Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin welcome a son!

04/10/2006 at 11:07 AM ET

Chris_gwyneth773_1_1 Update: confirms the news.  Gwyneth’s rep told them the baby’s name is Moses Martin, after the song Moses that Chris wrote for Gwyneth in 2003. The baby was born at Mt. Sinai hospital in New York City. No word on middle names yet, but we’re hearing Bruce Anthony after Gwyneth and Chris’ fathers. (You may remember Apple’s middle names are Blythe and Alison after their mothers).

Entertainment Tonight confirms the news. Details to come.

One of our sources tells us that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin welcomed a son today.  Baby Boy Martin joins big sis Apple, 23 months.

We are fairly certain his name is not Mortimer or Capone, two previously rumored picks.

We’ll post more information (and official confirmation) as soon as we get it!

Thanks also to CBB readers B, Molly, Bella, Jennifer, Kelly, and Tianndria, who had emailed us with Perez Hilton’s rumor as well. Name info thanks to I’mAGossip, Deanna, Lisa, Julie, Melanie, Kelly, Mary Beth, Linda, Randi, Rachel, Meagan, and Topaz.

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Candice on

Woohoo! That’s great! I’m excited for them.

That little boy will be adorable!

Rye on

wow…i am surprised…i thought she would have another girl! What’s with all the baby boys being born to all the big stars? haha. I hope someone big has a baby girl soon! πŸ™‚ This must be the year of baby boys.

gracegirl06 on

Yay! That’s so great!
I agree Rye it does seem like a year of boys – just in my circle of friends there have been 3 boys since January! I’m the only one in the group who has had a girl this year!!
I so hope they name him something like “Plum”, that would be great or if they don’t go totally unusal they choose Bruce after her dad!!

Scarlett on

I am so excited to find out what his name is! I hope it’s not normal! πŸ˜€

lilytornado on

Wow that’s great. Im exited,too to hear his name. When I first read the post, I saw Baby Martin, and my first thought was: Really? His name is Martin Martin? No, that one, I wouldn’t have expected!;-))

erin on

Awww! I can’t wait to hear the name they picked!

brooke7502 on

that’s wonderful news! i thought she’d have another girl, too. she did say she’d love for apple to have a brother. and i think i remember her saying she’d name her son “bruce” if she had one. i guess we’ll find out soon enough.

brooke7502 on

that’s wonderful news! i thought she’d have another girl, too. she did say she’d love for apple to have a brother. and i think i remember her saying she’d name her son “bruce” if she had one. i guess we’ll find out soon enough.

OoSpoiled1 on

I’m not sure that I think they’ll give the name Bruce as a first name … I’m thinking she may use it as a middle name instead.

Congrats to the Martins!

Maggie L. on

How does not have this???

amelie on

It looks like he was born in New York, by planned c-section, according to Perez Hilton and here:

KrisGams on

Considering that Apple was named after both of her grandmothers, I am going to predict that the new baby will have William and or Anthony in his name, after Gwyneth and Chris’s fathers.

joy on

I had a feeling it was a boy! congrats to them both I can’t wait to see what name they chose! I’m still holding out for a vegatable!

jnputam on

On they are saying the baby’s name is Moses Martin

em0712 on says the new baby boy’s name is Moses. I wish the Martin family all the best. I am sure he is a beautiful baby.

Andi on

Moses oh ok
Does anyone know when he was born?

Kat_Momof3 on

Well, I loved the name Apple… and I think Gwyneth has impecible taste… I’m so happy for them and their new baby. I’m sure Apple will be a great big sister and that the new baby will be as cute as she is and that they will both grow to be as beautiful and handsome as their parents.

As for what name I think would be interesting… how about Zucchini?

happymom on

ET is reporting they named him Moses.

BabyBliss on

They seem to be going with a biblical theme in their children’s names…Apple, Moses.

Candice on

Oooh, I like the name! Not too common, but not too odd.

And I agree with everyone else, it’s definately been a year of boys. Someone needs to have a girl…and soon!

Candice on

Oh, one more thing:

I feel silly asking this, since I grew up in Church, but how is Apple a Biblical name?

Liz on

i guess the apple from garden of eden?

BabyBliss on

Yes, the apple from Eve and the garden of Eden. Gwyneth also told Oprah it was one of the reasons she picked the name Apple. Here’s the quote from “It conjured such a lovely picture for me – you know, apples are so sweet and they’re wholesome and it’s biblical – and I just thought it sounded so lovely and … clean,” Paltrow told Winfrey. “And I just thought, ‘Perfect!'”

erin on

Awww such a cute name!

Moonmoth on

Moses? Apple & Moses? I know Gwyneth is half jewish, but Moses is such an unfortunate name for a sweet little teeny tiny baby. It’s definitely more of a name for a middle aged media mogul (Moses Znaimer) or someone who’s going to read the ten commandments on top of Mount Sinai.

fumar on

I’m so happy for them! They seem to be a really nice couple.

At first I though Apple was odd, but not as odd as some celebrity baby names. Now I think it’s cute. And as for the name Moses? I think it’s great, at least it’s a name and not an object!

Congartulations to them.

Courtney on

I think its an adorable name….and wouldn’t be surprised if they end up calling him “Mo”……

vanessa on

Congrats two both of them! Hope the little baby boy will have curls like his father has.
When it comes to the name, I would say it’`s quite unusual for a little boy, but kind of sweet. And as a true “Coldplay”-fan I know the song Moses. They named him after the song, because Chris Martin wrote the song for Gwyneth and it is such a lovely song. If you transfer the song to the baby I`m sure he will always know how much his parents love him!!!

joy on

hmmm I am mixed on the name. I hated Apple but it grew on me so I guess Moses will too (not that it has to either). It would of been cute if it was a girl and they named her Eden and had a Apple and Eden! I am really happy they had a boy though. It’s nice to have that “rich man’s” family.

lolasmummy on

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum…

I was so surprised that Gwyneth had the baby already – how far along was she!? Didn’t she just announce her pregnancy in January? I have not even seen any pictures of her looking heavily pregnant. (Not like Katie Holmes, poor girl, but I digress…) Anyway I thought it was curious, but haven’t heard anything about the baby being premature.

Oh and I was just reading an article about Gwyneth and Chris (dated today, 04/10/06) and the article stated that she was 5 months pregnant. Hmmm…..

gracegirl06 on

Cute Name…I still think they should have gone with something like “Plum” or “Artichoke” (they could have called hime Artie, now that would have been cute!!)

angelatbone on

I’m not so sure about the name. I think the following quote from the velvet hot tub is kind a funny

β€œAccording to the Hebrew Bible, Moses led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt and into the desert, and received the Torah of Judaism from God on Mount Sinai.” However it is more likely that the second coming of Moses will entail failure as both an actor and musician, culminating in a moderately successful VH1 reality TV show.

Rye on

I dont know how I feel about the name either. I knew a kid in school name Moses but no one knew him by that name-people just called him “MO” but he got it bad early in school being called “Ho-Mo” all the time and what not (kids are mean-I never teased him!) So I am not sure about it. I bet it grows on me just like Apple did though. I think it is cute that they named him after the song Chris Martin wrote for Gwyneth though. At least it is a meaningful name with some background. On the other topic…I wonder which celeb will break the “baby boy” cycle….Maybe Gwen Stefani? Is she the last BIG celebrity pregnant at the moment? I am talking “A” list celebs. Oh well…I know a few people who had babies this year-all boys! It’s crazy! haha. Where are all the little girls at? heehee. πŸ™‚

joy on

LOL @ Gracie!

Welcome Lolasmummy….I was a little confused myself bc I thought she was do after Angelina and Katie. Maybe she through the media off so she could have a “private” birth.

As far as celebs I hope Angie pulls out a girl…Katie I don’t really care….oh and Gwen has stated she’d like a son but I see her more with a little girl.

Principesa on

Beautiful people breeding children with silly names.

At least Moses is somewhat benign.

Oye vey.

Anna Kate on

What’s with all the comments, “I thought she’d have a girl?” I for one am happy that Gwyneth now has one of each!

Also, “Apple” isn’t necessarily from the Bible.. when it talks about the Garden of Eden, it just says, “fruit,” it probably wasn’t an apple.

brave on

beautiful name. we know lots of boys, all of whom started out as tiny babies, named Moses or Moshe (the hebrew spelling).

Autumn on

I just read that Gwyneth might’ve given birth to baby Moses in the Mount Sinai hospital in New York. If so, how appropriate! lol!

Kat_Momof3 on

I love the name Moses… it’s very adorable.

Old-fashioned, but not too common… I think it is perfect… and I hope they did with the grandfather’s names for him what they did with the grandmothers’ names for Apple.