Katie Holmes: Still pregnant as of Wednesday evening

04/14/2006 at 02:07 PM ET

KatieHolmes.com has some high quality photos of Katie Holmes shopping at Barney’s on Wednesday evening. TMZ has a video too, for those interested.

Thanks to CBB readers Sarah and Bella.

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Erin on

She looks adorable pregnant… but so tired! Hope the baby arrives soon. =)

tinkerbell on

I agree Erin she’s beautiful but she must be very tired now..she’s huge !

Layla's Mommy on

Her boobs got HUGE all of a sudden. That is what happend to me in the last few weeks. The poor girl looks so tired. Someon needs to tell that girl to take a rest and eat some cupckes (Tom said she loves them). She looks like she has had enough and wants the baby out NOW.

tink1217 on

She looks so big and so uncomfortable!

gargoylegurl on

Is it just me or does this seem like an unusually long pregnancy? The pregnancy was announced around the 5th of October, and at that time she was already showing and it was being speculated that she was about 4 to 4 1/2 months along, & from the pics at that time it certainly looked like it. Of course we don’t know for sure and she may be exactly on target? I just hope that’s the case and it’s not some Tom/Scientology thing that is preventing her from being induced. I know they believe in as little medical intervention as possible. It’s a pure guess here, but I would bet she’s at least 2 weeks past due! I can imagine Tom telling her that the baby will come when it’s ready…Too true, but those of us that have been 9 months pregnant know how uncomfortable the last couple weeks are – poor girl is HUGE!!!

Rye on

HOLY MOSES! She is gi-normous!!! I can’t believe how big she has gotten! I would think she was having twins with a stomach that big! Jeeez!! Wow…I bet that is a boy in that belly! I would put money on it. haha.

Dina on

She is big. It looks like she is having twins. Isn’t Tom’s movie out on the 5th of May?

crzymaid on

Yes but the actual world premiere is on the 24th of April (9 days) at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC and Tom is scheduled to do a whole bunch of stunt-type things that day and run around to the different theaters that will be showing the movie in Manhattan, so given that he said “not gonna happen” when asked if he might miss the delivery because of the movie, we would have to assume that she’s going to get induced in a few days at the latest if she doesn’t go into labor soon.

Moonmoth on

You know what, she is huge. But most women get that huge just before they are going to give birth! The media usually shows pregnant celebrity women up until they are about 7 months pregs, then they disapear until the baby is a few months old and they’ve gone to the gym like mad. I’m glad she’s still out & about sporting that belly! It really won’t be long now!

C_topanga on

You know, I feel so sorry for her. I cannot imagine having that much attention that you require bodyguards just to go shopping. She really does look lovely, and I love the dress. I also say it’s a boy.