Pee-Pee Teepees

04/10/2006 at 05:41 PM ET

PeepeeteepeeTeepeepic29If you’ve ever been the mom of a baby boy, you’ve probably been doused while changing your son’s diaper.  Pee-pee Teepees by Urban Baby Designs protect against that.  The little cotton cones which come in 9 patterns and solids that you can place over a little boy’s "pee-pee" are a favorite gift of Catherine Zeta-Jones and me!  My favorites are the Santa Hats and the Circus Blue (pictured).  They retail for $10-15 for a pack of 5.

Available at Cheeky Monkey (Canada-based but also ships to US) and Hip Baby Gear (US-based).

Source: Child magazine, May 2006 issue

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fumar on

I saw these in my local paper and I think they’re a great idea, even though I don’t have/have never had a baby boy. I will maybe buy them for the next person I know who has a boy.

Lauren22 on

I never needed anything like that for my son. His little penis never stuck up straight in the air, he’s been “well hung” since the day he was born. ROFLMAO!

joy on


I think it’s pointless. So what? a little pee never hurt anyone!!

FC on

LMAO, I’ve actually seen those advertised somewhere, to catch the pee when you’re not looking. It’s not that bad when you get misted…but hey, whatever works. hahaha

tealou on

I am sorry, but that is one of the FUNNIEST things I have ever seen.

I ave a 5 month old boy and have never been peed on, so don’t understand? Ah well 🙂

Principesa on

Not needed here either.

gracegirl06 on

Pink dress: $15.00
“Daddy’s Little Angel” bib: $6.50
Never having to use a “pee tent” because you have a girl: priceless

These seem so silly to me!! Do they absorb the pee or does the child just get pee all over them?! Hopefully it absorbs it! lol.

amelie on

I honestly can’t see how these would be useful. Half the time when you’re changing a nappy there’s poo all over a little boy’s penis and testicles and putting anything in that area would be a total waste of time – first it would get dirty, and second it would smear the mess everywhere. It seems like it would take more time (and more cleaning) to use this if it’s a pooey nappy. And if it’s a wet nappy it only takes a few seconds to remove the dirty one, wipe the whole area and put a new one on.

I’ve got 2 sons and a few nephews and have never been peed on. They’ve done plenty of pees while their nappy has been off, but it hasn’t hit me. The only time I’ve ever been peed on (by a boy – I’ve been hit by plenty of girls) was when I was babysitting as a teenager, but that baby boy was circumcised and I bet that’s why. When the foreskin is still there it aims it down a little bit, but after it’s been cut off you’re right in the ‘firing line’.

Autumn on

That’s hilarious! lol! I remember when my then baby brother (who’s now almost 27 yrs old) peed on me while our mom was giving him a bath in the baby bath tub way back when he was a baby, so I sort of see the point.

Still it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard of, to be actually manufactured for sale.

Sarah CBB Editor on

I’ve just always quickly thrown a new diaper on top, or put a burp cloth over while I’m getting wipes and stuff ready. That’s an interesting solution!

Moonmoth on

My son never peed on me when being changed. I know it has happened to some people, but I still find this paraphenalia utterly useless.

Yonni on

My brother peed in his hair when he was like 2 days old in the hospital…My stepmom was yelling for us to stop laughing because she had a c-section, and it hurt to laugh…

ally tennant on

These are great. I don’t personally have a baby boy but my best friend does and she uses one that was sent to her from a friend in Canada. You have to pop it over his pee-pee as SOON as you remove the diaper or he uses the time between the 2 things to spurt!