Britney and Sean at the recording studio

05/15/2006 at 06:50 AM ET

Last Friday pregnant Britney Spears went to the recording studio with her son Sean Preston. Daddy Kevin Federline wasn’t there (apparently he was at another recording studio) but a new male nanny was (he’s the one holding Sean). Britney apparently hired a male nanny after the highchair incident a few months ago.

Sean is wearing a hat from Gap (like the one that Deacon Phillippe was wearing at the park last week).


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3SweetKiddos on

I realize that is a nanny and that is it but I couldn’t help but think they look like a cute little family in those pictures! That nanny makes them apear to look so normal. K-Fed really screws up their family image. Too bad Britney doesn’t see what he is doing to them as a family. Britney fall for your nanny lol!!!

Autumn on

Yeah I know what you mean 3SweetKiddos…that’s some “nanny” 😉 lol!

Hey back in the 19th century I think if wealthy women found their legal husbands to be less than savory they’d have dalliances with the ‘help’, so the same could be true with Britney. 😉

(Hey at least she could have someone to go for when or if her marriage to K-Fed ends…unless the male nanny is gay.)

3SweetKiddos on

It is amazing how the trashy appearance disapears when Kevin is not around and Britney is next to a clean and well dressed male! They honestly look like your normal clean family from a nice area out and about as a family!

Stacey on

I’m sorry, but I don’t think I could ever hire a male nanny.

gargoylegurl on

Wow – a male nanny, that’s kinda different, cool, but different! 8) Good for her. I guess K-Fed must be pretty secure! lol

Speaking of K-Fed, just think, soon he will have 4 children under the age of 4! Wow! The mind boggles! lol

Jayfleur on

Is K-Fed secure – or does he just not really care?! Sorry, but that’s the impression I’ve been getting recently; I can’t remember the last time I saw the 3 of them together as a family.

starlight_perfume on

I swear I’ve seen that guy before hanging out with Brit and her friends. Maybe even before Sean was born but maybe I’m wrong.

FC on

I agree, they do make a cute ready-made family in those photos and Britney looks decent for the moment. But that’ll fade once the nanny is out of the picture.

Sean P. looks adorable. 🙂

halifaxhoney on

Her nanny is hot! I agree with 3SweetKiddos fall for the nanny!

leepert on

Y’all might want to check out the official male nanny website!

Sara on

checkout – of little Sean slumped over in a forward facing car seat, no hat, no SPF (no pun intended)

can you get a baby into boarding school?

tink1217 on

Umm.. my son used to slump over in his carseat like that all the time, but she should not have Sean forward facing yet. He is still under a year old. He should be one year AND is it 20 or 30 pounds now?? I am sure he is at least 20 pounds, but he isn’t a year yet. And, as for a hat, it prob would have flown off in that convertible! Hope he has some sunscreen on at least.

Autumn on

(In ref to the Perez Hilton pics) Britney’s rockin’ it like it’s 1982!

Yeah Brit probably has Sean strapped in his carseat as well as her mom used to fasten her in (if at all).

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sean didn’t have sunscreen on (hey they didn’t need it in ’82 :rolleyes:) and his hat probaby flew out of the convertible.

I agree she should’ve cinched him up better in his seat so he wouldn’t flop over so badly, but I doubt a little sun once in awhile won’t kill him (at least as fast as a car accident would).

Yeah Sean has quite the mother! I wonder how it’ll be when lil sis or bro is born too?

kristen on

that’s cool that she takes sean preston to work with her 🙂

that carseat pic on perez hilton’s seems a little suspect. you can’t even tell for sure it’s brit and sean preston…

But yeah, he should be rear facing until he’s 20lbs *and* a year old. And that looks like a Britax seat – Marathons rear face until 32lbs. Rear facing is much safer…

missa83au on

I think that it is great that Britney is spending so much time with Sean. Everywhere you see Britney lately she is always with Sean, even if there is no nanny. I think that she is learning from her mistakes that she has made in the past.

fumar on

I think that male nanny is pretty hot! I still don’t get why she has the nanny walk steps behind her carrying the baby… why can’t she carry him? Then again, I’m not a working, busy, expectant mom. Or a mom. Or expecting. But I do work (haha). And isn’t SP starting to look like Kaleb?

amelie on has other photos. Britney should have her license taken away – and be charged with negligent driving.

If she had an accident there’s no way Sean would survive, with the loose straps and lack of protection from a convertible.

leepert on

Is that a Mini Cooper she’s driving? I wouldn’t be surprised if the back seat was too small for a rear-facing Britax (they’re sooo big!).

Yes, most parents would probably not drive the Mini with the kid in that case, but we’ve all noticed that Britney’s parenting common sense often seems absent.

Autumn on

Yes leepert that is a Mini Cooper convertible! lol! Yeah in this case, as in many others, Britney seems like those gals who have a baby mid-way through (or right after) college but still try to maintain the college/university coed/sorority lifestyle despite now being a mother*.

Brit zipping around in her Mini Cooper convertible et. al. with baby proves my point again and again.

(*She should’ve just stayed married to Jason, and had his babies while he finished his degree & uni football career in Louisiana! Then she’d just be zipping around Baton Rouge, LA or wherever instead of L.A., CA…)