Rumors about Zahara Jolie-Pitt's health

05/23/2006 at 05:41 PM ET

According to a source quoted by In Touch magazine who is close to Brad Pitt, even with the impending birth of their new baby, Brad and Angelina Jolie are in a state of panic over the health problems of their daughter Zahara.

Lately, 16-month-old Zahara is not sleeping like she used to and is crying a lot more . The source adds that the couple is concerned about Z’s soft spot, which is not going away like it should.

"Brad says it’s pliable, like a ping pong ball," the insider says. "It’s doesn’t seem to have developed properly."

The source says the couple have been making Zahara wear a head scarf to protect her head from the sun.

"Zahara hates it and is constantly trying to rip it off," the insider says. "Brad and Angie are worried sick about her. Zahara’s had all kinds of tests, but so far nobody knows what’s wrong with her."

Angelina reportedly started wearing a scarf herself so that Zahara would feel more comfortable wearing hers.

In the past, Zahara suffered from malnutrition when she was first brought home by the couple and was treated for a salmonella infection last summer. Also her biological mother is thought to have died from AIDS.

Source: In Touch, May 29, 2006, pg. 31


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crzymaid on

I’m sorry if I sound dumb but don’t soft spots close as late as 24 months? I thought the average was around 18 months which would make it ok for Zahara’s soft spot to not have closed yet?

Erin on

I find this all ridiculous.

First off, if Zahara is having trouble sleeping and is crying a lot, could it not be because she’s homesick? Or maybe she has gas or something. LOL

Also, her wearing a bandana… uh, she’s worn a bandana since Angie adopted her. Nothing new! If she is wearing it for medical reasons – which the article implies – she’d ALWAYS be wearing it but she clearly doesn’t as she’s be photographed without it multiple times.

And Zahara is not the first, nor will she be the last, baby to wear something on her head to protect her scalp from the nasty old sun – or to just look adorable, as she does. So, why is that newsworthy?

All in all, this article is a waste of space. LOL

gargoylegurl on

Traveling can be quite disruptive for little ones, maybe that has something to do with why Zahara is not sleeping well and crying more?

Also, I recently read about the many diseases that are rampant in Africa and how Zahara is too young for some of the recommended vaccinations for these diseases. That would definitely concern me as a parent.

Cole on

I’m not a mother or anything but if a baby doesn’t sleep like it use to and cries more often isn’t that considered normal? Ah well…like I said I’m not a mother so lol just ignore me and if something is wrong with her, I do hope everything turns out okay.

funkyfeet on

In Touch is no better than The Enquierer(sp?), Star, Female First, National Ledger, etc. They continually write lies. None of these doomsday stories ever make People or even US Weekly. Heck the Jolie-Pitts can’t pass gas without CNN doing a story on it. For proof check out today. You best believe if Zahara is sick it would make CNN and MSNBC and most local news in the US. Darfur can barely get a mention but the Jolie-Pitts make international news on a weekly basis. Go figure.

One other thing, Zahara has the least to worry about in regards to catching the dreaded diseases of Africa. She was born in Ethiopia and lived in an orphanage for the first 7 months of her life. There she was more likely to catch something than in a luxury resort in malaria free Wavis Bay.
This just makes me so upset. Make stories up about the parents but leave the kids out of it.

Jaclyn on

So not true. She would have definitely had a helmet on when Brad was riding with her on his bike (not that she shouldn’t have had one anyways :D).

niamh on

Aside from the accuracy or validity of any other information in the story, Zahara’s biological mother did not die of AIDS. She was an 18 year old girl who became pregnant after being raped and gave her up for adoption as she couldn’t afford to raise her.

funkyfeet on

Angelina even in her last interview with Ann Curry, about 2-3 weeks ago, talks about how Zahara’s biological mother died of AIDS. She has also talked about the biological mother on Good Morning America and on Wolf Blitzer.

joy on

always notice how In Touch and Star always report it as a “source close the to the family!” it’s never actually out of the mouths of the parents!

I don’t buy this story but even if it were true getting up in the middle of the night is normal! Ever think of teething? The 16 month old I nanny for woke up last night 4 times! She’s been doing it more regularly now that she’s getting some molars. She’s also more cranky then normal.

brave on

i think Pitt & Jolie debunked a lot of the rumours previously flying around and I think this one fits that category too.

Besides what does the health of Z’s biological mother have to do with her now? Like other children who are adopted from Ethiopia she had tests for AIDs and other diseases.