Tom Cruise on Ellen

05/12/2006 at 09:26 AM ET

_fridayTom Cruise appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show on her special Mother’s Day theme show this morning.  He didn’t speak much about baby mama Kate/Katie Holmes, but he spoke about buying a ring for his mother when he was a young boy with a paper route. 

When Ellen asked what his plans for Kate/Katie was, he said, "I got a whole plan," but gave a mother’s day gift to Ellen’s mother who was on the show- a shiny red bicycle.  Then he gave bouquets of roses to the studio audience.

Fantasy_flyer_1As is her custom, Ellen gifted Tom and Kate/Katie with a pram.  Because of Tom’s love of flying and his "Kiss Me Kate" plane, Ellen gave them a pink airplane pram (that was really a ride-on Fantasy Flyer airplane with a hood) and a black satin flight suit and sunglasses with her name embroidered on it.  (Pictured to the left is the plane that they customized by adding extensions to the wheel legs and stenciling Suri’s name on the side.  The plane pictured here retails for $305 at

Though they had teased that Tom was supposed to show a photo of Suri, all he did was draw hair on a photo of another newborn baby with a Sharpie.  He drew in a full head of hair and emphasized the lips saying, she had "Kate’s lips."   

As Stephen Colbert would say, a wag of the finger on Ellen for teasing us.

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Amy Keyishian on

Ick, does that mean the baby also has Katie’s herpes sores?

rachel on

C’mon, why always with the nasty comments? It’s getting old.

joy on

I knew their would be no picture.

Erin on

I was sad when he didn’t show a picture of Suri, but thought his appearance was really sweet =) He seems like a really lovely guy and a doting father, totally sweet =)

iternity26 on

Wow Amy, that was really rude. People who get cold sores can’t help it, it’s genetic.

joy on

the stroller Ellen gave Tom was so freakin cute!! Tom really is a nice guy. It’s ashame he just can’t keep his mouth closed on certain subjects.

MuffThumb on

I loved the appearance! Tom was adorable! you can see how much he really does ADORE his daughter! when he kissed the picture, I almost died!

that stroller was adorable!