Heath wants five more children

04/06/2006 at 07:00 AM ET

Sc160669 Heath Ledger has revealed that he wants five more children! Heath is the proud father of five month old daughter Matilda Rose with fiancee Michelle Williams. Heath explains his logic: "Six. That’s close to the figure we’re talking about! We feel like it’s ideal. That’s like our magic number."

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rachel on

Good Luck to them! Whenever I tell anyone that I want a big family, they usually say “You’ll have two and decide it’s too much!” or something of the sort. I still want 3 or 4.

krewcat on

I have 3 and we are trying for #4…I like the idea of having a large family. I would like to have 5-6 but man when you start paying 5k-6k a year for tuition for each child you realize how much these kids can cost…LOL…

Cool for them if that’s what they want!

joy on

For any celeb I think you find it easy to do that bc you have the money but I don’t hold my breath when it comes to celeb couples and them remaining together.

I don’t think anyone can truly really afford kids but you have them anyways and get by one day at a time. But a lot of people don’t think long term. Proms, colleges, weddings, etc etc! Kids burn a whole right through your pocket!

FC on

I want children of my own, but even I can’t see myself having more than two. I don’t want that many. My grandmother has five and I don’t know how she did it. But I don’t want any more than 1 or 2, then I’ll be done.

Good luck to Heath and Michelle on that little quest.

lucylucuk on

I’m expecting No.7 next month and too be honest I dont think it’s as bad as what most people imagine it to be. The only thing I can moan about it the amount of washing they create!

isabella10 on

I am expecting baby #5…less than a year after giving birth to identical twin boys. Of course we have nannies to help out when needed (although I like being with my 4 24/7…and often have to because I breastfeed 3). Good luck to Heath and Michelle!

joy on

wow 3. where you going to fit the other one? Good luck!

I want 2 only cause I believe that’s all the patience I’ll have left! One to make mistakes on and the other to finally get it right! hehe

isabella10 on

haha..I know! I am trying to slowly stop my 2nd oldest from nursing…we had 3 of our 4 in quick succession….my husband is 22 years older and he wanted kids before he was too old to play with them. I keep reminding him that he already is really old:D It’s been pretty tiring to be consistently nursing and/or pregnant but I wouldn’t change any of this for the world! I had my first at 15 though so I’d probably change when I had them!

isabella10 on

If this one’s a girl, we want to name her Lucy. My mother is Indian (as in from India)and dad is American so I have an English name and an Indian name—Isabella Anjuli. In keeping with this tradition, each of our kids has an English name and an Indian name. Not sure what this baby’s Indian name will be!

BTW, I come from a large family…my mother had 10 of us! I am the youngest and only girl…the next oldest is 7 years older to me. Needless to say I was bullied by the boys…but being daddy’s little princess made up for it! I can see my daughter Niki (who is our oldest and only girl so far) also enjoying the attention her daddy showers on her. I am a little afraid of how she is going to react to possibly having another girl to “compete” with! She’s been fine with the boys—she’s tired of them because they are too little to play with her but I think a girl will change things!

How did some of you, if any, deal with this?

Candice on

I agree that it’s really not as hard as people make it out to be. My parents had 6 children and seemed to get by quite well. They own their home, are almost completely debt free (and believe you me, they didn’t have nearly as much money as the Ledger’s have!), and for the most part, they’re still sane even after the stress that two boys and four girls indubitably caused them.

I’m sure sometimes they probably wish that they didn’t have so many kids (Imagine the headaches my mother must have had, trying homeschooling all six of us!), but I think for the most part, they’re glad that they did. After all, they’ve got 5 (almost 6) grandchildren to spoil, and that’s only from my oldest brother and sister. Just imagine when the rest of us start having kids. Oh the fun my parents will have! 😉

Anyways, good luck to Heath and Michelle. May God bless them as they build their family.

joy on

Wow Isabella! sounds like you got your hands full! I couldn’t imagine at 23 having a baby. okay I could but I’d have to be really committed! hehe

I know someone that had 3 kids by 22 and one that had 3 by 18 (one set of twins). I couldn’t imagine giving up my childhood/teenage years to be a mother. But it sounds like you got a good man behind you. I can’t answer your question for I don’t have kids but I am sure that your daughter will adjust to either a new brother or sister. The older she gets the more she might not feel she has to “compete” for attention for she won’t feel she needs it as much. Good luck to you!

isabella10 on

Yup…that’s me for ya….turning 20 in Oct:S