Jack Black is expecting a baby boy in early June

05/22/2006 at 08:00 AM ET

Jack_black Update: Jack confirmed over the weekend that he is in fact going to be a daddy. The baby boy is due early next month.

Originally posted March 15th: According to Perez Hilton, Jack Black has not only eloped with girlfriend Tanya Haden but is also expecting a baby with her.  His anonymous source told him, "Tanya’s towards the end of her third trimester." 

If it’s true, his source must have made a mistake or Perez must have because if you check out this photo, there is no way she’s at the end of her third trimester. The source must have meant that Tanya is at the end of an earlier trimester.

Jack has a child with his ex-girlfriend comedian Laura Kightlinger.

Source: PerezHilton.com and People.com

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ally on

I don’t think Jack Black has a child with his ex, Laura Kightlinger. She used to joke that Jack was enough of a child for her. Or something like that. I’ve read many articles w/ JB, and a child has never been mentioned.

Autumn on

Yeah she looks like she’s pregs on that pic, but I agree she doesn’t look 7-9 months along either.

I have no idea if he has any other kids, though I suppose its something to check into.

(Hey I just had a thought. Isn’t Jack White’s wife also pregnant, and probably due much sooner than Mrs. Black? Wouldn’t it be funny if someday their kids got together, esp if their opposite genders? lol)

Sarah CBB Editor on

He doesn’t have a child. I would fix it but I’m in class. 🙂

RookieMom Whitney on

I went to jr high with her, and her name is actually Tania. She is a triplet and her sisters are/were in a bad called That Dog.

RookieMom Whitney on

My bad, the name correction is wrong. I must have been thinking of another girl with a funny spelling. The rest is true.

kirstenlf on

Why does everyone always make pregnancy judgements based on how big a belly a woman has? I never showed at all! Yes, I know, that generally speaking a woman’s term can be guessed at by how large her belly has grown, but it’s just that — a guess. Some women look nine months at five (see Mariska Hartigay), some never show at all. So, yes, there is a “way” that she could be in in her third trimester.

Trishka on

I agree with Kirsten, I would guess she might be…
I know this one girl who gave birth last January but was really small, looked about 4-5 months when she gave birth, maybe even smaller. but I didn’t know she was pregnant until her 7thish month

either way congrats to them

Courtney on

Referring to Autumn’s comment about Jack White – he and his wife had a baby girl named Scarlett on May 2….


Congrats to Jack Black and wife – hes gonna make an awesome dad for sure!

landroverdisco on

He will definitely be an entertaining and laid back father that is for sure. Somehow, I picture him in a Nacho Libre getup standing over his sons crib trying to entertain him.