Katie Holmes back to fighting weight

05/26/2006 at 02:06 PM ET

Tomkat_0526_365x250In this video available at TMZ.com, you can see Kate/Katie Holmes is pretty much back to fighting weight, having lost almost all of her pregnancy weight since giving birth to daughter Suri five weeks ago.

The video shows Katie and Tom Cruise at his son Connor‘s Little League game yesterday, starting out with a joint trip to the bathroom (a single occupant one, at that).  Wow- what an inseparable couple! 

You know what they say, the couple that pees together…

Complete the phrase!

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sara on

She looks great, very normal. I think though she was a bit thinner(as actresses are) prior to the pregnancy.
Oh yeah the couple that pees together…stays together?

hedgewick on

…needs therapy together!

What couple goes to the bathroom together? That’s just a little bit creepy. LOL!

krewcat on

umm eww…

I’ve been married for 8 years and my dh and I still go into bathrooms by ourselves…LOL

but, if they left katie outside by herself she would be bombarded with questions, and vice versa…so I understand…a little…LOL

joy on

I think he has her right where he wants her!

and whatever floats your boat!

KrisGams on

I can’t help but think about if we’ll EVER see Suri…

In the video, you see Katie pull down her shirt, almost like she was making sure her tummy wasn’t sticking out like last time.

michelle anne on

So if this was yesterday I guess this puts to rest the rumors circulating this morning on MSN news that she left him and went back to stay with her parents ?!

She looks great!!

gargoylegurl on

They both look great. Yeah, I guess it’s a little strange that they both went to the restroom together, but as someone above said, it was probably so that they wouldn’t get bomarded by the press.

I have to say, just watching that footage, it was creepy. All the money in the world would not be worth it to me to be trailed around and followed like that. I would HATE it!

MuffThumb on

trailed by who? the body guards? it sucks but its necessary!

I’m hispanic, and i dont know if anyone here has ever seen “fools rush in” but there’s a scene where salma hayek pulls matthew perry into the bathroom with her, so she can finish her conversation with him! it’s TOTALLY hilarious, and SO something someone in my family would do! it may be a culture thing! i dont know!

gargoylegurl on

Muff, I didn’t mean the body guards, I mean I would hate to be followed by the paps! 8)

FC on

MuffThumb, I absolutely love “Fools Rush In”, that scene especially.

But, with the stigma following these two around and how weird Tom has been acting, I just cringe for some reason.

Meh. Whatever works, I suppose.

Failissë on

I agree FC.Methinks he is a TAD controlling. Their whole relationship creeps me out, so I am not surprised that they go to the bathroom together.

Ugghh..Imagine a day in their household. My friends new hubby is like that and he pisses me off.She can’t go to the fridge or do something with out him having input.

Well at least he is not doing that “now you see her, now you don’t ” trick that he pulled on Ellen about pics with Suri.

MuffThumb on

i think everyone’s overreacting! LOL. when Katie was pregnant, and she went to her stepdaughter’s games, they used to kiss and part ways before they went to the bathroom, her to the women’s, him to the men’s. this is the first time they’ve been to the bathroom together (well, second if you count the L.A MI3 premiere)

and i think someone always having an opinion or input, is different than being controlling.

enrique on

i argee with what krewcat said i dont wouldnt want to see my girlfriend dumping turds lol