Kate Hudson slings Ryder in NYC

04/10/2006 at 07:11 PM ET

T9jznc Kate Hudson was spotted wearing son Ryder, 2, in NYC on April 1st. She’s wearing Ryder in a PSlingNY Ring Sling, which run from $150-350. More affordable options for moms include Zolowear (about $79) and my personal favorite, The Baby Wearer For Sale or Trade Forum, where you can get lightly loved slings for extremely low prices (you must register to browse and buy).

Most ring slings cup the shoulder and do not touch the neck, as Kate’s does. With a little adjusting, it’d be perfect! I love the linen fabric.

Thanks to CBB reader Mary for the US Weekly scan.

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joy on

I swear first I’m going to take scissors and cut that boys hair then snatch his pacifier away from him LOL 🙂

Liz on

i guess he’s going for a rocker style like his daddy. i thought she was holding a girl first. heh

FC on

Joy, same here.

I just don’t understand why a two year old is still sucking a pacifier. I know the boy has a set of teeth by now and that can’t be good for him. And the hair is getting to be way too long. It can be long, but he’s looking more and more like a girl.

He’s such a cute kid, but he should get rid of that doggone pacifier and get a trim or something. 🙂

Jaclyn on

I don’t mind the long hair, whatever you want (or better yet, whatever the kid wants within reason).

On the other hand, pacifiers can cause longterm oral damage and IMHO it interferes with their development, ability to properly communicate their needs, and self-soothe. However, he is only just 2. Its not like he’s 3 – 4. Like give them a break, pacifiers at such a young age are really not that unusual & the least of most parents worries 😀

Nothing scarier than a fat kid in a stroller switching back & forth between a pacifier and a bottle of pop, which is clearly not the case.

Rye on

I agree….she needs to cut his hair!!!!! Children are ambiguous as it is when they are toddlers and infants, so why confuse people!? I can’t understand it! I know someone who grew her son’s hair out pretty long and she finally decided to cut it when someone at the mall remarked about how pretty her daughter was. lol. i guess it’s all about personal taste and what the parents like, but I think it is a little confusing.

nona on

i think the long hair is cute. it’s like his dad, and it is unique. i can’t imagine Ryder with different hair, anyway. He looks like a li’l nature boy. ethereal in a way.

Chiara on

I really don’t see why they always get reemed out for the hair. Short hair on boys is purely a societal view of how things should be, and in the greater scheme of history, a relatively recent one at that. There is absolutely no other legitimate reason for a boy to have short hair or a girl to have long: no health reasons, no convenience reasons, nothing. It is purely an opinion of Western society.

Now, I’m not saying it won’t cause problems once he starts school and is surrounded by kids who look different from him — a common feeling of acceptance is important among little kids. But if it came to that, I would imagine they would probably cut it. They don’t really seem the type to insist their kids do anything they don’t really want.

On another note: I don’t have kids — what’s with the slings? They’re cute and all, but having never used one, I’m not familiar with the benefits of it. Is it really easier than carrying a kid?

AskMoxie on

It’s about 500 times easier than carrying the kid. Plus it leaves you hands-free, if you’ve got the sling on correctly. Which she doesn’t, and it’s going to start killing her neck in about a block or two.

I’m getting neck pain just looking at how she’s wearing that thing.

You can also sew your own sling for around $10-25, depending on the fabric you choose.

Sarah CBB Editor on

Chiara, I don’t have kids either, but I love slings/pouches/mei tais because I use them with the 5 month old I nanny for. It keeps her close to me, she sleeps better/for longer periods of time, and having both hands free and her attached to me lets me run around with her 2 year old sister much easier without leaving the baby parked in her car seat or stroller!

I’ve tried a Bjorn too, but I prefer the carriers I have over that – I have back issues and the sling lets me spread the weight over my back much easier. I do have a ring sling like Kate is wearing, but I don’t like the tail much, so I tuck in between my body and the baby after I adjust it!

I do still use a stroller for longer trips though. But a quick trip to the park or store, or just hanging around the house, I always use the sling. It’s just easier for me.

BabyBliss on

Kate looks healthy, like she finally put a little more weight back on. She looked scary skinny in photos a couple months ago. Hopefully her and Chris are on the road to having another baby! Ryder is adorable.

hippygirl on

The long hair I can stand…but she needs to get that darn pacifier out of his mouth!! Every picture he’s sucking on it!! If the baby’s not crying don’t plug the hole! 🙂

joy on

^ exactly!

I know he’s only two but I’ve only seen maybe 2 photos of Ryder without that yellow plug in his mouth! Even at basketball game he had it in his mouth and you could see him laughing and giggling! I’d really love to know if he can talk. The little girl I watch her doctor said to limit it (at her one year checkup) bc of speech development and also constantly sucking on a binky is known to cause ear infections in babies. I only see a need for it if it’s absolutely necessary. Oh well. I guess I am just different about it. I don’t mind them but at the same time once they can walk and talk I think it’s time to say goodbye to it. Yesterday while shopping I saw a kid who literally looked 5 (but he could of been a tall 3) walking with one and I was like, “what’s the point, your kid only looks ridiculous with it!”

but anyways, Ryder I am sure is a cutie pie if only I could see his face!

Yonni on

I need to pay attention because I didn’t notice the pacifier…

I had a sling..never got into it..The baby carrier was easier for me…

Kat_Momof3 on

The long hair isn’t my issue… I would just like to see it trimmed and shaped to look nice… it looks so unkept there.

And my big one… He’s TWO… take that binky out of his mouth!! I know some kids still take it for naps at that age (my oldest had his till 18mo… teething would have been murder without it) but just walking around/sitting around with it in the mouth is a big no-no… it was only for sleep/needed sucking those first months/teething in my house… my other two had it gone by 6mo.

I can’t stand seeing that in his mouth all the time… let’s see his smile instead!!

Christine on

ITA about that pacifier. My son just turned 2 and he hasn’t used one for a good nine months. If you can walk and talk, the binky’s gotta go. Kate might find it a bit harder to wean him off of it as well.

and don’t even get me started on the hair. lol. If she were a nobody people would constantly be mistaking him for a little girl.

KrisGams on

Pediatric Dentists say that sucking on a pacifier can not cause long term damage in children under the age of four. Some children have so much going on in their little lives that they need some security, and maybe this is Ryder’s need for security. His mom is always on the go, and we usually see Kate and Ryder together a LOT, without Chris present. Maybe Kate feels bad and just wants her son to be happy. Who knows, maybe he never took a pacifier until Kate stopped breastfeeding. Some babies operate that way, some don’t. He’ll give it up when he’s ready. Hopefully by the age of four.

GrietjeV on

I, personally, don’t care for hair that long on a little boy any more than I care for the long hair on his father, but to each his own. But, what does concern me is that he seems to constantly have his binky in his mouth – or at least he does in most of the pictures that are published. My sister let her little boy have his binky until he was past two. His teeth formed in an arch in the exact shape of the binky nipple. When the pediatrician saw it, he hit the roof and said the binky had to go. Even though they were baby teeth, the pressure could still affect the permanent teeth forming beneath the gumline. My sister felt horrible for what happened with his teeth, but she was so distraught about taking it away sooner because she couldn’t stand to see him cry for it. Her fears turned out to be for naught; they had a couple of sleep-deprived nights, but he gave it up with little additional crying or asking for it in about a week.