Rumor: Is Jennifer Lopez expecting?

05/17/2006 at 07:25 PM ET

Graylo Rumors are flying that Jennifer Lopez may be expecting a baby. In Touch magazine, claims that Jennifer’s visible grey roots at the ALMA awards prove that she is avoiding touch ups because she’s expecting. They also cite a slight stomach bump. There has been no confirmation or denials from Jennifer or husband Marc Anthony‘s reps on the matter, but our sources say this rumor is untrue. Time will tell!

Photo Source: US Weekly

Thanks to CBB readers Sarah, Angela, Michelle, Ariana, Beki, and Bella.


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joy on

my mom’s a hairdresser and she said that dying your hair won’t really affect the baby.

I don’t know what to believe another rumor about her being pregnant go figure!

Candice on

I think In Touch has reported her to be pregnant, like, nineteen times…

Christy on

So, dying your hair “won’t really” affect the baby? Will it just “kinda” affect the baby? Is your vanity worth it? Hair dye, like a whole load of other things we use, contains carcinogens, and so many chemicals. As adults, our bodies may be able to handle the exposure to otherwise harmful substances, for example, alchohol (drinking a little wine with dinner). But, when everything the mom comes in contact with potentially gets to the baby, you need to avoid the dangerous substances. This is common knowledge! Often we don’t know the outcome of drugs and chemicals on a pregnant mom, until the child is full grown, and it’s too late. I’m sure J-Lo can get by with a little grey. On a related note, how does a pregnant Gwen Stefani keep up the platinum blonde…..

gargoylegurl on

Christy, I was wondering the same thing about Gwen Stefani’s hair…

As for whether or not using hair-dye during pregnancy is safe, I read today that it’s only the 1st trimester that it’s supposedly bad.

It sounds kinda risky to me. Like Joy said, I don’t know what to believe…

Regarding J-Lo and the pregnancy rumor, I think it’s just that, a rumor. She doesn’t look physically any different to me, but then maybe she is in the really early stages?

stephanie on

i read somewhere organic or henna dye are fine, like britney did when she first got pregnant with sean preston.

joy on

There has not been any factual evidence that has shown that hair dye causes any kind of damage to an unborn baby. But if their is evidence then by all means show me cause I’d love to read up on it.

The risk could be there. I’m not saying its not. I know MANY MANY women who dye their hair while pregnant. It’s one of those things that you just don’t know.

joy on

oh and I’m also not saying it’s “worth the risk” but while pregnant their are many risks. If you eat certain foods, do certain exercises, use certain products. The only thing anyone can do while pregnant is to do what they feel is right for their unborn child. If you feel not dying your hair will better prevent a “risk” then kudos to those women!!

joy on

^ sorry that link above is a previous discussion that was brought up once before.

landroverdisco on

WOW! I didn’t realize JLo was greying already. She is still fairly young.

tink1217 on

Dye is not recommended for women during pregnancy. Highlights are fine though. And any begetable or henna is considered okay for dye. Even my young and hip hairdresser told me NO DYE while pregnant! She would more than happily highlight for me, but that was it. She was very adament.

As for JLo greying…she is like 38 or so, right?? Somewhere around there?? I am 36 and have gotten more than a few greys in the last year or so. I figure by the next 2 yrs I will need to color my hair at least every 6 weeks. Instead of every 8-10.

joy on

Look at Taylor Hicks on American Idol he’s 28 and all grey. Some people just grey faster then others.

Yonni on

Can we please not start a debate about hair dye? Where are the facts? Some Dr’s say not to dye the hair because the hair won’t take “hold” of the color. My hair dresser colored her hair every 6 weeks while pregnant..and so do a lot of people. Look at 1/2 of these stars that have had children in their late 30’s early 40’s…and you know they were coloring their hair!!!

k. on

I have platnum hair sually like gwen stefani’s hair but I am pregnant. When I was 5 months prego I used vegetable dye and blonde highlights. I am now 8 months and I haven’t dyed my hair since then but I want to go back to platnum. Should I wait and is that color also bad to do when brest feeding?