TomKat in GQ magazine

04/14/2006 at 10:30 AM ET

2006pregshoot_001 Update: You can read some of the interview at the GQ site. Some excerpts:

On his explosive Today show interview with Matt Lauer: “I thought I was pretty restrained. I’ve been pissed off about things, believe me. I thought it was a terrific interview. I wasn’t pissed; I just was intense on wanting to communicate.”

On Brooke Shields: “I actually really care about Brooke…The first film I ever did [Endless Love] was hers, and I remember when I was growing up, and not even being in the industry yet, thinking how talented and beautiful she is. And she’s a lovely girl. It’s not her fault; she’s a victim in this situation. A doctor told her to go on Paxil while she was breast-feeding. Paxil is a vicious drug. Here’s someone I deeply care about.”

On the discovery of the pregnancy: "Oh, I—I looked at her. And I went, ‘You’re gonna tell me if you’re pregnant, aren’t you?’ It was a moment where… It was one of those things. And I knew at that moment she was pregnant. ’Cuz I notice things in people.” has scans of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in the latest issue of GQ magazine. They are quite recent, as Katie’s belly is very big.  Click the extended post for two more scans.


Thanks to CBB readers Mary Beth, Deanna and Bella.

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rachel on

Katie looks so gorgeous in the first picture.

cherylina on

Her belly looks like it’s getting low – soon!

Candice on

Even though I can’t stand the couple, I won’t deny that those are absolutely beautiful photos! Katie looks radiant.

Genise on

Can she PLEASE have this baby already!

BabyBliss on

Is it just me or is this the longest pregnancy ever?! Really, by the size of her belly I thought she was going to have the baby last month! She looks great though and is carrying it well. Although they are not my favorite pair, the pictures are gorgeous.

I am guessing it will be a 9+lbs baby.

Lore on

Katie does look gorgeous. I wish she would have the baby already! I cannot wait to hear the details…

rachel on

The announced the pregancy, what, late September, early october? It only seems long because so many people have their attention on it, IMO. She was probably 3 months along when they announced it, which would make her due any time.

rachel on

not that i don’t have my attention on it too! I can’t wait for that baby to come out.

Elle-Emily on

Wow, I’m not a fan- but you can’t deny that that child will be genetically blessed.

20 years from now I wonder who will be better looking – the Tomkitten or the spawn on Brangelina 😉

lulululu on

Not to rehash the whole ‘real pregnancy?’ rumors but I feel compelled nonetheless- how recent can the photos be if they are in the print mag – don’t magazines have a two month lead time?

tink1217 on

They do seem happy and Katie looks great!! She is definitely big!!! Hope she has an easy delivery!!

crzymaid on

I am a little confused like you lulululu.
To me these pictures call to mind the way she looked when they were in Australia which I think was only a month ago but where she looked much more ready to burst than she does now. Maybe she’s already had the baby like some people are suggesting…

crzymaid on

I am a little confused like you lulululu.
To me these pictures call to mind the way she looked when they were in Australia which I think was only a month ago but where she looked much more ready to burst than she does now. Maybe she’s already had the baby like some people are suggesting…

crzymaid on

I am a little confused like you lulululu.
To me these pictures call to mind the way she looked when they were in Australia which I think was only a month ago but where she looked much more ready to burst than she does now. Maybe she’s already had the baby like some people are suggesting…

crzymaid on

Sorry, I don’t know why it posted twice.

Autumn on

Yeah I agree with you luuluu and crzymaid, those pics look like they were taken on the beach in Australia right after Tom & Katie had attended that funeral for Tom’s friend.

If that’s the case, then Katie did probably already have the baby, and so the current “belly” is a prosthetic one.

Plus tabloid papers can be really off with ‘predicting’ when celebs kids were born. Why today I saw a blurb in a current one of them that said “Gwyneth Paltrow caught drinking at 7 months Pregnant!”, when low and behold she actually just had her son!

Patty on

I’m sorry – I have to say it or I’ll explode. They are such media whores – they’ll probably film a baby’s birth and distribute it as a documentary. Probably in order to convince some of us doubters.
I know that’s ugly – but it’s what a lot of people are thinking.

snowballs on

I think it’s a pillow

landroverdisco on

The photography fails to capture his “couch jumping” enthusiasm and love for her. Also, Delman flats are a poor choice when one is sporting cankles.

mystique on

Lets face it she can have the baby on live television and doubters will still have something to say about it. They dont have to convince people of anything, if some cant wrap their minds about it, then that’s their problem. The girl is pregnant and those pictures are absolutely beautiful. For once a baby is going to be born or already has, I’m choosing to celebrate that.

And many celeb couples pose together, its not to say that they did a cover. The article is about tom, this is more like a sidebar. And these are their first pics since they’ve been together. And let’s face it, had this been any other couple, we wouldnt be seeing these kind of comments.

And prostethic belly is ridiculous. I thought we had already gotten past this, especially on this site (which imo is beyond this). Why would they have to hid the fact that she’s already have the baby? It makes no sense.

And sometimes magazine have a leg time of a couple weeks to a month. This could have been done in mid March. They can do a rush based on availability. And those pictures where taken in California’s Mojave Desert. It says so on the GQ website.

BTW she may have had the baby this week and that I can see them trying to keep it quiet before all the madness starts.

Autumn on

Oh I think Katie is/was pregnant in the photos, that’s for sure. The only resons why she and Tom may have been possibly “faking” anything lately is to throw off the press (so they don’t invade their space when the baby is/was born) and make people believe that baby Cruise is born during the premiere of Tom’s latest movie “M.I. III.”

Yeah I can just imagine the headlines “Mission Unstoppable! Tom Cruise leaps the barrier and rushes from the Hollywood Premiere of Mission Impossible 3 to attend the birth of his child!” 😆

angels on

ok i am not a mother but i do have depression and let me just say reading that freaking experct about brooke made me burst into tears. i tried not to but i did. he has his freaking own freaking child on the way and he freaking continues to attack brooke he needs to get a freaking life and stop butting in others.

Erin on

I absolutely agree with you, mystique. =)

I must say, I wasn’t a huge fan of them when they first got together but now I support them 100%. What people have been saying about them – and especially their child – is absolutely disgusting, and I feel really bad for not only TomKat but their families.

I do have a feeling that Katie probably had the baby sometime this week, either that or she’ll have it this weekend.

Anyway, as far as a prostethic belly? Puh-lease. Stick with the “fake moon landing,” you nuts. heehee =P I have always laughed at those comments – it’s so ridiculous. Some might think Tom has a screw loose, but I very much doubt he’d slap one on Katie – no pregnanacy cover-up… no hiding the baby being born… Nothin’. It would seem, to me at least, that having her on “bedrest” for the last 2 months would be more reasonable, no? LOL Just me.

As far as his comments about Brooke… Well… I can see where he is coming from to an extent but I can’t agree fully. That’s all I’m gonna say. LOL

lulululu on

Hi Erin, I’m sure you meant it innocently and in jest but it doesn’t fully read that way in print – my comments are just as legit as anyone else’s so please don’t call me a nut for offering them.

I think TomKat are a good example of yin/yang or equal forces or whatever one might call it – energy expended is met in opposite direction. So for example, TomKat are so public about their love and pregnancy, it invites lots of comments. In contrast, Brooke Shields, also on this site and also quite pregnant, is just quietly being a celebrity mom and thus not inviting lots of comments, either positive or negative. She might not the best example since Tom Cruise singled her out for critique of her choices of dealing with postpartum depression, but then again she invited critique by putting her experience out there ina book.

I guess a better way to say it is that by being so open in public comments, they thus invite more public comment. Some is positive and some is negative, as illustrated by this board.

Erin on

Oh no, lulululu, I was DEFINITELY joking around. I wasn’t calling anyone a nut here a nut, please don’t think that. 😉 =) I thought about it after posting it that someone might take it as a serious comment. But no, I was just joking. =)

Sorry if you were offended! =) =)

Erin on

Blah! It was supposed to say:

“I wasn’t calling anyone here a nut, please don’t think that.”


Layla's Mommy on

All I wil say is i don’t like Tom at all. But Katie looks beautigul. those are great pictures!

MuffThumb on

I personally think those pics are some of the most stunning since they’ve been together! I wish them all the best with their child! I dont see them as media whores, i seem them as people who dont really care who see’s them and who doesnt. can you imagine planning the rest of your life so that nobody sees you? that’s terrible! do what you have to do, and if somebody sees you, fine. if not, fine.

getting off topic, but i DO think the Holmes-Cruise child will be STUNNINGLY gorgeus!