Lea Salonga expecting baby girl

04/10/2006 at 07:38 PM ET

Leasal Miss Saigon actress Lea Salonga, 35, is expecting her first child, a baby girl. She is due on May 19th, and is determined to have a natural birth and avoid a c-section. Lea shares that the baby’s middle name will be Beverly, after her husband Robert’s deceased mother. She is not sharing the first name because she’s had friends who’ve had their baby names "stolen" after they shared them. Have any readers had that happen to them?

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GrietjeV on

Yes, I had a name stolen from me. My sister-in-law told me the name we had picked out for the baby girl we were expecting was the most horrible name she had ever heard. The name was Holly Noelle. Well, we changed our minds because our daughter wasn’t born around Christmas. My sister-in-law proceded to get pregnant because I had gotten pregnant and I know this because she had gotten pregnant the year before I did and had chosen to have an abortion, even though she was married and there was nothing medically wrong at all – she just didn’t want the burden of a baby. She also ridiculed me for breastfeeding and told me it was nasty and disgusting. Her and her husband’s baby girl was born the next December. She named her Holly Noel. And she breastfed her. I don’t think it takes a psychiatrist/psychologist to figure this one out.

stinkypinky on

I’m not sure how to respond to that.

I don’t tell people the names I’ve picked out because I hate to see them wrinkle up their noses at my ideas. I figure though that if people don’t “steal” a name before the baby is born then they are sure to copy you afterward. You can’t win.

joy on

I don’t think names can truly be “stolen” pursay. I mean nobody holds the rights to them. But I do understand having a name selected and someone in your family just goes and snatches it. I know somebody that had that happen to them but they didnt care they named their baby the same thing so now the cousins are both called Anthony!

I think celebrities keep “stealing” my fav. names!! I am now at a point where (even though I ain’t having kids yet) I am still not revealing my top FAV. names to anyone whose pregnant!

joy on

GrietjeV – sounds like sister was JEALOUS! that’s horrible though that she would first degrade your unborn child’s name and then your ability to breastfeed her. Sounds like she never got over the abortion and thought it would make her feel better to put you down in return.

Liz on

personally i haven’t any of my kids’ name “stolen” from me, but i know friends who did, and by family members too.

i did share my daughter’s names to most people, but i was safe since no one around me was pregnant at the time.

gracegirl06 on

i stuck with a really classic girl name and all since of my friends were having boys i didn’t worry too much about it! however i think it’s always a concern if you go with something very trendy or unique! if that were the case i would definitely keep it to myself! 🙂

poisonheart on

How dare she ridicule you’re breastfeeding!! Chin up girl and stand firm on the fact that you are giving your child the best that God and Nature have to offer. The absolut best and nothing comes close to Mother’s MIlk.