Are Angelina and Brad expecting a girl?

04/13/2006 at 03:00 PM ET

Last week, before departing for Africa, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt reportedly went shopping at a Paris boutique and purchased baby clothes including a bonnet, dresses, and socks — which begs the question, are she and Brad having a girl?

"We think it’s a girl, but we’re not 100-percent certain," the source claimed Jolie said.

However, the source also reported the couple bought a gray shirt (with the word "boy" on it).

What do you think — is baby Jolie-Pitt a boy or a girl?


Thanks to CBB readers Ryan, Toni, Jill, Bella, Debbi, Shamaila, Bell, Mary Beth and Deanna.


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Rye on

My GUT is saying it’s a boy-mainly because of the US weekly cover shot with, “IT’S A BOY!” in bold…but I am crossing my fingers and hoping for a girl!

tink1217 on

It is going to be a girl. Or at least I really hope so. I think Maddox as big brother to 2 little girls would be adorable!

Ekaterina on

I suspect girl. The article states that they bought the t-shirt with “boy” on it because they weren’t 100%. But that’s one t-shirt to a bunch of girl’s clothes. And US Weekly and other tabloids have been known to get it wrong before. When Kate Hudson was pregnant they predicted she was having a girl and she had a boy.

GrietjeV on

I’m going to say girl. Kate gave out PINK giftbags at her babyshower to throw everyone off – she knew it was a boy. I’m guessing Angelina bought 1 boy t-shirt for a little of the same effect.

GrietjeV on

Also, they didn’t mention the size of the boy t-shirt, so who is to say it wasn’t for Maddox???

joy on

and whose to say the baby girl clothes weren’t for Zahara?

I have been saying it’s a girl since day one. Maybe cause I want it to be or because I have my own psychic predictions on babies lol!

I don’t think that US weekly is always accurate I think they just run with a story to have it be the first out to say, WE KNEW IT when if fact it’s 50/50 chance they are right.

I do remember Kate Hudson giving out girl bags and the press ran with it and then she had a baby boy. So maybe Brad and Angie are doing it just incase it turns out to be a boy or maybe they know it’s a boy and are buying the girl clothes for Z.

Erin on

I don’t know why, but since the beginning I have been crossing my fingers and toes that it is a girl… Probably because Brad had said once (while still married to Jen) that he wanted to have all girls. =)

Regardless, I hope the child is healthy – that’s the main thing. =)

mija289 on

I just can’t see Angelina conforming to the “pink for girls / blue for boy’s” rule. Something is fishy. I’m even back to wondering if twins are rolling about in there. I hope for them a healthy baby no matter the sex, but I’m partial to it being a son……daughter NEXT time! I’m thinking they’ll be back up to the bio baby bat in about two years. I think Angelina just might have to be talked into it by Brad lol. Her freedom of movement was hard on her I know, and maybe the pap’s won’t be so dogged next time “or the time after that…….I got a feeling Brad is going to be trying for a Jolie-Pitt soccer league adopted/bio combined lol.”

snowballs on

IF it’s a boy, it won’t shatter my world.

Rye on

I still am hoping it’s a girl!!! I was just thinking that maybe the store owners got confused or thought she was having a girl since she possibly was buying ZAHARA some clothes…therefore making it seem like maybe the new baby would be a girl, but I think It is a boy. I just think her and Brad will have such a GORGEOUS little daughter so that is my main reason for wanting to see them have a girl. haha. I can’t seem to imagine her having a boy-her features are so very FEMININE-i think they would look odd on a boy…has anyone seen how strange her big brother James looks?? He is odd!!! lol. i hope that doesn’t sound mean, I just think he is strange looking for a guy.

Layla's Mommy on

I am hoping for a girl (mostly because I am a mom to a girl) but I think it will be a boy. Either way the baby will be beautiful. Unless it turns out looking like her brother or father ICK (JK I know it will be a beautiful baby)!