Geri Halliwell had a C-section

05/25/2006 at 07:23 PM ET

"I don’t mind my Caesarean scar, because it looks like a smile." – Geri Halliwell


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gargoylegurl on

Well it’s good she is putting such a positive spin on it. I personally hate my scar! For one thing I have lost some feeling in the area where they cut me.

tink1217 on

I have had 2 csections and 2 tubal surgeries and I have lost feeling there also. My first csection scar did kinda look like a smile! I am glad she is okay with it. So many moms who have csections feel like they failed or like they had a bad birth experience. I didn’t at all. I went through 24 hrs of labor with my first with hardly any progress. I ended up with a fever and she was trying to come out slightly crooked so it was best for both of us. Whatever gets the baby out safely for mom and baby is the way to go. I would never feel like a failure for doing something like have a csection. BTW, my 2nd child was elective csection and it was much easier than the first. If I have another, it will be another csection. No question!

Principesa on

Like Tink, I had 1 tubal surgery (and a myomectomy).

As Geri has said, mine also looks like a smile. I have strategically placed two ‘eyes’ when I am feeling impish.

I love my scar. I earned it. It will always remind me what I did to become a mom – that makes me smile.

A positive attitude is priceless!

Moonmoth on

I can’t believe Geri said this so soon after having a c-section…. My c-section scar looked absolutely like Frankenstein raised red & oozing with with huge staples and everything. Yeah I earned it, 24 hours of labour then emergency C-section…But I had done no reading on c-sections whatsoever so it was a pretty big shock to me to have to get one at the last minute in a emergency situation…..I’m sure if I would’ve accepted c-section as a possibility then I wouldn’t have been so traumatized by it….but for sure, healthy mom in the end & healthy baby so no regrets. Back in the day, I would’ve been one of those women who died in childbirth so no begrudging of medical interventions from me.

ACK on

I think that for the most part c-sections do not look like smiles but yes a gross Frankenstein looking thing as Principesa has written….it certainly does not look like one now that it is 2 years old…just a darker straight line.
I think that if most pregnant women just accepted the fact that there is a great possibility that they will require a c-section at delivery it would save a lot of women from the trauma of the baby blues. The more okay you are about it before hand the less in shock and upset you are by it when it is required. I had a feeling that I would need one with my first son almost 4 years ago and I did so I was prepared. Then when I was told I would be having triplets and that would be another c-section I was quite happy with the idea. When it comes down to it I would prefer to have stitches up there then the alternative location…ouch! I was lucky however I had excellent mobility and very little pain after both c-sections. If you want to get used to the idea of a c-section…watch those TLC Maternity ward shows or the baby story…..once you can actually watch one take place without looking away and making a grimace…you will be okay with the idea if you require one…they really are not that scary.

Autumn on

According to my mom, I was born naturally, but the rest of my siblings were born via c-section.

For the one brother, it was an emergency situation because he was 9lbs. 9oz. and she was a smallish woman. For the other brother, it was elective although the docs used to suggest subsequent ones back in the early 1980s. (Still they put her asleep for both of those births.)

Then for my sister, nearly 20 yrs ago, she had everything scheduled, and was awake for her birth. However for some reason her incision never healed right, so a year and a half later she had to have a repair surgery.

I’m glad Geri’s surgery went okay for her though.

gargoylegurl on

I think Moonmoth nailed it – it’s such a shock when you are not really prepared or educated about c-sections, as was the case with me. And lol to the Frankenstein comment, that’s what my scar looked like too! 8)

I also had 24 hours of labor followed by an emergency c-section. It was traumatic and scary, mostly because I didn’t know what to expect.

I would urge any expectant mom to read up and do all the research they can on c-sections.