Baby Legs: the cutest way to cover baby legs and arms

05/11/2006 at 12:00 PM ET

Boomboomroom_024Tia_carrereWhen I attended Jayneoni’s Golden Globe Boom Boom Room in January, I met Nicole Donnelly, inventor of Baby Legs.  I had heard about Baby Legs when I was pregnant, and to be honest, I thought it sounded like something someone who couldn’t let go of the 80’s would subject their kid to.  However, after talking to Nicole, I realized what a cool product this is! 

BabylegsUnless her pants are too long, Anya’s legs usually have a gap between the hem of her pants and the top of her sock AND when I wear her in a sling, her pants ride up.  Baby Legs worn under pants cover that bit of skin without the fun of having to wrestle tights on and off.  Also, when we’re home, we have Anya in a onesie most of the time but sometimes it’s a little too cool for just a onesie… voila Baby Legs.  It also makes diaper changes less chilly when you have to depants the little one.  Plus they are ultra cute!  It kind of makes you want to find an excuse to use them.

Unfortunately, Anya’s leggies are too fat for her to wear Baby Legs right now.  When she starts crawling (and slimming down), I plan to use them to protect her knees from our floors and sissel rug.

When Tia Carrere was on Oprah recently, her daughter Bianca wore her Baby Legs on her arms- another cute use! 

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heatherforever on

We have half a dozen of these and they are too cute! We cloth diaper, and these are very popular amoung other cloth diapering moms I know.

These are great because they are one sized and grow with baby, so they last forever!

rachel on

I “make” baby legs by cutting of the toes on those striped toe socks. they work great, and my daughter loves them!

amy9798 on

We have several pair of Babylegs and we love them- they’re so cute!

gargoylegurl on

Hmmm – I haven’t decided if I like these yet. They kinda remind me of 80’s style leg warmers! lol 8)

Heather on

I love Baby Legs! My daughters knee’s used to get red from crawling. Now, her little knees are protected and she is a happy girl! I also put them on my 2 year old when we went to an amusement park last night. They kept her legs warm under her pants.
We are very satisfied with Baby Legs!

Gina Fabiano on

As a fan of Baby Legs, I have created a new product called Muffatees, that do for wrists what BabyLegs do for legs. Made of Baby aplaca wool, they are like cashmere and are available in toddler, child and mommy sizes. Visit to find out more

Carmen on

I just received my daughter’s babylegs and I was a little worried because she has such thick legs. When I put them on her, they fit her perfectly. I love this product and I am going to buy my 7 year old son a pair. He suffers from Excema on his legs during the cold cold winter and when he is in school he has a hard time putting up and down his pants because of the layer of clothing that he has. This is definitly a product made to last.

Sandi on

If her legs are too chubby for them now, try the SuperSoft ones – they fit MY legs, let alone my son’s super chubbos. 🙂

nicole on

I noticed on your GreenTour postcard that the 2 gals are wearing babylegs on their arms!?!? Too cute!! I think that would be a major selling point and it might not hurt to post a couple photos of that on your site too! I know moms of boys who love them but can’t quite make the jump… i think seeing that they too might be able to wear them would do the trick! =)

Rachel on

I LOVE babylegs! We discoverd them when my daughter was about 3 months old. She is 8 months now and we have 16 pairs!!!!!!!!

jennifer beers on

I absolutely love these babylegs! They look fabulous underneath skirts that I dress my little 16 month old girl in and she never tries to pull them off! Also, I can put her to be in them with a onesie if it is too hot for pants, since we live in Arizona! I wish I could have 20 pairs for every different outfit! i tell all my friends and wish they would send me some for free! We especially like the pink polka dot ones with her leopard printed outfits!
Happy Holidays…what a great time of year.

from the Beers Family in Arizona

Jaysie on

Huggallegs Baby Leg Warmers are wider. My little twins could not fit into baby legs, but they fit great into Huggalegs.

They are at . I also like them because they are 80% cotton, and they are not made in China like the others are.