Katie Holmes shopping again on Friday

04/15/2006 at 03:00 PM ET

Just Jared &has photos of Katie Holmes shopping at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills on Friday.

How much longer do you think until the baby comes?

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Courtney on

Off the top of my head, I predict…Tuesday the 18th….

tink1217 on

I will venture a guess and say Monday the 24th. I think this being her first baby, it will be later rather than sooner.

landroverdisco on

The low rise jeans she was wearing are not flattering on her. It is pretty bad when Brooke Shields, who is thirteen years older than her, looks twenty times better in her pregnancy.

DJ on

Just to cause trouble, I say the baby will be born on EASTER lol. (I really hope not though, that is my birthday, and I have absolutely NO desire to share it with TomKitten!)

Erin on

The stores were open in Cali on Good Friday? Wow. LOL

Anyway, I said before that I thought the baby was already born of that it will be born this weekend. I just have that feeling but I’m probably wrong. =P

Poor Katie looks so tired… I hope for her sake that it’s born really soon. =( It’s nice to see that she is well enough to be able to get out of the house though. =)

samsaramom on

I think its soon. She may be taking advice to walk around to help get labour going. Looks like her bambino is going to be hefty! Hopefully all the talk around “silent birth” is just an unfortunate rumour.

And I also wonder about the stores being open on Good Friday?? Unless she was able to pull some strings have have the store open for her??

lulululu on

LA is a major city and thus denominationally neutral so pretty much all stores are open on Good Friday – especially a big chain department store such as NM. All I did my last few weeks was shoe shop too – it is the only thing you look forward to fitting back into quickly after giving birth!

I guess April 22. She does have that “I’d rather brave the unknown pain of labor than be pregnant one more minute” face. 🙂

erica on

i personally think she’s adorable. looks like she’s dropped in a major way… maybe the little one will be here next week!

gargoylegurl on

I think she’s already a good 2 weeks past her due date, but Tom being Tom and a Scientologist (they believe in as little medical intervention as possible), is probably against the idea of her being induced…just a theory…8)

Erin on

Thanks for the info, lulululu! =) I wasn’t aware that major cities kept stores open on holidays like that… I showing my small town roots! LOL =P Thanks again =)

CaliAngel on

What baby??? I still think that this whole thing is a sham and there is no baby.

Barbi_Doll on

I remember those last few weeks I felt so HUGE, I can only imagine how she does, especially with the way that everyone has her under microscope. she should be ready any day now.

spindoctor on

Katie looks beautiful in the face. She probably shopping for clothes and shoes that will fit after the baby. I couldn’t get my maternity clothes off to goodwill fast enough.
Anyway, I live in Washington, DC and had NO IDEA that any stores ever closed on Good Friday. It was a major shopping day for me and didn’t even cross my mind. It’s funny to learn about how towns and cities differ.

Candice on

Hmmm. Just off the top of my head, I’m going to guess 4/17.

g on

She looks really tired, I think the baby will come some time in the next week. I live just outside of Boston, and I never realized stores close on good Friday, as Erin a Spindoctor said it must just depend on the town.

Autumn on

Yeah LA’s the type of place where the only people who care it’s Easter are the candy stores and Dr. Schueler (jk) but that’s another story…

As far as Katie and her baby, hopefully she has it soon for her sake as well as everyone else’s!

ctottenham on

Weeeellllll……first of all, that baby gets bigger and smaller all the time but never drops. So, I’d be pretty stunned if it came before the end of the month.

DJ on

Unfortunately, here on the west coast our stores tend to stay open on Good Friday. They are out for the buck, and dont close.