Katie Holmes shopping for the third day in a row!

04/16/2006 at 06:00 PM ET

Normal_mischq_381 Is someone trying to induce labor by walking all over town? Katie Holmes, who is due with her baby any second now, was seen out shopping again on Saturday. Photos go from pages 16 to 18, so make sure you click through if you want to see them all! Katie’s belly seems to have dropped a bit from last week.

Source: Katie Holmes Pictures

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tink1217 on

Her belly does look lower, I think within a week! First babies can drop up to two weeks before delivering.

k on

She has been the most ragged looking pregnant celeb we’ve seen in a while. For months she has looked like an unmade bed. What the heck?

k on

One last thing..not that I am saying pregnancy isn’t different for everyone, and some people feel worse than others, but she has “people” to style her for goodness sakes!

Erin on

No baby yet? Ack! C’mon, TomKitten! LOL =)

Hmmm… TomKitten… I actually like that name. *calls Katie*

Rye on

Here’s an interesting tidbit…Tom and Katie are BOTH Jr’s. Katie is named after her mother Katherine and Tom is named after his father Thomas. I thought that was kind of interesting that they were both Jr’s. lol. even though it is a kind of dumb fact. I can’t believe how big she looks though. I wonder when this baby is gonna be born?!?! I am dying to know if it is a boy or a girl.

MuffThumb on

i dont think she looks ragged. i think she looks conservative. a little TOO conservative. but for the most part, i have really liked her outfits. gwen stefani has people to style her and i personally think she looks terrible! it depends on your taste.

and tom is actually Thomas Cruise Mapother IV. there’s three tom’s before him. there’s actually debate on katie’s name. some people say she’s named after her mother, but her mother’s name is actually Kathleen. Katie’s name is Kate or Katherine. her brother however, IS named after her father. both are named Martin.

joy on

funny how in this picture she looks 10 x smaller in the pictures I saw of her the other day. This is the most mind boggling pregnancy I’ve ever watched. *smh*

mystique on

She looks cute, I love her shirt. And she looks the exact same, joy. That shirt is skin tight, it molds to your belly. It will make you look slightly smaller then the dress she had on a couple days ago. It’s even pressing down on ehr chest, including her boobs.

But she still looks big and I think she’s dropped. I expect that baby within a week and I hope its a girl. Dont know why, just think they will look cute with a little girl.

Maggie L. on

We have all been there before, I think everyone needs to give her a break. She’s matching and mobile. You can tell she wants to issue a baby eviction notice really soon. That’s all.

Lore on

Did anyone read that Tom is holding pregnancy seminars for Katie’s and his family? Supposedly the seminars teach everyone how to take care of a pregnant woman and newborn baby. Like Katie’s mom didn’t give birth to 4 or 5 kids herself and thier baby is going to be so different than the millions of babies that are born every year. Hah!

joy on

well mystique you must have better eyes then I do! lol

rachel on

Who’s to say the seminar is for Katie’s mom? I didn’t read anything about that – just that it was for him, Katie and his 2 kids. It isn’t really odd – I had to take mandatory seminars at my birthing center on what happens during labor and taking care of the baby. It’s just to get them all prepared.

It appears some people have to nitpick about anything and everything having to do with this pregnancy.

Lore on

No nitpicking, just repeating what I read and sharing my opinion which is what this site allows us to do. Thanks.