Brad, Maddox and Z go for a bikeride

05/22/2006 at 09:00 AM ET

Brad Pitt took his children Maddox and Zahara out for a bike ride this week in Namibia. The family of four (including mommy Angelina Jolie), soon to be five, are awaiting the birth of their child there. Young Maddox, who will be 5 in October, is riding with training wheels, while little Zahara, 16 months, is on daddy’s back in a backpack carrier. Of course, the best choice would be a bike attachment with a toddler helmet for baby Z, but perhaps they weren’t available…?

Source: Just Jared

Thanks to CBB readers Mary Beth and Catalina.

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tink1217 on

So cute!! I see the pics have the children’s faces blurred. I guess in Namibia they value celeb children’s privacy.

V on

What I immediately thought when I saw this photo was, imagine if this had been Britney with SPF in a backpack on a bike without a helmet. A full-on attack of her parenting smarts would have ensued–again!!!!

comicbookchick on

Well, then … let me be the first to say that is really unsafe and not very cool of Brad. 😛

If you can’t get a proper safety seat for the baby, then don’t bring her on the bike.

cavy on

I agree with V’s comment (and also by comicbookchick) I saw that she’s not wearing a helmet and I thought that was irresponsible. Then I thought if others would comment on how Brad is an irresponsible parent. Then I tried to look for a comment from the CBB editors about the helmet and I didn’t find any.

Just like when Gwyneth was seen drinking beer. There were not that much people who bashed her. Instead I read more about the benefits of drinking that beer.

For me this kinda proves that it all depends on who the parent is.

joy on

And well let me be the second to add that I too believe this is unsafe. I think the baby needs a helmet on her head just like Maddox. They do make infant helmets.

cavy on

Oooopppsss. I stand corrected. The CBB editors DID comment on it (helmet). I wonder why I didn’t notice that when I was reading it. Silly me.. My mistake and I apologize.

tink1217 on

of course it is unsafe, but who are we to judge?? Or should we all say…Brad should have his children taken away and his unborn child should be ripped from his arms the moment she/he is born!!

Everyone is perfect here, except Brad, Brit, and me!

joy on

LOL ^ no I think you just over analyze too much!!

Nobody’s perfect and I don’t think anyone is saying they are. And of course Brad, Angie, Britney and other celeb parents are not perfect. We’re simply stating the fact that it’s unsafe that’s all!! If we didn’t then we’d have people bitching that we don’t get on anyone else for their “mistakes” except for when it comes to Britney. Well now I’m getting on Brad just like I got on Britney!!

joy on

oh and let me also state that I am sure where Brad is there is no law of safety helmets. In most places in America their are! So the difference is Britney rode w/ Sean on her lap and broke the law. Brad hasn’t. If he were in the US then he too would have broken the law.

but anyways this isn’t about Brit. This is about Brad and his kids.

I find them pictures (minus the helmet) to be cute. Wonder where he’ll put baby # 3!

Erin on

To make a bit of a correction to the post: Maddox will be 5 on August 5th (same day as mine), not in July. 😉

FC on

The photos are cute, could’ve been a little cuter if the children’s faces weren’t blurred, but I understand. As for Brad wearing Zahara on his back, I’d rather she just be in one of those bicycle baby seats or an attachment type deal trailing behind. I’d hate for him to fall/tip over. 🙂

joy on

I think they are blurred for a reason. They asked for privacy while in Africa and maybe if they photos are taking showing their faces their could be harsher penalties….*shrugs* I’m not really sure but there has to be a reason why this photographer chose to release the photos w/ them blurred.

Stacey on

What is wrong with these celebs? They obviously didn’t get the “Parenting 101: Do’s and don’ts!”


Stacey on

They’re blurred because it’s a British publication and their laws are different.

Autumn on

From the looks of it I think they must’ve rented/borrowed the one bike while there.

They probably bought Maddox the bike that time Angie took him to the toystore in the Namibian town or Paris, France(?) to give him something to do. Meanwhile Brad’s ride was probably rather impromptu.

To me it looks like Brad had the kids out so that Maddox could burn off some energy on his bike. Then Maddox begged Brad to go riding too, so someone from the resort or a native Namibian leant Brad the bicycle despite the fact that he & Zahara didn’t have helmets or a proper baby seat on the bike.

That’s all I think it was, imho.

tink1217 on

Do they make infant bike helmets?? Just wondering! Oh, did anyone hear about the paparazzi arrested for staking out Brangelina over the weekend supposedly to catch a photo of her going to the hospital?? Jailed for 3 days. Maybe if that kind of thing happened once in awhile in other countries, celebs wouldn’t be so down on the paparazzi and the photogs would show some respect once in awhile.

landroverdisco on

Isn’t Brad really just a pseudo-dad to Maddox and Zahara? To my knowledge, he has not officially been granted status as father to those children.

I agree w/ the other posters had this been Sean Preston w/out a helmet, Britney would have been torn to shreds. And, everyone thinks Angie and Brad are the greatest family/couple when in fact there is nothing admirable about how this union was formed.

missa83au on

Just because something isn’t breaking the law doesn’t mean that it is right. Britney has made mistakes but this is also a mistake on Brads part. This just proves my point that when Britney is involved everyone starts to bag her out regardless. The tripped thing was an accident but hey it was Britney so lets but into the ground. People relise that a bad parenting decision is a bad decision no matter who the parent. There shouldn’t be a rule for Britney and than one for every other celebrity parent.

Shannon on

Landroverdisco- Brad adopted the children and their names have been officially changed to Jolie-Pitt.

Sorry about Maddox’s birthday – i just wrote from memory and must have remembered incorrectly 🙂

brave on

Cute photo. But if there was no photo we would never know she wasn’t wearing a helmet and have nothing to criticize, eh? Same for Britney, et al… thousands of children are malnourished in the world and so many without families – now that is something to get outraged about.

Sarah CBB Editor on

Tink, they at least make toddler helmets. My twins have had theirs since they got their trikes at 14 months.

Landover, they aren’t one of my favorite couples either. 🙂

Brave, I agree completely.

funkyfeet on

I love this couple and I do agree that Zahara should have a helmut but I will never understand the comparison to Britney. No I don’t think Britney is a bad person but to compare Brad & Ryan Phillipe, who recently rode his bike with Deacon w/o a helmut, to a woman who drove on the highway with her child in her lap makes no sense to me. Compare Brad to Ryan and vice versa but Britney?

landroverdisco on

I’d like to know how Brad plans on explaining to “his” kiddies that he was still married to another woman while porking er um being romantically involved with mommy.

joy on


wow I wish we had a forum so we could quote one another!

I no where stated that it was OKAY for Brad to be doing what he’s doing. Infact in my first comment I said where is her helmet? But someone had to mention the fact that if this was Britney she’d be torn to shreds which I also pointed out that what Britney did was breaking the law that was the ONLY difference. They both aren’t being responsible in these two situations but like we’ve also stated we don’t know the reasoning behind why he’s riding a bike and she’s not wearing a helmet. I don’t even know if they have them over there so in that country alone it probably isn’t LAW to be wearing one.

Either way ….maybe he’ll invest in a helmet if he continues to do more bike riding w/ the kids. Not only is it safe but it sets a good example.

Erica on

Landrover, I imagine Brad will have thought of something to say as soon as Julia Roberts can come up with a way to tell her twins how she actively pursued their dad while he was also still married to another woman? Or not.

I guess my point is that regarding Brad and Angelina, by ALL accounts (including a statement from Jen’s best friend Courtney that Brad never cheated) there was nothing romantic between them before the split was final. In this case, like many other, less public ones, legal divorce is a formality and honestly the writing was on the wall for Brad and Jen way before he even *met* Angelina–I think people conveniently forgot about Jen’s quote about how she wasn’t sure Brad was really her soulmate, or if marriages were meant to last, but whatever.

Even though he certainly should’ve had a helmet on Zahara, the difference of criticism between him and Britney is huge. There’s no doubt that every parent makes mistakes, but driving on the interstate with an INFANT on your lap is not just a mistake or an oversight, that is a death trap. There is a reason why people criticize Britney so harshly…it’s b/c she does these things and immediately makes up excuses/passes the blame onto someone else. And I would have more sympathy for her if she didn’t court the same publicity she cowers from when she is caught being an irresponsible parent.

Sorry for the length of this post, but I needed to get that off my chest. 🙂

joy on

^ agreed!

funkyfeet on

Landrover are you mad at Brad because he didn’t put a helmut on Zahara or are you mad that he and Angie are together? Wasn’t Jennifer Aniston, to use your term “porking er um romantically involved with” Vince Vaughn while still married?

I hope you hold the same contempt for Paul Newman who left his wife and child to be with Joanne Woodward or for Laura Dern, yes Laura Dern who was engaged to Jeff Goldblum when she shacked up with Billy Bob Thornton, even though he was married at the time to Pietra Cherniak. Upon the end of her relationship with BBT, Laura Dern took up with a very married Ben Harper, and not only did she become pregnant with their first child before he was divorced, their son was 5 months old before the divorce was final.

IMO, a few but not all are jumping on Brad because they do not like him. Again, Zahara should have a helmut but to compare this incident to the mistakes made by Britney doesn’t make sense. One last thing, even though I’m not a fan, I do believe that Britney loves her son and would never hurt him intentionally.

crzymaid on

Landrover, like Funkyfeet above, I’m also wondering which thing it is that you’re mad about? the lack of a helmet on Zahara or Brad and Angelina’s couple status?

And although the couple status thing is actually unrelated to the nature of the original post, how do you know what Brad Pitt was doing before Jennifer Aniston filed for divorce I think at the end of March 2005? I could be wrong but in order for Angelina to have a June due date, the baby was conceived in August of last year.

And sorry to be proper about certain things but I certainly hope Brad would never use the word “porking” in front of any children, his or others’.

Autumn on

I still think Brad and Zahara’s bike ride was an impromptu request by Maddox, by he looks of things in the pics. I wouldn’t be surprised now if Brad goes out and buys a top of the line Mountain bike and helmets for himself and Zahara if he decides bike riding could be a regular thing. (He has enough money to transport a few bicycles around the world as they travel after Angelina gives birth.)

As far as Landrover and a few others’ reasons for posting, yes I think they were still stewing over the fact that Brad & Jen broke up in the first place.

As far as I can remember, didn’t Brad & Jen officially break up back in January 2005? Then Jen filed for divorce a month or two later? It seems like most Hollywood couples especially, once their relationship ends (even if they aren’t legally divorced yet) one or both of them quickly move on to someone else. (Then sometimes that next relationship ends up with a sudden pregnancy within a year, or sometimes it doesn’t.)

IMO from Brad and Jen percieved personalities and looks, the relationships they’re in now seem more suited. Brad always seemed so tough, sly, and incredibly good looking, so a relationship with Angelina Jolie seemed destined in a way. Meanwhile, Jen although pretty, I still always think of her in context of sitcoms, etc. so I always thought she would end up with someone like Vince Vaughn or even David Schwimmer. lol! (Jen herself though I think is still inwardly bemoaning the fact that she let “Brad Pitt” the man & the enigma, get away.)