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04/06/2006 at 10:37 AM ET

UPDATE: Here is a workaround to the TypeKey problem that auditioning CBB contributor Krisin told me about.  It works for me.

If you  have followed our previous instructions and still can’t post comments, after signing in to TypeKey, look at the address bar on your browser, and see if the web address says http://www.celebrity-babies.com/whatever_the_topic_is?commenter=your_username (where your_user name is YOUR username on TypeKey). If it says that (as it should if you successfully signed in), erase the part where it says ?commenter=your_username and hit enter.  The page will reload and you should see the area to type your comment.   You may need to do this each time you want to comment.

Let us know if this works for you!  (If not, unfortunately, we don’t know what else to tell you to do!)


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cavy on

I tried to do the insturctions above using Microsoft Explorer, and it still didn’t work. I tried using Netscape and when it worked without doing the insructions above. So, I guess for me the instructions above didn’t work when I used Internet Explorer. I hopet this helps.

Majbritt on

I usually can’t comment, but just tried with the instructions mentioned and it doesn’t work either (I use IE).
I can comment when using Mozilla Firefox though 🙂

Majbritt 🙂

Nineveh on

I also use InternetExplorer. What I usually do is click on “sign in”, then I sign in (if I don’t get redirected to the site rightaway) and then when I’m back on the page I want to leave a comment on, the comment box is not there yet. So I hit Refresh and it appears.

I don’t have to change the link in the addressbar. The link up there looks like this right now:

isabella10 on

Woohoo…I can FINALLY comment!! Been trying for months! I think IE was the problem….I can sign in fine on Mozilla

Candice on

I tried it, and it doesn’t work.

I can sign in fine with Firefox, but not with Internet Explorer. IE is my default browser, so it’s a little incovenient having to wipe the dust of Fx when I want to comment.

Traci on

Yeah! Thanks. Looks like Mozilla is the way to go…if I want to comment on this board. Otherwise I always use IE. 🙂

Corriev on

OH MY GOSH! I can comment! It has been months. I had given up! Thanks to everyone who said that it would work with Firefox…I tried it and it works (duh, that is why I’m commenting!). I tried all of the instructions and tricks with IE and it wouldn’t work. This is it! Thanks.

Dakota on

Haha! I’ve been trying for months to be able to comment, finally can! Neat 🙂

erin on

I use IE and I can comment…what I had to do was add http://www.typekey.com to a “safe list” in my internet options…those who are still having problems with commenting on IE might try that.

hermowninny on

Unbelievable! FINALLY I CAN COMMENT!!! I really didn’t think I was ever going to be able to…

Danielle, please tell everyone that it’s Internet Explorer! Mozilla Firefox works fine and apparently, so does Netscape.

Queen of Randomness on

I use IE and I haven’t had any problems signing in. Typekey is listed on my safe sites list like Erin said though so maybe have people try that. Before that I used to have to click sign in twice, once to actually sign in then again when I was redirected back here to get the comment box to appear.

Jeani on

I use IE (and always have) and I have never had a problem commenting. I dont think the problem necessarily has to do with IE (at least not completely).

gracegirl06 on

The new steps still didn’t work for me in internet explorer – but thanks to the helpful comments posted I was able to find mozilla firefox and can now comment! yay! Mozilla Firefox only took about 10 minutes to download and it’s WAY better than IE!!! 🙂

BabyBliss on

Mozilla Firefox is the way to go! Thanks for all the comments, I am glad I found it. Now I can comment!