Anna Nicole Smith to have baby girl named Cherri Pie?

05/23/2006 at 07:57 PM ET

Although it’s still just a rumor, Anna Nicole Smith is reportedly pregnant, according to a source quoted by In Touch magazine. The insider claims that the ex-playmate is about five months along and has already chosen a name for her baby- Cherrie Pie!

According to The New York Daily News, the baby’s father is Larry Birkhead, a freelance entertainment reporter/photographer.  Reportedly, Anna told Larry about the pregnancy and that she plans to raise the baby alone.  Neither Anna nor Larry have confirmed the pregnancy.

The pal also says that Anna has already discussed her pregnancy with her TrimSpa sponsors.

"They’re being really supportive, and she’s even thinking about doing an TrimSpa baby campaign," the friend said.

We wonder how the herbs and other mystery ingredients in TrimSpa would affect a fetus. 

Source: In Touch, May 29, 2006, pg. 29


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gargoylegurl on

Cherrie Pie? Oh phuleeezzzz! lol

Erin on

I don’t mind Cherrie so much, but I def. don’t like “Pie” LOL

PLEASE Anna, choose something relatively normal!

Autumn on

Cherry Pie? LOL! With a name like that, I’d think the baby’s father was the guy from Warrant! Lainey something…(the guy that was on “Celebrity Fit Club” last year)

Ah I’ll believe Anna’s baby when I see it, or pics of her looking pregnant.

(I just hope she didn’t freeze some of J Howard Marshall’s sperm back a decade ago, and is only using it now to get her money…lol)

DeviantMind on

Cherry Pie, eh? Won’t be long before lil’ Cherry Pie is swinging around a pole with a name like that…

hedgewick on

Is she trying to raise a porn star? LOL!

pink.lioness on

Cherri isn’t so bad at all. I’d ditch the “Pie” bit on the official name though.

Anna can always call her Cherri Pie in private, if that’s what she wants. At least as long as the kid’s still small, that’s quite cute!

Definitely better than Bluebell, Apple, Cruz, Scout or Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily, to name but a few.

tink1217 on

The guy from Warrant is Jani Lane, and that is exactly what I thought of first! The Warrant video for Cherry Pie! If Anna is PG, I wish her the best, and I hope the baby is healthy.

Genise on

Well straight from the horse’s mouth. Scary!

linda on

I think in the death of Daniel (Anna’s son) if I were Anna Nicole I would name the little girl Danielle.

visa badcredit on