Just where will baby Jolie-Pitt be born??

04/12/2006 at 07:00 PM ET

Bpitt2 So where will the baby of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt be born? Some say her determination to have a multi-cultural family has led Ange to choose to deliver in Namibia, not Paris as we previously reported. Africa isn’t just where Jolie and Pitt adopted daughter, Zahara Marley last August, it is also where Ange officially became a mom to Maddox.

The family of four arrived last Tuesday, and rented out all 14 rooms at the Burning Shores beach resort. The resort denied they are staying there and now they are thought to be staying at the Etosha National Game Park "where wild lions will help protect them from the media."

The family has spent the last 2 months in Paris and it was thought that, that there was where the baby would be born. Ange apparently changed her mind and now they have "got a jet on standby in case they decide they want their child to be born in Paris after all…[apparently] they’ve yet to decide if [Africa is] the best place for [Ange] to give birth."

New York magazine is saying that "not since Jesus has a baby been so eagerly anticipated." While the couple’s third child is expected to demand a fee somewhere between $1 million and $5 million, it will only be a matter of time before we see which magazine gets the deal.

Source: MSN News Gossip


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Rye on

AWWWWW..WELL, wherever the baby is born, I’m sure it will be well loved and taken care of. People seem to be making such a huge deal out of where this baby is born…it’s kind of strange to me! oh well! Did anyone else notice the people magazine.com exclusive article about Angelina “THINKING PINK”…after all the announcements that she is expecting a boy, she may just be having a girl….here is a chunk of that article I copied…
From People.com…
-Before Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt flew to Africa last week, the couple stocked up on baby stuff at a Paris boutique – including dresses, socks, a bonnet and a layette, an observer tells PEOPLE.

“We think it’s a girl, but we’re not 100-percent certain,” the observer says he overheard Jolie say during the private shopping jaunt.

Still, the source tells PEOPLE that the actress also purchased a gray T-shirt with the word “boy” on it . . . “just in case.” Besides, she said, “since I already have a boy and a girl, it doesn’t really matter.”

Erin on

I have a feeling that they’ll have the baby in Africa but you never know… Maybe they went to throw the media off. I wouldn’t put it past them to change their minds at the last minute and we then ehar that she had it in China or something. LOL

It probably is for the best if they do have the baby in Africa – I can only imagine how horrid the paparazzi were in Paris. They seemed to love it there but they probably just want to have the baby in peace, and they definitely weren’t going to achieve that where they were.

Not to mention how much Angie obviously loves Africa – it would be really special and symbolic to give birth there.

I feel like I’m rambling so I’ll end my post now. =P

Mrs. McGraw on

Actually Parisian Paparazzi does not have a reputation of being horrid. I know while I was there, they have more of a “who cares?” attitude, lol.

That’s what I think. Who the heck cares? And comparing Brangelin-ette to Jesus? Poor taste, really. No matter of what religion or lack there-of.

Erin on

I have read that the Parisian paparazzi are more laid back than the American paparazzi but by the number of them videoed following Angie on the street, etc they sure seemed to care. LOL Although, knowing the American photogs, they probably flew over to keep racking in the Brangelina dough. =P

Anyway, I have to agree with the comparision to Jesus… The same goes for those saying Tom & Katie’s baby is the new anti-christ. Very disgusting.