart like it did when my daughter would chew it.

tink1217 on

I was wondering the same thing about nobody commenting on Reese and Deacon the other day. But, once again, Brit gets the snarls, although nobody has been outrageously rude about it this time, which I find refreshing! I would, howevere, have taken that paper away from SP. Chewing paper and swallowing it can be a choking hazard and also cause him to throw up. A teething ring or toy is definitely better. Brit looks very nice and I like her outfit. Since I haven’t seen her with KFed lately, she has seemed happier too. Maybe she will get together with her “manny”. If that is who that is is a few pics. He is a cutie!