Planning to give birth in Namibia

04/12/2006 at 01:59 PM ET

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are in Namibia with their kids Maddox and Zahara and reportedly plan to stay there for the birth of their baby. While this will likely control the paparazzi swarming, being in Namibia opens them, and especially Angelina, up to the risk of malaria where it is most prevalent November through June.

Carol DeRosa, the Executive Director of Passport Health and head nurse, told TMZ, "I would not recommend it. No one would."

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discourages pregnant women from traveling to areas where malaria is prevalent, adding that malaria is a "major risk." Malaria causes high fevers, shaking chills, and rigors that can cause premature birth, miscarriage, and stillbirth. Though antimalarial pills can be taken to ward off the disease, DeRosa from Passport Health told TMZ that such precautions are not fool proof. In addition, DeRosa calls health care in Africa "overwhelmingly poor."

Source: TMZ

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Elle-Emily on

Wow, I assumed that the “give birth in Africa” rumour was just that. I’m all for home births, and in fact hope to have one when I’m ready to have kids – but I would NEVER risk my unborn child’s lifeby being that far away from modern medicine. There are life thratning defects that aren’t detectable prior to birth!

If this is all true then I think it’s a little sad – I mean the paparazzi are invading their lives that much that they feel their only option is a potentially dangerous situation for their baby?

joy on

wow I am not sure I’d risk it but hey that’s her life not mine.

BP on

I am always amazed at how ignorant people are of all things African! Namibia is a rather modern country with every modern amenity possible. It neighbours my country, and contrary to popular (American) belief, it is not “darkest Africa”. It is a popular tourist destination with Europeans, and is not considered a country with a high malaria threat! Does anyone really think that someone as world-aware (who is a UN ambassador) like Angelina would REALLY put her unborn child, or any of her children in danger? C’mon people…let’s think about this, shall we?!

Erin on

Good points, BP! I really doubt Angelina would blindly go into a country if she felt that the risks were as high as this article makes them out to be. It seems like lately the tabloids and, it seems, all the media outlets are overexagerating(?) things when it comes to not only Angie, but Tom Cruise as well – and, I must say, it makes me an even bigger Angie fan. LOL

robin on

thank you BP, you took the words out of my mouth! that article offended me. it was definitely ignorant and bordered on racism.

Ekaterina on

I have to agree, that article and that woman’s statements are incredibly offensive. Healthcare in Africa is not nearly as “poor” as she makes it out to be. Neighboring South Africa is afterall where the first heart transplant was performed. There are thousands of women who give birth everyday in Africa and whose children turn out to be perfectly heathly.

Kat_Momof3 on

Thank you, BP, those were my thoughts exactly.

the mags seem ready to cast her as this irresponsible mom, but she’s just not.


Nicole on

I heard in the Daily News that Brad Pitt was spotted picking up this product called BugBam to protect him from mosquitoes. Has anyone heard of this mosquito repelling wristband. I also saw a picture of him wearing one and it looks cool. I went to their website