Kelly Preston talks about her Scientology births

04/06/2006 at 10:09 AM ET

by auditioning CBB contributor Kristin

All of this talk about Katie Holmes having to keep silent during birth has inspired Scientology celebs Kelly Preston and John Travolta to speak up. Kelly gave birth "scientologically" to son Jett and daughter Ella Blue. Kelly has made it clear that, "Screaming is fine… it’s the words. If you can avoid saying certain phrases and words…. just try to keep as quiet as possible. Of course you’re going to groan and yell. It hurts. Just keep it to a minimum."

Husband John Travolta added, "There are unwanted emotions and pain that goes along with any birth."

Both Kelly and John feel that Katie should follow the scientological birthing plan as best as she can. They feel that the birth should be as peaceful as possible, so that there are no negative long-term effects on the baby.

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jaQinthebox on

honestly, it’s best to keep screaming to a minimum anyhow– it’s a major energy sucker, so I really only moaned, myself. it’s nice all this is coming out lately, when they first announced “silent birth” it sure sounded harsh!

krewcat on

ok..I remember a long long time ago when Jett was born they were in people magazine on the cover. I absolutly remember her saying that the goal was complete silence…That everyone, including her should be silent. I was about 20-21 at the time and it stuck with me because my friend was having a baby at the time and I wondered if silence was even possible. Jett is like 9 or 10 now I guess…but boy that article stuck with me…LOL

joy on

I think I am getting tired of celebs and their “scientology” ways.

women SCREAM if ya have to!

FC on

Jett’s actually thirteen now. I remember them mentioning an eight year difference between him and Ella. 🙂

But now that they’ve explained the whole “silent” birth of Scientology, it doesn’t sound as harsh as it first did. Not making any noise when it hurts like hell sometimes didn’t make any sense to me. I just couln’t see anyone being silent. If it just means trying not to use words, I wish they would’ve said so in the first place. ^_^

karennnnn on

I’m glad that they’ve clarified that making noise is alright and expected.
HOWEVER… I would imagine that putting limits on what kind of noise you can make and what you can say would cause stress during labor.
Who wants to be concentrating on what you’re not “allowed” to do during a natural birth? Or any birth for that matter!!
Labor and birth are so unpredictable and no holds barred.
I had what could be considered a “scientology” birth with my 9 month old. Home birth with a midwife, went awesomely. When it was all over I realized that the whole time no one really said a word, it was dark and quiet and I just did what I had to do to be where I needed to be to birth my baby.
But if I had signs up in my bedroom reminding me (or anyone else for that matter) how to act, I think it might have caused my body to shut down making a natural birth stressful and difficult.
I suppose if you’re really devout to scientology it may not hinder you. But everyone is wondering if Katie is really on board with all of this or just trying to please her man. It makes me sad to think that she might be forced into this. Having a baby is the most important day of your life and having someone else take control of it can be devastating. But, no one will ever really know what’s really going on, so I guess we can just entertain ourselves by speculating and hope for the best.
Everything aside, I hope she gets to experience what I did. There’s nothing like an empowering birth!!

Maggie L. on

I really like that John and Kelly aren’t so in -your-face about being Scientologists. Although I don’t remember when Jett was born, around the time Ella made her debut, I never heard anyone making a big deal about Kelly having a silent birth.
I definitley give everyone involved credit for being steadfast in their religion but the Travoltas are more realistic and frank and it is appreciated.

Charlaurz McHall on

Are all scientologists crazy???

check, this out!

rachel on

to Charlaurz:


Does that happen to be your little blog?
How quaint.

And to Krewcat:

The goal would be absolute silence. Very similar to a Bradley birth. It is not likely it is going to happen, but it is the goal. I have a friend with 3 children, she is a scientologist and used the bradley birth method for all her children, and with the second she maintained silence throughout, but not with the other 2. All births are different and all women are different. It is a lot easier on the mother and child if the birthing area is as silent and calm as possible, and according to the Bradley Method it is better for the mother to maintain silence and not to tense up – I couldn’t do that but some women can. I know very few mothers who were silent throughout childbirth.

gargoylegurl on

I sure as heck wasn’t silent during the 24 hour delivery of my son! If I’d had posters around the room reminding me how to behave, I probably would have gotten up off that bed and ripped them off the walls! lol

To each their own, but what bugs me is that Tom seems to be so “shove it down your throat opinionated”…I just hope that Katie is doing things the way she truly wants it and not letting Scientology or Tom influence her. She is a lot younger than Tom, and after seeing the way that he attacked Matt Lauer last year, I can imagine he’s quite forceful and dominant during a debate or argument. Katie strikes me as being the more quiet, mild mannered type. I just hope she isn’t being bullied. Of course this is all speculation and we don’t really know what’s going on in their relationship, but the whole thing strikes me as odd. Tom seems to have really changed since getting with Katie. He was much more dignified and private when he was with Nicole. In my opinion he is starting to hurt his image & possibly his career. He’s getting that “whacky celeb” element to him. It also annoys me that he seems to fancy himself as quite the expert on several female issues – giving birth and post-partem depression. Reading a few books doesn’t make him an expert…

And he accused Matt Lauer of being “glib” *rolls eyes*

krewcat on

OMG jett is 13…dang NOW I feel old..ROFL

atsirk17 on

Um, what the heck does John Travolta mean when he says, “There are unwanted emotions and pain that goes along with any birth.”? I would like to know what ANY man knows about giving birth and the pain involved? Please. And all this Scientology birthing stuff…why don’t we all just quit trying to figure it out and let people have their babies any way they want to – strange, normal, at home, hospital, in water, whatever – as long as the baby and mother are safe, let it be. It’s all relative to each individual anyway!

Mrs. McGraw on

I know I’m absolutely scarred for life with the way my mom yelled while pushing me out.