Tom Cruise picks up a pacifier, and it's not for the TomKitten…

04/06/2006 at 05:06 PM ET

by auditioning CBB contributor Kristin

Star Magazine’s ‘Ready to POP!’ issue has reported that Tom Cruise visited his orthodontists office yesterday, to pick up a personalized pacifier for fiance, Katie Holmes. Supposedly, a source close to the couple has said, "He commissioned an adult-sized ‘binky’ for her to clench between her teeth, hoping that it’ll squelch her screams." The pacifier is said to be molded to the shape of Katie’s teeth.

Who comes up with this stuff, and do people actually believe it?

Source: Star Magazine and


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gargoylegurl on

An adult pacifier? OMG!

I used to really like Tom Cruise but the more I read – and yes I realize a lot of it is probably exaggerated or untrue – the more I’m starting to think he’s a complete nut and a control freak! His actions over the past year, like the Oprah couch jumping, his attack on Matt Lauer and Brooke Shields, and all the “gag me with a spoon” public displays of affection, have done nothing to help. Maybe he is just crazy in love and all the Scientology stuff has been blown out of proportion, but when you handle yourself in the manner that he has of late, I think he’s partly to blame.

I much prefer the more dignified and private Tom of the past. Nicole must be counting her blessings to be out of it! lol

HotSalsa05 on

It was a while ago but Tom was on Ellen (While she was not on set yet she had an Ellen cam) and Ellen ran into Tom and Katie. She (Ellen) asked if she could babysit when the baby comes and Tom said “Yeah sure I’ll just drop HER off” and laughed then changed the subject.

HotSalsa05 on

It was a while ago but Tom was on Ellen (While she was not on set yet she had an Ellen cam) and Ellen ran into Tom and Katie. She (Ellen) asked if she could babysit when the baby comes and Tom said “Yeah sure I’ll just drop HER off” and laughed then changed the subject.

joy on

yeah I heard about this. I think it might be true but coming from the source maybe it’s not. I can’t wait til this baby comes so hopefully they’ll go into hiding and never come out!

FC on

What in the hell? God, here I thought I’d heard everything when it came to TomKat/TomKitten. An adult pacifier for Katie to use to quell her screams? I’d spit it out at his face/head and scream if I had to. He’s not the one going through pain to begin with.

LOL, this stuff just get crazier and crazier.

GrietjeV on

Is there anything in Katie’s life that Tom doesn’t control? This whole situation makes me mad and sad. And now a little baby is being brought into the whole sordid mess. I fear for that baby’s emotional well-being. Money doesn’t buy happiness and it doesn’t buy sanity, either.

Lore on

Tom is busy promoting his new movie which comes out in May. Katie will have just given birth so I doubt she and the baby will be traveling with him as she did last year for War of the Worlds. Maybe while he is gone her family will intervene and she will escape. Tom admitted recently that his father was brutal to him so maybe that is why he is a control freak. He definitely has issues. Run Katie Run!!!

joy on

I think Katie should stick the pacifier up Tom’s ass and call it a day *giggles*

maria on

Poor Tom. I fell sorry for him some dumbass beleive that crap.

You should be ashamed to write such offensive rumors and comments.

gargoylegurl on

LOL to your comment Joy!!! 8)

Layla's Mommy on

I don’t really believe this one and I really hope it is false for Katie’s sake. I think Tom is totally insane and I hope Katie knows to save herself and her child ASAP. I know he will do a TON of travling for his movie and I really hope he dosn’t intend to drag her and the baby around the world like he has done recently while she is very pregnant. He seems very selfish and self involved. You know, everyone has said forever that Tom is the ultimate movie star because he has all of this charisma. I think the problem with him is he is starting to belive his own hype and is letting it get out of control. He is no longer the humble quiet person he was. It makes me sad because this is an entity was created by the public and by the industry. He has already started to destroy himself, I really hope Katie and TomKitten don’t get sucked down with him.

Candice on

That’s so insane. I won’t even let myself believe it. Tom is a nutball, but I can’t believe he would do something so creepy.

gracegirl06 on

It gets more insane by the minute! I hope it isn’t true. If it is, when is katie going to wake up and leave that crazy man!?!? Hopefully soon!

barbi808 on

This Scientology thing is ridiculous….before
I commented on this blog, I thought I’d better
do my research…so I read some things about Scientology so I could find out for myself. Well, I found out that aside from being silent during childbirth…you should even refrain from talking, touching, even cleaning the infant. And even crazier…they discourage you from breastfeeding!! Saying that you should feed the infant barley or wheat tea…and supplement that with corn syrup or even honey….which hello?! causes botulism!! Those people are crazy!!