Britney Spears trips holding Sean while swarmed by paparazzi

05/18/2006 at 07:19 PM ET

03_5 Update again: TMZ has posted video of the stumble and of Britney crying in the FAO Schwartz Cafe after. Other reports state that she left New York and returned to California early this morning because she was so distraught. Poor girl, she can’t catch a break lately. Although the car seat incidents were more blameable offenses, this was truly an accident. If you watch the video, the entire thing took a split second to occur. Meanwhile, I love this pic of Sean looking up into Britney’s face while she’s crying. Very sweet.

Brity_crying_2_1 Britney_crying_ramey_200x200_2 Danielle Updates: TMZ has video of Britney at a restaurant just after the incident. Towards the end, she breaks down crying. They also have photos.

Britopt2 Britseantrip_2

Originally posted May 18:
Unfortunately, Britney Spears made a media splash again today. This afternoon’s incident occurred while Britney was attempting to leave the Ritz Carlton hotel in New York City while carrying Sean Preston and a drink. As she was swarmed by onlookers and paparazzi, Britney tripped on the heel of her sandal, losing her balance and causing Sean’s head to fall back, making him lose his hat.

After the incident, TMZ, who has exclusive video of the trip that they will post tomorrow night at 7 pm, claims that Britney said, "This is why I need a gun." Britney also posted on her official website, changing the front page to a photo of herself and her dancers giving the finger, alongside a poem/song called "Remembrance of Who I Am." It has since been removed, but you can see what was posted here and here.

Visit TMZ to see second by second photos of the incident as it occurred.

Also, Britney Boards has photos of Britney and Sean at Tao last night, as well as pregnant Britney leaving her hotel this morning, sans Sean.

Photos posted courtesy of Us Weekly and TMZ.

Thanks to CBB readers Jennifer, Deanna, Bella, Vera, Charleen, and Mary Beth.

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Alyson on

Would people just leave her the F*ck alone! Geezz…she is just a young mother trying to raise a baby in the spotlight of the world! Give her some slack…this is just getting ridiculous!

joy on

yeah the paparazzi is ridiculous sometimes. Glad she caught her balance and the baby is okay.

Elle-Emily on

How scary for her!

I can’t imagine…

joy on

btw can someone pin point the curb? they look to be in the street.

krewcat on

Thistime I don’t blame her at all, I feel really bad that she has to live her life in front of so many people. She tripped, we are all human….She didnt’ do it on purpose. Other sites are saying HORRIBLE things about her and this incident.

I wonder what they would say if I told them that when my youngest daughter was 10 days old I was out of town and tripped and fell and broke my elbow…had to be taken to an unfamiliar hospital with a newborn infant…

ally on

Good to know that she didn’t drop the drink she was holding in her other hand. You’d think that if you stumble with your baby in one hand and a drink in another, you’d drop the drink and try to protect your baby, but nope, not Britney.

Sarah CBB Editor on

Yeah, sorry joy. I typed this up before we got the pictures in. Now they say she tripped on the heel of her sandal.

I feel bad for her on this one. While I thought the car related incidents were bad, this was obviously a total accident and probably happened because she was surrounded and had to concentrate on finding a clear path instead of on how she was walking.

Sarah CBB Editor on

It probably happened so fast Ally…I’ve fallen with the twins I nanny for because the dog ran between my legs, and before I knew it I was flat on my back on the floor.

April on

Poor Brit. Always under fire for something. Girl trips because the paparazzi are up her butt, and she gets grief. Grow up people! She’s learning. Leave the girl alone!!

gargoylegurl on

I feel really bad that this happened to her. Brit & Sean can’t seem to catch a break lately!

I just looked at the link that shows the play by play of the incident. In the first couple of photos Brit is all smiles, and while there is clearly paparazzi around, it’s not like they were right up on her shoving or swarming. Besides, if her security lets them get that close, then they are not doing their job correctly!

In my opinion, from what I could tell from the photos, she lost her footing and tripped, it doesn’t appear to be the direct fault of the paparazzi. However, that being said, I do believe that the paps often go too far and can be completely ruthless.

Scarlett on

Britney definately can’t catch a break! I can see people criticizing her over the car incidents but this they shouldn’t. People lose their balance while holding their baby’s sometimes and ESPECIALLY when you have people rushing you. I’m sure it makes you kind of nervous and jittery. If Britney’s drink were a bottle would people be saying anything? No. People hold their kids with something in the other hand all of the time they just don’t have people swarming them. It would suck being in the public eye. I think people should just leave her the hell alone and stop being so judgmental. If she is such a terrible parent then I guess someone will come take Sean away. She is obviously not so I think people should mind their own business and let her parent and let her be. PERIOD.

Jennifer on

I can’t comment on her mothering skills at all since I don’t know her personally at all. However, my impression from that photo with her and her dancers giving the finger on her website…it just screams immaturity to me. I think there are definitely people who are Britney’s age who are mature beyond their years, but for Britney, my superficial opinion from the website is that she is the reverse in some ways – immature for her years. Then again, I don’t know her personally – but that’s just my first impression for the photo…and often in life impressions are more important than reality.

gargoylegurl on

Jennifer, I agree with you, sometimes she does come off as being a bit immature.

The pic on her website does seem rather silly. I also watched ‘Kevin and Britney – Chaotic’, and got the same impression from that.

With that being said, I do like her and wish her the best.

halifaxhoney on

How awful! I bet the press is going to be all over this as well. Poor Britney!

Christy on

If you will notice in the photos, Britney’s pants are considerably long, and given that she was wearing heels, I’m not surprised she tripped. I would, too! However, if I were toting a baby around I would wear sensible shoes to reduce the risk of an accident ๐Ÿ™‚

joy on

I agree with Jennifer. That shows a lack of maturity!

And is it just me or does it look like as if she’s carrying vodka in that glass!

Well all I will say is she’s all full of smiles, doesn’t look like the paparazzi are actually rushing her, however she’s human we all trip.

I know someone who tripped while holding their kid and broke the babies leg! She just lost her balance.

BabyBliss on

Someone help me out here, I don’t see the photo or poem on her website!

BabyBliss on

Also, I’m glad I don’t have cameras around to catch every time I tripped with or tripped over my children. It happens!

Sarah CBB Editor on

BabyBliss, I think her managers must have gotten to her, cuz they took it down! I’ll try to find a saved photo and repost.

PilotsWife on

Joy, please tell me you were being sarcastic in your post when you said, “And is it just me or does it look like as if she’s carrying vodka in that glass!”

It’s probably just as likely her tumbler contains Crystal Pepsi as it does vodka.

I’m glad Sean didn’t fall from her arms. Mistakes happen and the ones we experience in our homes just aren’t documented in the media.

Alioop on

I told you guys, way back when she was pregnant with SPF that she might one day trip on those awful drag-to-the-floor skirts she loved to wear and now here we have the scenario played out because she’s done it again! only this time, wearing too-long jeans with high -heeled sandals and carrying a drink in one hand and poor SPF in the other. :O

Jennifer on

I am glad that the aforementioned photo of her giving the finger on her website has been taken down. As I began to think about it it bothered me more…yes, it shows a lack of maturity and doesn’t portray her particularly well, but in essence, I think about the people who visit her website…I imagine her fans make up a good deal of those visitors and what does it say to them when they visit the website and see her giving the finger!? The poem that was on there doesn’t even particularly make a whole lot of sense to me…not in conjunction with the photo at least. As I thought about it more too, I’m sure a good deal of Britney’s fans are young and maybe even look up to Britney – it’s not a great role model to have when the way to deal with things you don’t like is giving the finger (think about all the road rage incidents that begin with someone giving the finger!)…again, it’s just an immature way to deal with things. Then again, I imagine Britney didn’t have the type of childhood that everyone else had because she was working all the time and was never really allowed to go through the things that we all go through. She was thrust into being an adult before she was cognitively an adult…so I’m sure her mindset is quite different than people who didn’t achieve such success so young. At any rate, enough of my pontification!

Kresta on

I am not suprised she nearly fell. Her jeans appear to be too long and if she is wearing high heels they would have got caught. She often hobbles around in high heels and it’s not practical to carry a baby while wearing them. I am so glad she was able to regain her balance and hold on to her son. I do feel sorry that her every move is being scrutinized. It seems like a lot of people are waiting for her to make mistakes. I don’t know why but she’s starting to look a lot like Pamela Anderson.

kyoto-chan on

The way she’s carrying that child, makes me cringe. The fact that she almost dropped him, makes me cringe. The way his head snapped back, makes me cringe. The fact that she didn’t leave the glass, drop the glass, or LEAVE the glass after ALMOST dropping him, makes me cringe.

Good thing her bodyguard was there, poor kid.

I would think people on this site wouldn’t be so quick to defend her stupidity. She could have easily held a bottle while holding him with both arms. I’ve seen it done. If she couldn’t manage, she should have handed the cup to her bodyguard, or the baby to her bodyguard. She could have left the glass and made sure that in a highly frenzied situation, the baby would be secure in her arms. She knows she gets hounded by the paparazzi…she has the money to invest in a good carrier. I mean honestly…

There are a lot of young/new mothers who aren’t as reckless with their babies as she is. There are mothers who have had 4 kids and have never almost dropped their children or who have never been so careless with them. There are many celebrity mothers who are new to parenting and still manage to do an okay job. She doesn’t really have much of an excuse. She should know better by now after having the media hot on her heels due to her recent foul ups. The media is waiting for her to make mistakes, which is exactly why she needs to shape up. She’s going to be twice as scrutinized because she’s in the public eye.

I’m just completely baffled by her…

When I was 11, I didn’t hold my baby cousins like that. I still don’t.

tink1217 on

First of all, bring out the Brit bashing, I see. This girl can’t catch a break from anyone can she??

Second, when you are PG, sometimes your center of balance is off. Mine definitely was. When I was PG with my first, I stupidly climbed onto a chair to change the air conditioner setting and boom! Fell right over. Luckily, not onto my stomach as I was 7 months pregnant. I wasn’t even wearing heels, so give her a break!!!! And, what is wrong with her carrying SP on her hip like any other mother??? The only reason his head went back is because he is on her hip. My then husband, fell with our 6 months old in his arms once. Completely fell on his back. He held her so she wouldn’t get hurt, of course, but it was scary as I was watching. It happened so fast what could I do? Should I have yelled and screamed at him?? Called him stupid and immature?? No, I went to my baby and made sure she was okay and then made sure he was okay.

I realize now no matter what Britney does she will always be bashed by certain people. There are a few here who say nothing but negative terrible things about Britney no matter what she does. Like I said a few months ago, she could take up charity like Angelina Jolie, become a wonderful do everythinhg right mother, and find the cure for cancer and people will still bash her.

I am glad both she and SP are okay. Did anyone even mentoin her unborn child being okay?? I feel for her. She makes some stupid decisions sometimes, but I do feel for her. Her life lived in the public like this every singel hour of every day must be somewhat of a nightmare and she can’t just stay home 24/7. She shouldn’t have to.

Sara on

for all you people who shout – leave her alone – oh the poor thing is in the spotlight – are you kidding me?

please remember she asks to be in the spotlight – the took her kid and posed for the cover of playboy; she used her pregnant form in a video; and she put 8 hours of her life (which she edited) on TV – and the day before there was a picture of her posing with SPF for people magazine – we don’t see 2,000 pictures of other celebrities posing with their kids

there are other young hollywood mothers who don’t get followed around the same way

so if we should just leave her alone – please let me know what other young hollywood mothers are viewed with such reckless regard to their children’s well being and aren’t ridiculed?

seriously – angelina jolie used to wear vials of her husbands blood around her neck (wow she’s crazy hollywood) but what reckless parenting has she done?

if you look at the pictures – she never lost grip of the glass – there isn’t a lot of liquid in there (which is why many think it is liquor) why didn’t she drop the glass and clutch the kids? and with so little in the glass – why was she carrying it anyway if it isn’t liquor?

Autumn on

Poor Britney, she can’t ever catch a break! Yeah I agree she tripped bcause of a combination of events, which included the fact that she was wearing too long jeans with heels, while being at least 5 months pregnant, and trying to carry her almost 9 month old son , and a drink! Plus the photogs adding extra stress to an already risky situation is really a recipe for disaster indeed!

If I were Britney (or in her situation) I wouldn’t have been wearing heels like that, and would’ve had the baby in a sling or a stroller, or have one of the body guards or the “manny” or even better the ‘dada’ (yeah where’s Sean’s ‘dada’?) carry the baby for me! Especially if 5 months preggo again!

I think she dressed like that and carried Sean herself because people (probably online) were saying that lately she “dressed like a slob” or “never carries her own child”, etc. So she tries to prove them wrong, and ends up almost tripping in the process!

Obviously all of this stuff are life lessons for her, so hopefully she’s learning, even if it does take awhile.

(I really do wonder now how often she ever took care of childen before Sean was born? Probably not very often by the looks of things, especially because of her recent actions, but she’ll learn eventually. In retrospect, I do think she should’ve spent more time helping her mom take care of her baby sister Jamie Lynn back 15 yrs ago than trying to build her music career, but that’s neither here nor there.)

Sara on

yeah – poor brit brit

what about her son’s spine being thrown around like a wet noodle

she never drops the drink – but almost her son

what was in that glass that was so important she didn’t let it go when she nearly dropped him –

if the kid is over 20 lbs – you would think he would need more than a 5 month pregnant woman

can you read his autobiography now – “and my mother never dropped her drink, almost me to the NYC pavement but not her drink”

missa83au on

I think that in this case that it was purely an accident. This was totally out of her control, this could have happened to anyone. I know that I have almost tripped when carry a young infant. Does that make me a bad parent?

meliciousgirl on

I almost gave our cat away after my daughter was born, because he would always weave in between my feet when I was walking around carrying her. I tripped and fell twice with her in my arms but I don’t think anyone considered me a bad mother for it (although I felt guilty for weeks about it.)

iternity26 on

Oh PLEASE, people. “I would have done this and that and this and OMG why didn’t she do things this way??!” You have NO CLUE what you would have done because these things happen in an instant and are total accidents. Every single mother I know (including myself) carries her child on her hip with one arm when they are that big. Britney was doing absolutely nothing wrong. In those milliseconds that it happens, you can’t sit and plan out how you should react. It just HAPPENS.

I seriously cannot believe people are bashing her for TRIPPING.

comicbookchick on

I have to say that seriously, when I trip everything gets tense. I can’t imagine that she would think to drop the glass because your instinct when you are falling is to tense up. I’m surprised she didn’t squeeze the glass so hard it shattered. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Plus, she has a death grip on Sean.

This was an accident no matter what the cause (paparazzi or otherwise) and no one should look down on her for it.

Her reactions afterwards though … the “I need a gun” comment and picture on the web site … yeah, those are not cool.

kristen on

I don’t think it was immature at all. What’s immature is the paparazzi hounding her every move hoping to prove that she a crappy mother – because it improves their ratings. That’s sick. Sick, sick, sick. And immature.

If I was that girl, I’d have given them the finger too. Look at all the stress she’s under! She was probably tense and stressed – she was trying to walk out of a building with her baby and all these people are there to try and get a shot of her… I think she should start using back doors ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

All you people saying she should have dropped the drink – don’t you see those body guards leaping towards her and the baby. They probably grabbed both of her arms and steadied her in a split second. If you look at the way she is off balance in the pic with Sean falling backwards, you can tell someone is holding her other arm back – so she can’t grab him – and another body guard is rushing to the other side.

But some sick, sick news station is going to make a lot of money airing that footage so you’ll all be able to see and accuse for yourself.

If I was Brit I’d just flip them off and leave the public eye for several years. It has to suck having people trying to tear you apart at every turn.

Sara on

kristen – we should feel sorry for one of the richest women in america who is hounded by the paparzzi?

are you kidding me?

she advertises herself? that is why she is nyc.

she put a reality show of her life on TV in order to get attention

this is the result of that attention – people aren’t following her around taking her picture because she is blond and pregnant – they are taking her picture because of her past album sales, because of her antics -not because of her talent or that they don’t have anything else to do

again – all of you “oh poor brit brit” people – please let me know another celebrity who has had this many child rearing mistakes?

she makes michael jackson look like mother theresa.

this girl is not bright – her formal education stopped at the 8th grade

so please lets feel sorry for her that she has not concept of the world outside her unless her picture is on the billboard

Boonez on

I feel sorry that the media makes her out to be a bad mom. She totally do the wrong thing when it came to not putting her baby in a car seat. I am a new mom and sometimes things happen, my baby has flung backwards, then I am filled with guilt the rest of the day. This is part of being a mom. The sad part is all her new mom mistakes are caught on tape and thrown in her face. I am not a big fan of hers, but I think when it comes to her mommy skills they should back off a little!

Sara on


do you feel sorry for the fact that she can buy a multi-million dollar home?

do you feel sorry for the fact that she can get a major network to buy her home videos and put them on the air?

do you feel sorry for the fact that she can afford to have a full body massage everyday?

lots of single mothers and not single mothers would love to have a tenth of what she would have

and part of the price she pays to have those millions is to have her picture taken – she invites it in – remember that tv show chaotic?

there are other working hollywood moms – reese witherspoon was her age when she had ava – but no one saw her tripping with the kid; not putting the kid in a car seat; etc. –

the difference is that reese didn’t advertise her life to the world

rosie o’donnel asked the papparazzi not to photograph her kids and they didn’t – why doesn’t brit brit have these sense to do the same

cavy on

“let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

after reading the comments here, i remember that line that my parents instilled in me. it’s true that britney has made some mistakes, but who hasn’t and who cares? why is everyone so into pointing out her mistakes?

i wonder why some people here are so britney-obsessed? another saying comes to mind from the ever famous Bambi cartoon:

“if you can’t say anything nice, dont say anything at all”

i also wonder what people accomplish by bashing her or other celebrities who make mistakes? i wonder if it makes them feel better?

i think it really is none of our business. it’s her life. c’mon people … move on!

Boonez on


Just because she has money, and has put her life out there, doesn’t mean she deserves to have every mistake she makes with her child held against her. I know how emotional I was after I had a baby, I couldn’t imagine having every mistake blow out of proportion (excluding the car seat) Does how much money she has really matter? The fact is the Media likes to only focus on peoples faults and I think that is really sad, not just for her but every celebrity!

pinkorangered on

What about the “This is why I need a gun” comment? What kind of example is that setting for her child? One day he will know what that means and may infer that guns are okay and killing people who bother you is justified!! That smacks of immaturity to me. As a parent, you can’t just say whatever you want in front of young impressionable children.

cavy on

I agree with you Boonez.

cavy on

by the way.. i am not defending britney or anything before someone starts picking on me. what i’m trying to say is this… who cares about what she does? who cares what she says? has she done anything to you or to us? will bashing britney and criticizing her every move add anything to your life? if it doesn’t, why waste your time and energy criticizing her?

Boonez on

Sorry didn’t mean to post twice!

Pinkorangered – that was really uncalled for.

I think when she started out in the business she didn’t stop to think how putting herself out there and loving the attention would effect her life in the future. I am sure she has regrets we all do!

Sara on

cavy & boonez

than don’t buy the perfume or her next album

it isn’t that she can sing really well
what people buy is an image

and apparently part of this image is a really sloppy mother & now people don’t like it

and as for being emotional – look at brooke sheilds – wasn’t she emotional – she got help and wasn’t a walking disaster


Autumn on

Also for whatever it’s worth, thi picture was supposedly taken right after the near trip incident…
Poor girl indeed…:(

Sara on


think about it

this woman has so much money but has an 8th grade education – hence the immaturity of how she handles her image (the photo on her website and the gun comment) and her child (everything so far) –

but we live in a society that rewarded her for showing her stomach – and paid her handsomly for it –

but the kids who just graduated – get paid a tenth of her husband’s allowance

there are kids who got into college this year and can’t afford to go

next time you look at any of your bills and think – wow this is expensive – remember the walking disaster doesn’t ever have those stresses – her stresses are looking good and not dropping her kid

she never has to work again; she never has to go to events if she can’t handle it

cavy on


like what i’ve said i am not defending britney. why do i have to name another celebrity who blew things out or proportion about their parenting?

i haven’t named one because I DON’T HAVE TO. i’m not here to name who the best parent is. all i’m saying is that, let’s just stop this bashing. i don’t think this is the intention of the CBB editors when they added this opportunity for readers to post comments.

Sara on

cavy – the bashing of britney isn’t happening because the media said hey let’s comment about how she walks bad – and let’s say celebrity y is walking right

the bashing is because britney is publically doing a horrible job

yes we all make mistakes

but we all don’t get paid millions of dollars for our miistakes to be televised do we – the show chaotic

this isn’t a random bashing of a celebrity

this is bad parenting being photographed over and over again –

oops she held the bottle by the nipple – well some mothers aren’t germ worries – my sister isn’t

but this is an oops i shake my baby type thing

and again – all those poor brit brit people – what about poor SPF – he is carried around like a trophy for photo opps (see people online yesterday) but then treated so badly –

if this was a tailer park girl who made $15K a year and whose baby’s daddy ran off – then we can’t expect a lot

but i know people who were teen moms and made $300 a month on food stamps and were 10x better than this

also where is the bashing of kevin? shar jackson wants everyone to know what a good father he is but i haven’t seen it – haven’t seen him hold the kid come to think of it

maybe its a conspiracy – he is poisioning her to be a bad mom – so he and shar can get full custody of the kids and then she will have to pay for their life

Stacey on


The photoshopping of this is going to be great.

joy on

As far as the paparazzi is concerned….they are ignorant at times but most are just doing their job. They get paid the big bucks to get snap shots of celebs.

Brit is out doing her job….promoting whatever the hell it is she’s promoting. If she didn’t want this lifestyle she shouldn’t have gotten into show biz. I guess someone forgot to slip her the memo that said, When your famous your life changes forever. Now I’m not saying she deserves to be hounded but in these photos I don’t see one paparazzi who looks to be in her arms length.

I think her fall was a mere accident which can happen to anyone! However that being said I agree with some of you who said, “why not put down the drink” What was the drink SOOOOO deliciously tasty that she had to carry it with her? That baby is one big boy to me I’d need both my hands to hang on to him. In the photos she also seems smiley and joyful like she’s happy to be back in the spotlight – so do I feel bad for her? hell no!

Then to go and post something about needing a gun and giving your finger? yeah that’s being real mature and showing the young boys and girls that this is how you handle yourself in stressful situations! Please….this is why I am so glad she’s not making music bc for me and all the little girls I know she’s NO role model infact she’s the perfect picture of what not to be when you grow up!!

hey it’s only my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

Stacey on

Does she have a vodka on the rocks in her hand?

Stacey on

Damn Joy beat me to the vodka joke.

What’s with the chester molester moustache on the bodyguard? YIKES!

Sara on

oh yeah – and what is going on when the cameras aren’t watching

how many times as there been a baby blunder that wasn’t caught on camera

is there a car seat in the limos in NYC?

kristen on

I’m sorry. I think you people are horrible to her. She doesn’t *deserve* any of the media hounding she’s getting. How messed up is it to say that she’s paying her dues for being successful? What is wrong with you to say a mother and her child being exploited is the mother’s payment for being a pop star?

You guys are absolutely horrible. I’m suprised that Brit takes the baby anywhere with her after how people treat her. But she does – it’s obvious that she loves the boy and wants him with her. My kids have done back arching plenty and have gotten into accidents. Thank God that nobody was filming all of my mistakes as a mother. Thank God nobody photoshopped a cruel and ridiculous picture to torment me and get a few seconds of laughter.

I agree that her carseat mistake was really stupid. But everything else being offered up by the media and drooled over by the cruel masses has been little things that happen to every baby and every mother.

Muckraking, that’s what it’s called – digging for the dirt to make a news story, to make a quick buck, to get the ratings.

It’s wrong.

plantain on

Kristen, I couldn’t agree more. The video of her on TMZ when she’s in the restaurant afterwards is quite sad. I actually met her once a couple of years ago and she was a very nice person. It’s usually people who do not have kids who are being extra harsh re: the stumble. What happens when you stumble? – you’ve got a tenth of a second to react…. and you know what her baby’s fine!
I know I know.. she’s “asked for it” by being in the public eye. But I still feel empathy for her for feeling like poo afterwards… and to top it all off, she’s gotta feel like that while french a**hole photogs salivate over her thru a window… gross.

plantain on

And another thing…. even though she has to go through the paparazzi onslaught every time she goes out with her kid. She still brings him out. How much worse off in the long run would he be if he was cloistered away in some compound in Malibu, never to see the outside real world (front bum papparazzi and all)… you know how much worse off he’d be … he’d be Michael Jackson’s kid.

michelle anne on

Man thank god I wasn’t a celeb.I slipped down a flight of carpeted stairs and on the way down I bumped right into the boy I was looking after we both went down together.
Accidents happen unfortuatly for Britney she has to have them all publicly displayed!
I can only imagine what’s going threw her mind in that pic I am sure few explatives!

Hopefully they both are ok.

Personally I think she should take some time out,take some time for her andher son away from everyone and everything, no press no cameras.Brad and angelina can do it she should to cause before she knows it there will be another one to have to handle also.

3SweetKiddos on

Are you guys that are bashing her serious??? How dare you trash and bash her like that. Yeah she made the carseat mistakes that was bad. But you guys to sit here and bash her for an accident! I have learned one thing today. Britney is immature yes at times but the ones listing rude and cruel comments ARE EVEN MORE IMMATURE! What is wrong with you guys. Are you that miserable in your own lives that you have to take it out on somebody else in the spotlight? Jelous of her wealth? Sounds like it by some of the comments made about it. I thought these comment boards were to discuss pictures or leave simple comments? I guess I was wrong. Discussing and sharing info. on the carseats was one thing but the level of immaturity on this comment board is disgusting. I think most of the comments were pure trashy! Grow up. Britney is ahead of a lot of you on that part. I am positive not a single one of you is a perfect parent like most claim to be.

Stacey on

Sorry, I think people defending her are just as bad. It’s funny.

Another gem:

3SweetKiddos on

One more thing. Those talking about setting a good example for your children. Who are you kidding. The comments you are posting full of insults and horrible comments are just as bad if not worst. It shows what kind of person you are and how you may speak. Ever hear of the Golden Rule? Try using it you may become a better person.

michelle anne on

You I notice as I was perusing pics of Britney and spf. She never has a big grin on her face??? anyone else notice this? When she is with Kevin smiles big smiles,when she alone big smiles,when she is with SPF straight faced or frown or no expression?….She just seems so frustrated (no doubt I am sure can’t blame her sometimes) But to me and just my opinion! she seems like annoyed sometimes not with him but having to have him out with her,not saying in any way shape or form she doesn’t love him SO please don’t go off on that ,but like she wants to have him seperate from her public life ad is annoyed she can’t have it? I guess you get what you pay for or wish for wonder if she had it all to do over again?………

Patty on

I don’t see that she was crowded in the least. It looked like she tripped over her long jeans. I assume that was one of her security people that grabbed for the baby – something she didn’t. Babies that age are very wiggly and need to be carried with both arms. Leave whatever the drink was in the hotel.

Sara on

and if you want to be a fan of brit brit – go buy her home videos – the is selling videos of her private life on her website

she wants the attention

is she is miserable with SPF in public – she has three nannies – can’t he stay in the hotel room with him or in California or with his father?

she wants you to feel like she is harrassed but the thing is – if she didn’t want it – why oh why would she spend a vacation at a semi-public resort when she can afford an island?

Stacey on

Yeah maybe instead of hiring all these new bodyguards with freaky pornstar moustaches she should hire a new tailor.

Sara on

yes babies that age are wiggly – but if she drank this much during his pregnancy maybe his motor skills aren’t that up to snuff

AnniKat on

Do you even know for a fact that she is drinking liquor? The glass looks like one of the ones you get in a hotel room to put water im.

Sara on

we all hope it is water – but why do you take a glass of water out of a hotel like that? there isn’t that much liquid in the glass so why is it so important that she hold it and her baby

and where is this perfect father shar jackson keeps talking about?

starshollow on

Yes, tripping happens. At least this time it wasn’t a PURPOSEFUL bad parenting choice that she made. Everyone trips. Not everyone who is pregnant and who is carrying their infant on pavement also tries to carry drinks with them in pants that are too long, but tripping does happen.

What she put on her Web site — Can you say “Classy”? (NOT). I’m sorry, but that’s just another illustration of her severe lack of class and immaturity.

Sarah CBB Editor on

We ask that you keep the comments related to the original posting, but it seems that certain posters are turning the focus to other things instead. If this continues, we will unfortunately have to turn off the comments. Thanks.

spindoctor on

It isn’t vodka in the glass. Come on! Insane. I have no desire to see a photo of a young, pregnant mom in tears with her little baby on her lap. Since everyone is talking about bad taste.

annie on

You people are sick. The woman is crying and you’re insulting her damn outfit. I can’t tell you how much respect I just lost for this site, but it’s not like you need it so save your snappy comebacks.

The pictures are still. Losing your balance and catching it again takes all of two seconds sometimes and if any of you would admit to being human you would see how she didn’t drop the glass. And the speculation about what’s in the glass is just idiotic. You’ve all got to whine about something.

Jennifer Garner nearly burns her house down with her baby inside – an honest mistake like a woman tripping with her child in her arms. How many times has Romeo Beckham been in and out of hospital? There was an Australian celebrity a while back who ran over his own child in the driveway. Shit happens.

Drop your pretension for five seconds and think about what has happened. It happens all the time and we all feel horrible about it.


Sarah CBB Editor on


Danielle made that comment, and since its her site, I have no control over it. I’m sorry.

I think we all realize that it was a mistake – like I said it one of the first posts, I’ve fallen with the twins I nanny for in my arms myself.

I don’t like a lot of the comments that have been posted, but they are being closely watched and certain people are no longer allowed to post comments, so hopefully the inflammatory ones will stop.

annie on

I understand that. Just the sight of a woman sobbing and people being so callous about it affected me as a mother…not to mention as a human.

I fell with my daughter once myself and though she didn’t even cry I just felt awful, so maybe this one hits a bit close to home.

People can say whatever they please. I don’t have to agree with it and no one else has to agree with me.

KrisGams on

Hey Sarah,
I can’t open the video. It says ‘Play’ but I can’t open it up….there’s no link to click on or anything. Do you think they stopped showing it?

3SweetKiddos on

How can any of us look at those pictures of Britney crying and feel ok about it. I think those should be banned. How dare us look at those. Somebody that is hurting so bad and feels bad enough to start crying openly in public and then get snap shot doing it is horrible! I can honestly say that when I first found this website I was really excited. It was a site that I could go and see some of these wonderful familys and their pictures. After today and this last comment I doubt I will ever come back to it. It is no better than justjared and perezhilton and those trashy sites. That comment about Britney’s bra showing by somebody that is supposed to be running a decent website really showed me that there is no difference between this one and the others. At first people seemed to leave normal and tasteful comments which was nice compared to the other sites where it is all garbage left by thilthy mouthed individuals. I thought maybe this site had actual adults with taste using it but boy was I wrong on that assumption! This site deserves no more respect than the others. I know it may be hard to do but at least the ones that run this site should be somewhat human and remove those awful pictures. Those that like to stare at those are just sick in the head and need counseling stat! Come on people grow up and act at least a little human, more educated and less like trailer trash. Life is too short to be harsh on others.

kristen on

Look at the girl – she’s in tears. This is just ridiculous.

Why is she carrying a cup of water…hmm…because she’s thirsty. That’s why I carry water. And guess what, I carry a cup when I don’t have a bottle of water. And I walk with a cup and my baby on my other hip.

I carry my baby on one hip all the time. It’s so ridiculous to see you ladies posting that she was wrong to carry her baby on one hip. Babies fit neatly on one hip, it’s natural. Lol. Ridiculous.

I agree that these comments and even CBB are being really harsh. She’s in tears. Watching that video was heartbreaking. You could see how hard she was trying to hide that she was crying. She kept putting her head down on top of Sean Preston. I know that I’ve done that with my baby in my lap when I was trying to hide tears. Then she had to leave. The media is stalking the poor girl.

Of course you ladies all think that she should just imprison herself and her children and never go anywhere. But that would probably be pretty miserable.

The paparazzi should stop stalking, is what should happen. Then she could lead a normal life. It’s the MEDIA doing all this, not Brit. She has the right to go places with her baby.

I agree with the pp. It’s heartwrenching to see this pregnant mama in tears with her baby on her lap. I know how I would feel if that was me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Sarah CBB Editor on

I edited the links again since the post was just reupdated, hopefully it works now. I sometimes have trouble viewing videos on the TMZ site as well, I’m not sure why. The links are all still active on the site as far as I know?

Others – I realize Danielle’s comment may come across as offensive. I will delete it, and hope that she understands why. Obviously, it is not CBB’s intent to be offensive. However, this is a “major news story” (for whatever reason) that pertains to the subject matter of our site, and the interest is there, judging from the amount of emails and hits we’ve received yesterday and today, and that’s why the photos and updates continue to be posted. Unfortunately the news can’t always be positive.

Do know that the comments are monitored and people have been banned from commenting. That’s the best I can do for now without closing the comments entirely.

joy on

Britney shouldn’t be hard on herself. She didn’t do anything wrong!!! She fell…..whoopie……I guess we’ll have to hear about it for a long time now. No offense but if she wants to do herself a favor she should just stay low key for some time or atleast leave the baby at home when promoting. I wonder how she’ll manage two babies!

3SweetKiddos on

I wanted to add something that nobody seemed to notice or mention. Almost everybody was too busy bashing Britney. Hey are there any pictures of SP crying after this little incident? NOPE. You know and I mean you know the paparazzi would have been all over pictures of him crying. They would have helped fuel their fire. What is happening and should matter is that little boy feels his Mother’s stress and is very sensitive to it. Babies are extremely aware of emotions especially around SP’s age. I have been part of many hospital research projects while working on my RN on mental health topics and one covered children and their parents emotions. With the exception of the carseat incidents the media and the public eye need to realize we are making matters worst for him. If Britney has to feel the amount of pressure put on her everyday for her parenting skills imagine what stress that is putting on SP. We need to wish her well and hope she goes in the best direction possible and that adorable little boy is happy. He can’t be happy if his Mommy isn’t! More accidents will occur if she is constantly stressed and pressured…proven fact…look it up.

iternity26 on

Is there anywhere else to view the videos? They aren’t working for me.

michelle anne on

All I can say is ..How many of you with children have friends..relatives. mothers…mother in laws,,aunts ,,co workers..that always think or say or put their two cents worth in that your doing something wrong or maybe you should do this with your child or don’t you think it would be better to do that with “your” child ,,or when I raised you we did it this way ..or I find it better if you do this .NO ONE in this world knows how to raise YOUR child better then you! Granted not everyone is the WORLDS best mother I have yet to see or hear of one.
Now if we had say 10 of our relatives following us every day watching everything we do and going over with a find tooth comb all of our “LITTLE ” oppsies we did and constantly saying too young ..not mature …not doing this right…oh man what now…geesh incompetant….Can believe she/he had kids !!!
THAT wouldn’t upset you? Common people whether you like dislike agree disagree with Britney Spears life or the way she lives it .She has been a mother for 8 months.This is her first,,she has grown up in the public eye (YES I KNOW her choice) but how do you learn to be an adult in hollywood?>
She is learning ,We all have to learn sometimes right?! Those with kids even if you were with kids 24/7 all growing up,you still when you have your own have to learn and grow as a parent.Most of us have the luxury of doing without the press or public breathing down our necks.She must feel like a heal sometimes I know I would have.But to blame her make comments like it’s booze?!! How is that justified?!
Like I said if we had even one person on our back all the time about how you raised your kids and a simple accident being blown up to humungous perportions we would be defensive and tell them to back the heck off also.(in not so nice terms though)
Just because Britney is in the public by her choice ,and makes millions ,does not give the right to any other human being to judge her mothering skills or her nature in general.
No matter where you go in this world you are never going to make everyone happy,nor should you have to.Same with Britney,she make records,she sold songs,she made millions so what,does that mean she owes us ?1 does it means she is a loser lunatic that is completely incapable?,NO it doesn’t ,would we be posting such nasty things if say she was our friend? or our neighbour?No.
I am not a fan or big fan,but she is a fellow person,and a GROWN UP last time I looked that was offically 19 or 18.What she wears,what she drinks,who she marries doesn’t make you and adult.
Though she makes rash decisions that end up on tabliods as “news” who is sillier she who does it or those who pay and reads it?
I see a young woman ,tryig to live her reality trying to raise a son in a world that is hunting her down for her next “mistake” I would cry to,That pic of her red faced and crying makes me sad for her,makes me want to give her a hug and say your doing fine ,it’s hard but keep truggin along cause no matter what anyone says or writes.HE is the only one that matters your son,and the way he looks at you is with compasion and love then who the hell cares about the rest.

shseagle2005 on

I truly feel for Britney, It was an honest accident and it’s been splashed across the newstand as though she’s done it intentionally. Oh, and props to the body-
guard that helped keep SP from hitting the ground,NICE WORK!

Jessi on

Believe me, I’d be one of the first to accuse Britney of being an unfit mother, I have in the past, but this time I feel sorry for her. Everyone has accidentally tripped, and she’s not the first one to do it while holding a baby. We all have accidents, we just don’t have them put on every newspaper, magazine, radio station, and TV channel when WE do it.

Stacey on

3SweetKiddos, maybe more accidents could be avoided if she you know, stopped wearing heels and maybe, just maybe, pulled up her pants?

I’m sure Britney appreciates your sympathy.

Jessi on

I feel so sorry for Britney. Seeing her cry just makes my heart pour out to her. I really wish people would understand that this girl is human just like everybody else. To those of you who understand this and aren’t bashing her, thank you.

gargoylegurl on

3SweetKiddos, please don’t let a few people spoil CBB for you. I hope you don’t stop coming here to read articles and post comments.

In looking over all the comments on this topic, it’s really only a couple of people that were, in my opinion, out of line. The rest, even the ones that find fault with Britney’s parenting or whatever, made their comments in a decent manner.

I think most of us here are good people with a genuine interest in celebs and their children. Please don’t let a few people spoil it for you. 8)

Courtney on

Yanno, if they keep this up, this poor girl is gonna have a nervous breakdown, and who can blame her…….looks like she’s well on her way to it too……..They really need to get some stronger laws on this stuff, like keeping a certain amount of distance or something….

gargoylegurl on

I was thinking some more about Britney making that comment about the gun, and her posting that pic on her website…

It may not have been the best way to respond, or the most mature way, etc., but I believe she’s probably very embarrassed and hurt by all that’s been going on.

She’s pregnant & therefore hormonal, and whether it’s fair or not, deserved or not, she has had a lot of unfortunate things happen to her lately and in front of the whole world. Clearly it’s taking it’s toll, and I do feel bad for her…It’s hard to see her crying and so obviously distressed. I guess sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that dispite the fabulous life and wealth that she has, she is only human.

BP on

How truly horrible for Britney!:-( We all know that she has made mistakes as a mom, but this was an accident, and let those who have never had an accident cast the first stone…honestly! She looks really distraught, and I can only imagine that the realization of what could have happened to her son just caught up with her at that moment. I can’t even imagine having to play out your early parenting infront of hungry paparazzi like that, and then having an accident (embarassing as it is) plastered all over the media. People can say all kinds of stuff about her pants being too long etc, but bottom line…she tripped….it was an accident! Give her a break, will ya. We are ALL human and deserve one every now and then.

tealou on

There are many things that upset me about this.

1. It was a SPLIT SECOND THING that was captured on film. When you fall, it happens in SECONDS. I am sure the experts on here and the other sites are always SO calm and collected all the time. These sorts of things happen all the time. I’d just love to see what some of you have to say about me, who had 2 accidents in one week — both unrelated, but if caught on paprazzi would make me look like a right idiot. I was carrying my 3 month old son in my arms to drop my 4 year old off at school. I didnt see a nut on the path and fell. I nealry landed on him and could easily have killed him if not for me rolling and my leg baring the brunt of the fall. THAT SAME WEEK my daughter split her head open on the door and required stitches. It was an accident. It was a bad week, and it was one of those things that happen to just about every parent that lives their life.

So yes, think about it.

2. The ethics of the pictures of her crying being plastered and ridiculed. My heart broke for her — just give her a BREAK.

3. Someone asked why she is never smiling carrying the baby — well, if people were waiting for you to F up every time he was present, wouldnt you be a little bit anxious? Just a little? No, of course not, because you’re all perfect.

I am sorry, but this got me so angry. Internet “moms” are psychoes at the best of times, but this just needs to stop.

ali686 on

Starting today, I am a Britney Spears fan. Because I felt I wanted to cry myself when I saw her crying with the baby in her arms, and I wish I could kiss that little guy’s forehead because he seems such a good baby who loves his mom.
There is nothing more beautiful than a mother with her child.This time I saw Britney what she really is: a woman and a mother.

3SweetKiddos on

gargoylegurl: Thank you for the kind message. It seems since the last time I read on here a few hours ago that there were a number of humans responding to Britney’s situation. The ignorance of a lot of the post really rubbed me the wrong way today. I felt the comment that used to be posted by Danielle was pretty low too and I guess it was because I expected more out of her. She never seemed to leave rude comments in the past so I think it suprised me a little. I do think the pictures of Britney crying should go. Leaving links for those who want to gawk at her is one thing but this site always has seemed to have enough taste to not post up overly stalker type pics in the past and I guess I hoped they would continue that respect to the celebs and their children.
tealou: I feel your pain the the kids accidents. Today within a couple of hours I had two. I personally am a walking accident and bad luck magnet. Today in our bathroom my 6 year old bent over to pick something up off the floor and as she bent over I didn’t realize she was doing this at the time I opened the under the sink cabinet to get soap refills and whacked her right in the face with the cabinet door! On the plus side it just stunned her and she thought it was funny. Then I went to change my 9 month old on the floor and my sock slipped on the carpet as I was kneeling down and he decided to squirm away as I was catching my balance and went down a little harder than usual but was fine and didn’t cry thank goodness. Accidents happen I would have been a dream come true for the paps if I was famous today!

tealou on

This has actually got me thinking, yet again, about the role that we, as consumers of gossip and celebrity images, play in this whole thing.

I have to say that when I saw this:, I realised how nasty some people can be, but also made me seriously question whether I should even be a part of it anymore. It truly left a bad taste in my mouth and I have been really upset that someone could be treated so harshly.

The kid actually looks like a well looked after, cute baby, and I too am surprised at the self-righteousness that has come from people who should know better.

Anyone who has had an accident with their child knows how godawful it is. I hope that those with one young baby who think they have the answers NEVER have to experience a head injury in their own child or any sort of injury for that matter.

I have always felt the need to defend Britney, because people seem overly harsh and judgemental of her, but this just takes the cake. Sorry if I have offended anyone but I really feel bad for her AND for the people who are so ignorant and intolerant of others that they feel the need to judge others.

PS Danielle, looks like your templates are all screwy…

amelie on

I’ve tripped with my kids too. It doesn’t really matter that she didn’t drop her drink, and it doesn’t matter that she was wearing heels and too-long jeans either. I’ve tripped over long jeans and I’ve tripped while wearing ankle length jeans. What I find unappealing is her reaction – the comment about having a gun to shoot the photographers, then posting the photo and poem on her website was silly of her. I do think the paparazzi goes overboard (heck, they killed Princess Diana through their actions) but in this case it wasn’t their fault.

I’m seeing the photos of her crying from a different angle. Her fans should WANT them to stay – they show her as human.

I’m not a Brit fan (though I do feel sorry for her that she was photographed stumbling), so the cynical side of me thinks she’s probably more upset about being caught screwing up again – she KNOWS there will be crap written about her and that she said the wrong thing about needing a gun.

I really hope she learns from her mistakes. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if she started using a sling to support Sean properly while she’s carrying him (it would also make it easier on her back, since she’s pregnant). It would be great if she turned him rear facing again. It would be fantastic if she doesn’t have him in a convertible, or on her lap. Sadly, I don’t see her learning from previous mistakes.

amelie on

tealou, the link you provided doesn’t work. What did it show?

amelie on

tealou, the link you provided doesn’t work. What did it show?

tealou on

Amelie, theres a comma instered at the end. Delete that and you should be able to see.

amelie on

Ah thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

And sorry about the double post – my computer is a bit weird today. I’m not sure why that happened.

kaylamc on

For the love of god people…. she tripped!!!!!! Give me a break!!! The car situations are a different story…this was an accident!!!!

You can tell by the pictures of her crying and and the way Sean looks at her that she loves him and takes care of him. She’s only human…..

At first when the whole car thing happened I was like OMG what is she doing, But now that I’m seeing people all over her, I’m thinking wow, she’s a first time mom and whenever she makes any kind of mistake, she has millions of people saying and writing so much stuff about her!!!

I’m a young mom and I’m just trying to put my self in her shoes, it must be hard!!!

USAFwifey06 on

oh my god will the paparazzi please get out from under britney spear’s ass. she’s trying to mother her son as well as she can w/o tripping over the paparazzi f***ers under her feet all the damn time. she screws up. she makes mistakes. she cries. SHOCK SHOCK! SHE’S f***ing HUMAN!.. ugh! i never thought i’d be coming to her defense but OMG PPL THESE DAYS!!

halifaxhoney on

I’m not surprised that this has become such a controversy. I think some of the comments on here are a little harsh and in poor taste. Like the vodka ones.

Just because somebody can afford what most can’t doesn’t mean they have to. Britney shouldn’t have to not go to a resort because it’s open to the public. If she wants to go for a walk on a public street then she should be able to. Britney has made some bad choices but I don’t think I’ve ever encountered someone who hasn’t.
Another thing that I’ve seen posted is that Britney is immature. If you grew up working all the time you might be immature as well.
I do have to say that I’m surprised about some of the comments that I’m reading. I’m actually surprised that I’m making this kind of post here.
My bottom line…I love her music, she’s still my favorite celebrity it’s been that way since her first album. I wouldn’t make some of the same choices as she has but I’m not going to make hateful comments about her.

vanessa on

Iยดm sorry, but I`m a very emotional person and I just cannot believe how anyone can think, that Britney does not care enough about her son, when having seen this pictures. I almost started crying myself. Just imagine you have a baby in your arms and(!) you are pregnant. When you fall it could not only harm the child on your arms, but also the unborn child you`re carrying with you. Thet must be so schocking and disturbing. And then everyone around you is watching you and judging you!!! Poor thing! She has always been in the spotlight, since she was a child and my feeling is, that she is keeping up with her job, because she never did or learned something else and if you always experienced life that way, I guess you also depend on life being that way (money as well…). But I believe, that all she wants to be is a mother. She seemed to have wanted it bad before Sean came and now with the second baby on it`s way…seems very logic for me. But she is young and people do make mistakes. As some people said before me: She is only human. A person with feelings and we should ask ourselves if we are, judging her so harsh. There`s nothing bad in critizising people, when they do really wrong (Like in the car thing), but it depends on the way we do it and in this case, there is no blame necessary.

kristen on

The cincher in all of these accusations is that unless one of you previous posters is a celeb going anon…

*none* of you knows how you would react to the paparazzi hounding you. It can apparently stress you out enormously – look at Princess Di.

Everyone is saying they don’t see anyone around Britney. But if you watch the video clip you can see people swarming all around.

I think Brit made a bad choice turning Sean Preston around forward facing so early. As a mom whose kids rode rear facing a long time in their $250 carseats, I’ve been tempted to judge Britney’s turning Sean Preston forward so early, and her riding with him not in a carseat.

Then I remember as a first time mother when my baby was upset and crying, I was scared for my baby, that she was hurting, and I took her out of her carseat to comfort her. While I was on the highway. Going 60 miles an hour. I would *never* do that now, no matter how much my third born is screaming. But I did it then, because I was distressed and didn’t know what else to do.

Maybe we could give Britney a little credit, and think that she sometimes doesn’t know what else to do. She’s learning to be a mother.

Go ahead and cast stones at her – as long as you can truthfully tell us you, as a mother, have never made a mistake.

And I’m going to wager that nobody, not even “older more mature moms” are going to be casting stones. Because we all make mistakes.

Come on, how many of you have family jokes about “this is what happened because Dad dropped you on your head” or hear stories about the accidents you got in as a kid?

How many of you have those stories about your kids?

I’m with the pp. I haven’t been much of a Britney fan, but from now on I am. I want to go hold her and tell her she’s doing alright. That’s she’s a good mother and she’ll be a good mother to her kids. She really needs a hug ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

joy on

LOL wow – well sorry one incident of Britney feeling embarrassed over tripping w/ her kid then crying about it isn’t going to make me a fan!!

The day she drove w/ that baby on her lap did it for me and she will NEVER and I mean NEVER gain my respect back.

She may have done what she feels she “needed” to do at that time but common sense and a half a brain would tell you, “brit this is illegal!”

anyways, far from that situation this one doesn’t even appeal to me anymore. She fell. No big deal! The baby is not crying she probably is crying out of embarrassment. How many of you enjoy trippin? how many would enjoy doing it while holding your kid in front of millions? probably zip zadda nadda!!

I don’t blame her for THIS one but I no way in any shape or form feel “bad” for her. We all make mistakes but when the mistakes become that of your child (again the carseat incident) then that’s when you’ve lost my respect 100% completely. Not that I had much for her before. I find her lifestyle trashy and exploited for publicity and to me that’s tasteless. Then again it’s her life *shrugs*
I think that before she had that baby she was no role model and she still isn’t much of one and that’s my honest opinion.
To be honest these photographs of her crying had no impact on me. Maybe I’m a hardass or just don’t have a heart call it what you will but all I see is a girl crying over being embarrassed by what happened. How’d she no at that one moment that it would blow up to be, “Britney almost drops baby” I believe she’s stressed but maybe this is her time to just stay low key and relax at home w/ child. Anyways, like I said I don’t believe this young girl is a “bad” person or “bad” mother but she just needs to stop pointing fingers when things happen esp. one’s that are not in her control.

shseagle2005 on

If Britney’s unfit, Someone needs to call DCFS on me:

I just got my daughter from her crib, turned around…took 2 steps forward… tripped over a toy and next thing I know I’m lying on the floor with my DD screaming in my arms. I feel horible as I’m sure Britney does,too.

Everyone should cut Britney some serious slack because it DOES happen to the best of us moms… if I do say so myself.

annie on

lets also keep in mind that the papparazzi aren’t exactly known for their sensitivity. I’ve seen expose things on them and the truth is…shock shock…they want a picture and they create it. I’m not saying they made her trip, because that happens. I’m saying who knows what horrible things they were saying to her when she was crying. They probably wanted her to cry so they could get paid. Milking it, as if her nearly falling, especially with TWO babies wasn’t enough. Vultures.

Amber on

I am not a Britney fan at all but I admit I truly felt sorry for her, especially when I saw her cry. I’m sure it’s very stressful for her to have everything she does scrutinized. One thing I don’t feel sorry about is that the paparazzi follows her everywhere. Britney is a public figure and not to mention she uses the media for her own self promtion. If Britney doesn’t like them following her everywhere she should move. For example look at Demi Moore who moved to some small town and she was rarely bothered by the paparazzi.

brwnsugakisses on

I feel bad for brit b/s she was crying and looked sad. Maybe she should have worn shorter jeans and what not. I know things do happen but we must try our best to prevent what we can. It is true that celebs do use the papparzzi for their own benifit it really is a game. I know some people wish they would go away sometimes but that is not how things obviously work. Therfore brit has to adapt to the situation no matter if it is wrong. Maybe one day things will change but now she has to deal with reality. She most likely will me hounded wherever she goes so she needs to protect her baby or move somewhere else.

missa83au on

I have to say that I am disgusted by some of the comments that have been posted here. She tripped people, it was an accident. She did not neally drop the boy on purpose. It all happened in a split second. The fact that she was crying and so upset about the incident shows that it was an accident. Give the girl a break. How many times have we all neally tripped over whilst holding a baby.

tink1217 on

missa83au, ITA. Some people just have to say rude and awful things no matter what.

brwnsugakisses, why should brit have to move??? she has dealt with this since her mid teens and done a fantastic job around paparazzi for years. now, she has a child and obviously wants to protect him. she does HAVE to go out of her home sometimes. why should she have to change her life for the paparazzi to leave her alone more?

basically, what I wonder is does it take something like Princess Di or Reese Witherspoon being almost run off the road or what happened with Reese and her group at Disneyland to get the paparazzi to cool it?? I don’t think they will even if they kill someone.

Yes. being a celeb comes with media attention, but where a child is concerned, well they should be off limits. Especially an infant and a pregnant woman. Britney was very gracious inside that restaurant, smiling and talking with the people who worked there before breaking down. She couldn’t even cry in peace. I love knowing about and seeing celebs as much as the next person. I am excited knowing about their impending babies and births and seeing pics of them together. AS LONG AS IT DOESN’T ENDANGER THEM! I loved seeing the pics of Brooke, Rowan, and Grier in People Magazine. Or the ones of Carnie Wilson and her DH and their beautiful baby Lola. Or Denise Richards playing in the park with her girls. But, these are not the pics they decide to shoot of Britney. They decide to crowd her and push push push until she has nowhere to go even with bodyguards. Yes, her jeans are too long, yes she has heels on. SO WHAT!!!! Yes, that probably contributed to her tripping, along with the pothole or curb or whatever the news is saying today. And, yes, her shirt is a disaster! But, I am not her. I dress the way I want to and so does she. Just because she is a pop star does not mean she has to be a role model. She probably doesn’t even want to be. Geez, her idol is Madonna. Madonna is certainly no role model. Unless you are talking about sex, I guess.

I think it is only a matter of time before Britney has a nervous breakdown. I would love to know why K-Fed is never around anymore too. Shar Jackson always says what a great dad he is, gimme a break. The manchild is never around. Brit, you made a mistake picking him, true. Maybe she will realize that and dump him.

I have always been a Britney fan, and will remain a Britney fan. I accept her as human and as having faults just like any bother person. Thats all she is people…..a REAL PERSON with REAL FEELINGS. Lets hope she learned from her other mistakes and moves on to become a great mom from here on out.

brwnsugakisses on


Brit does not have to move but maybe if she wanted to live a calmer life then that would be a good idea. The papparazzi is not going to stop following her so she has to learn to adapt to the situation by being extra careful. I know things happen and people do have accidents but I think this whole thing happened b/c she was hounded by the media.I agree that kids should be off limits by the papparzzi but that has not happened yet. I happen to like Britney Spears because money did not make her a tsuck up person. She still seems to be the down to earth girl she always was. I remember her saying that if she feel in love with somone who lived in a different life style then hers (ex. working at mcdonalds), then she would have to be with the person. Obviously it is true b/c she married K-Fed! She does not seem to be a snobby person and that is good. I know things happen but this whole situation good have been worse, the papparazi are not nice people!

gargoylegurl on

Please don’t think I’m defending the paparazzi, but, I have to say, they are doing a job for which there is a huge demand.

Many people are quick to criticize them, and rightly so in many instances, but I think in a way we are all responsible for their actions. Obviously many of the photos we enjoy here on CBB come from the paps, and everytime we buy a magazine like People, US, OK, etc., we are indirectly contributing to the madness.

In my opinion the paparazzi often go too far, especially where celeb children are concerned, and I would like to see laws put in place to better protect them. But I don’t think we should forget that it’s our interest and fascination with celebs that helps drive this industry.

amelie on

From OK magazine:


Pop star BRITNEY SPEARS has prompted California lawmakers to introduce a bill requiring parents to face their infants’ car seats towards the back of the vehicle if they are under one year old.

Britney started another car seat controversy earlier this week, when she was photographed with her eight-month-old son, SEAN PRESTON, slumped over in a forward-facing car seat.

According to California motor-vehicle code, babies who weigh 9 kilograms or who are less than one year old should have their car seats facing backward.