Britney goes for coffee with album producer

05/25/2006 at 05:25 PM ET

Britney_coffee_red3 Britney Spears is back in Malibu, CA, after spending last week in NYC with her son, Sean Preston. The pregnant star headed out for some coffee at Starbucks, in a cute summer dress, sans baby Sean. Britney is currently about 21 weeks along in her pregnancy.

The male that we thought was the new ‘manny’ is apparently actually JR Rotem, one of the producers of her new album.

Source: Click Britney via I’mNotObsessed.

Thanks to CBB readers Vera, Pamela, and Mary Beth.

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gargoylegurl on

I’m glad to see her out and about and looking happy…

Is it just me or do you guys think Brit looks a bit rough? I don’t know what it is, perhaps she is tired or something? I’ve seen her looking better. I don’t mean to unfairly attack her and I’m not trying ot be rude…just my honest opinion. 8)

tink1217 on

She does look a bit rough, but stress will do that to you. I think her dress is cute, but those shoes?? Whatever floats her boat! I do think her lipstick is a bit too red for her though. Maybe a shade lighter?? All in all, I think she looks great for being 5 months pregnant with her second child. If only she could de-stress. At least she is smiling this time and not crying.

spindoctor on

I don’t really like the outfit, but she looks happy. She looks to be in good shape as well. She is carrying very differently with this baby. Maybe a girl?
She seems a lot smaller than with Sean, too. With my first baby I gained a ton of weight. By the second time around, I learned my lesson. It seems to be that way with a lot of moms I know.

joy on

it’s been already rumored to be a girl but I wouldn’t call the sources very reliable. The same source said Britney likes the names Emily, Lily and something else.

Miss155 on

I like her shoes

Cole on

I remember reading in a magazine that Britney liked the name Addison Rose.
I really do feel bad for her, I think people need to give her a break, someone is bound to make mistakes when the paparazzi is following you and who knows what they say. I think she looks good in this pic.

Autumn on

Yeah she’s rockin’ a slight rockabilly look, which is cool, but she should style her hair a bit more to pull it off completely.

I don’t know what’s up with her knee, maybe she bruised it? Who knows?

Also I noticed that guy is with her again. ;)(The ‘manny’/producer/toy boy/or whatever he is to her.)

pinkorangered on

Anyone else notice she is still wearing the Kabbalah red string? I though that she decided to quit Kabbalah.

starshollow on

I just hope the portrayal of stars who are pregnant and drinking coffee and wearing inappropriate high shoes does not continue to set a bad example for other pregnant women. Neither of these practices is advisable for pregnant women (or their babies). Neither practice “guarantees” problems; however, neither is a smart choice because of potential problems. Why risk it? I hope this site does not wish to glamorize these practices by the posting of so many such pictures.

Sarah CBB Editor on

I don’t believe that we glamorize anything. We’re just reporting on the latest pregnant celebrities and babies, and some of the things they are doing may not be appropriate. If there is something obviously wrong going on – the carseat incidents, Zahara without a helmet, etc – then we try to point it out and link to more information.

However, since there is no way to tell if Britney is drinking decaf, or if perhaps that is her small amount of permissible coffee for the day – I didn’t feel comfortable making a judgment on these photos.

As far as the heels – Gwyneth Paltrow and Gwen Stefani wore them throughout their pregnancies too. It seems quite normal in the celebrity world. I’m not going to avoid using certain pictures for those reasons, I’m sorry.

starshollow on

Wow, that is possibly one of the most ignorant and immature things I’ve ever heard. Perhaps CBB needs to hire older, more mature writers.

BTW, it also seems quite normal in the celebrity world to abuse drugs and alcohol, so that line of logic is absurd.

The very fact that you don’t allow postings that disagree with anything you say (as per your constant reminders) shows the narrow-mindedness of this site. Further, the fact that Danielle abused this site by posting a ridiculous story about customer service (not even remotely the worst customer service experience that most of us “regular people” experience) shows again that this site is the height of absurdity. Don’t worry about blocking me because of my contrary opinions. I won’t be back.

Sarah CBB Editor on

Nothing I said was ignorant or immature. I answered your comment about what “you hope” the site will do. I’m not sure what else you were expecting to happen, or why you made a dig at my age and maturity level, as many of our readers are in their 20s as well. I assume you were trying to be insulting?

I don’t think drug and alcohol abuse is comparable to coffee and high heels – I was simply pointing out that Britney is not the only one, and I don’t find it a reason not to use photos.

Plenty of posts that disagree with opinions are allowed to go through. It is those that rip apart celebrities or go completely off topic that are deleted, and the commenters warned or banned. In fact, the large Britney post was the first time we banned anyone in over 6 months. You are more than welcome to share your contrary opinions.

I don’t make the rules for the site, and I would suggest that you talk to Danielle about any issues you have regarding what she posts. I have no control over any of that, so I can’t comment on it.

spindoctor on

I have 3 children under the age of 8 and I’ve had 3 different ob/gyns (due to a family move and insurance change) and I asked each one about coffee/caffiene. I’ve been told the same thing each time: It’s fine. There isn’t a risk to the baby. What about other moms? What have you been told by your doctors?
I was told by all 3 however, not to color my hair in the first trimester and to avoid hot baths (2 things I love to do). I’ve never heard anything about heels. I’m quite short and wear them almost all the time. Even during the first 6 or 7 months of pregnancy. Is this a health issue or a comfort one? Just wondering.

gargoylegurl on

It boggles my mind that anyone would think that CBB is in any way glamorizing, promoting or supporting anything that celebs do – good or bad.

How can you hold CBB responsible for Brit’s choice of beverage or shoes? If Britney was wearing 10 inch stiletto heals and drinking whiskey, would this be CBB’s fault?

It’s my understanding that this site is about all aspects of celebrity pregnancies and children. The good and the not so good. Sometimes I find the articles (and comments) on here to be helpful & informative, others are just for entertainment purposes. Either way, I have never noticed any agenda by CBB to endorse any particular behavior one way or the other.

In the few months that I have been coming here I’ve seen some crazy comments, but the above attack on CBB takes the cake. Ever heard of that saying, “Don’t shoot the messenger”?