Katie Holmes exposed again

05/16/2006 at 04:43 PM ET

Normal_cbase0515_037 Normal_cbase0515_038 Poor Katie Holmes just can’t catch a break. After accidentally giving the public a peek at her nursing bra last week, Katie attended Connor Cruise‘s baseball game on Monday, where the paparazzi snapped photos of her stretchmarks. Daughter Suri will be 4 weeks old on Thursday.

Visit Katie Holmes Pictures for larger versions of these photos, as well as two pages of shots from the game.


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spindoctor on

Ohhh, poor Katie. The only thing worse than stretchmarks, has got to be having them photographed, blown-up, and available for the world to see.

Patty on

Seems kind of convenient to me….

Traci on

I feel so bad for her! She’s only human and good grief..she looks good!
I would vote for taking these off the website!! Poor girl!
Who in their right mind would be photographing from the ground…up a woman’s shirt. So much for privacy.
Poor Poor Kate/Katie.

Autumn on

Yeah that is too bad Katie had to get pics taken of her stomach with the stretchmarks…but then again it also proves that’s she’s human and just like most new moms only weeks after giving birth.

How the paparazzi got a pic like that…well unfortunately because of today’s technology there’s a practice some (perverted) guys do called “upskirting.” (And unfortunately celebs aren’t the only ones victim to that…:()

BabyBliss on

Poor Katie! My 4 week post-partum belly is the last thing I would want the world to see! I just feel really bad for her, although she should not be ashamed she looks good. I vote to take them off the site too.

Sarah CBB Editor on

It’s not a vote, lol. These photos have been splashed all over the web since this morning. We’ve received many emails, so obviously the interest is there from readers.

krewcat on

oh my gosh….that sucks…

but on a positive note…it look slike a real belly…ROFL…so i wonder what the nay sayers will think.

i guess she had prostetic post partum bellies made too…??ROFL

gargoylegurl on

I’m not saying that this is in anyway Katie’s fault, because it’s not, but knowing how ruthless the paparazzi is, maybe a different outfit would have been a better choice? Perhaps a t-shirt tucked into jeans with a top or jacket over it would have been better?

It’s sad that she can’t just throw on some clothes and run out to her step-child’s baseball game, but then again, she doesn’t have an average life.

I feel bad that this has happened to her, but I also feel that it’s part of being a celeb, right or wrong, it just is.

Anyway, for what it’s worth I think Katie looks great, and these pics just make her seem more human, more real…

iternity26 on

It is odd that she would wear that top. It makes her look still pregnant. I didn’t have the most glamorous belly at 4 weeks PP, but that just looks round and smooth like a baby belly. Something about it just isn’t right.. are we sure these are new pics?

Sarah CBB Editor on

…Yes, they’re from Monday. The woman I nanny for had a belly like that for weeks after her daughter was born, so it doesn’t look that odd to me. *shrugs*

iternity26 on

I guess I am just brainwashed by all the celebs who seem to have perfect flat bellies a week after they give birth, lol! It’s nice to see Katie is a little more “normal.”

Principesa on

Ouch. That looks like it hurts.

Perhaps she will learn to give herself one hard look before venturing out.

It is too bad she has to do that.

Besides, I didn’t see what was wrong with showing a little bra anyhow.

mystique on

Poor katie, she wasnt doing anything but attending Connor’s game. And there’s nothing convenient about it, that coat is long enough, too bad she should have gotten a longer shirt. But who would have thought some photographer would be looking up her shirt to take a picture of her stretch marks. Dont underestimate these idiots, if they can take a picture of someone from like 10 miles away, I’m sure they can wait for her belly to be exposed and take a pic.

Such an invasion of her privacy.

Alioop on

OOOPS! Looks like maybe now’s a good time to resurrect that huge onesie for public outings! 😉

gargoylegurl on

LOL Alioop…I remember that “onesie” she wore during pregnancy…that’s exactly what it looked like. I just couldn’t quite put my finger on what it reminded me of…lol 😉

missa83au on

I think that Katie looks great. Celebrities can’t win they are either being moked for losing the weight to fast or not faster enough. In relpy to gargoylegurl, why should she have to where shirts that can be tucked into her pants, she should be able to wear what she wants without someone sticking a camera up her shirt.

gargoylegurl on

missa83au, I don’t think you read my comments correctly. I said PERHAPS she could have worn something tucked in. I never said she HAS to or SHOULD have. Katie can do what she wants, of course. I was merely saying that with the paps as ruthless as they are, she might want to be careful – hence wearing the tucked in shirt so as not to show the stretch marks. But you know what, maybe she doesn’t care, and that’s awesome! Power to her – she looks great! 8)

hermowninny on

Well, at least it’ll shut up all of the non-believers out there.
And GO KATE! Finally a celebrity that doesn’t rush into unhealthy powerdiets and marathon workouts to loose all the weight in two weeks.

landroverdisco on

No worries, she can get laser stretch mark removal/reduction. It would also help if she started applying a retinoid like Avage while they are still red to minimize them. She needs to rethink her warddrobe at this point in the postpartum game. Those jeans and cropped shirts she loves to wear, just do not flatter her figure. I do feel empathy towards her for being exposed in such an unflattering way.

OoSpoiled1 on

FINALLY a celebrity mom with stretchmarks! It wasn’t right of the paparazzi to take those pictures, but I for one and glad to know that I’m not the only woman with stretchmarks!

It just seems like none of the celebrities ever develop stretchmarks from pregnancy, and that just isn’t realistic. It’s nice to see that is not the case!

tink1217 on

I, for one, think she looks great!!! I didn’t look that good 4 weeks after giveing birth! I have stretch marks and so do many women, she is human! The shirt isn’t an issue, it is paparazzi sneaking a look up her shirt that is the REAL issue!!!!

tomkat's fan on

I do admire katie for being so strong person esp for exposing her marks. They have no rights to take her stretch marks and expose to the world.
I am so keen to see their baby, but I do understand they are protecting their baby too. so, yeah, lets just wait n see, they will bring her out when they are ready to do so. I, myself also, protect my kids like them…they are normal people like us too…
tomkat’s fan