Katie Holmes: Almost there

04/05/2006 at 07:30 PM ET

Katie Holmes is [insert about-to-pop joke here]. 

Photos from yesterday- Angle A (People.com), Angle B- is that for real? (PerezHilton.com) and Angle C (actually multiple angles) (JustJared.com).  Angle B looks like a wind blew up her shirt. 

Thanks to CBB readers Deanna, Marie, Toni, Ariana, Lauren, and Mary Beth.

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Nineveh on

Good heavens, you might want to put a warning sticker on angle 2. Wow, she seems so much bigger than in that pic of her walking by herself after her babyshower a week or so ago.

Shannon on

Tom and Katie announed the pregnancy on october 5 ( http://people.aol.com/people/articles/0,19736,1073518_1114381,00.html ). So this means, if they announced the pregnancy when she was exactly 3 months, her due is approximatley today (of course it depends on her cycle etc) – but at the least this/last week.

On the picture note…hmm…the one from People looks believable and realistic but the one from the side looks like it has been photoshopped (in my opinion, cause i think the belly is all real) cause i have never seen a pregnant belly photo looking like that unless you are having twins – we can pretty much 99% say that “Kate” isn’t.

So supposedly 3 months along ( http://celebrity.aol.com/people/ataol/galleries/0,19884,1113984_12,00.html ) and 9 months along ( http://www.perezhilton.com/topics/katie_holmes/katie_holmes_keeps_it_fake_real_20060405.php#comments ).

I just hope for her sake, that she has the baby soon, she can’t be too comfortable, at all!!

Nineveh on

Somebody at JustJared (Who has lots more pics of this) said there is a video of this “incident”. But I don’t know where.

erin on

I’m sorry, I don’t know much about pregnancy and the body and stuff, but that’s not normal lol It definitely looks fake to me, the way its jutting out like a plank

kristen on

I agree that the “angle B” shot looks like the wind caught up under her shirt. If you look at the other pics on Just Jared of that angle she doesn’t look quite so big, lol. But I know that my belly was poking way out by the time I was 40 weeks with my kiddos so it doesn’t seem unusual to me that she’s popped out quite a bit.

Somebody on one of the other sites said it wasn’t natural that she only had a belly and hadn’t gained weight elsewhere but I was the same way. My hubby joked you couldn’t tell I was preggers from the back. I can’t wait to see if their babe is a boy or girl!

Layla's Mommy on

That weird looking belly is deffinately all her! If you look at this pic…
You can see her belly button. I think she just dropped funny and it all ended up in front. I think she looks beautiful. I feel bad that she has to be preggers by such a weirdo. Hopefully if they break up he won’t be a freak and try to keep the kid for himself. At least she will have a beautiful presious baby out of it (Oh and that ring too! OMG).

joy on

okay I don’t find that stomach to look real however I wouldn’t trust places like perez or justjared to not mess around (photoshop) their images. It doesn’t look like wind though. I don’t buy that. I don’t know. Never have I found her pregnancy to be of the normal. But I find it hard to “fake” a pregnancy. I guess Tom’s out of the country searching for their “child” 😉

Brittany on

Woah! That belly looks weird! I was thinking maybe she already had the baby and just put a pillow or something there to give herself some privacy but you can see her belly button so I guess not.

krewcat on

I think its the wind in angle b, if you look at the other pics on JJ you can tell that there is a difference. I hope she hurries up and has the kid…I wanna know what the name is…LOL

pg on

I think that second angle was definitely helped out a little by the wind, lol. Although I think it’s a little odd that she’s so dang huge now when she was so small before. But whatever. I’m done speculating on it. The truth will come out soon enough.

Also, the torpedo belly thing DOES happen. Here’s proof (this is me at 39 weeks pregnant with a normal 7-pound baby) http://burning-phoenix.com/pictures/39wks1.jpg

zsmom on

I have to agree with krewcat – I met a friend’s sister for the first time at a Christmas party – she was due the next week and her belly stuck straight out in front just like that. The shirt she was wearing was stretched across her belly and I swear it looked like her belly was square!

I didn’t drop until right before my dd was born. Never had the torpedo belly though.

crzymaid on

The video is at: http://www.splash-video.com/index2.pgi
click on the video icon below the login area and you will go to a page with a bunch of different videos, including KH leaving Barneys BH. I think the scepticism comes mostly from the way she gets into the car. My sister’s pregnancy weight was all boobs and belly, nothing else, when she was pregnant twice and she certainly couldn’t get into a car like that a month or a day before she delivered either baby.

jaQinthebox on

WOW. I’m 37 weeks and I only wish I could move as freely as that.
She announced her pregnancy when I was 11 weeks or so, and I thought sure she’s have hers before me. Maybe not? Poor girl must be miserable.

pg on

Wow, she does look pretty effortless there. But she also has years of practice keeping her poise in front of cameras, so that’s probably what it is.

Danielle, CBB Editor on

She could be overdue. I felt like I couldn’t possibly get bigger and then I did. And then I did again!

One of my friends floated the idea that she could be carrying twins but I think you get HUGE when you have twins and Katie only seems normal huge.

I can’t believe people (not here- on Perez and Jared’s sites) are still refuting that she’s actually pregnant. You can be pregnant and not waddle (I didn’t) and you can be pregnant and not get huge everywhere else (although Katie’s face has changed a little and she HAS gained weight elsewhere- if we’re lucky she will keep some of that after the baby).

pg on

LOL, I don’t think she looks NEAR big enough to be carrying twins.

Autumn on

Some people on other boards are saying that they think Katie already had her baby back in February, and the pics now are just to serve two purposes:
1. To make everyone believe that Tom’s the father. (Hey if she got pregs before they offically started dating, then it could be possible it was someone else.)

2. To make more press/excitement for Tom’s MI III premiere. (Just watch, Katie’s baby will be “born” during the premiere of the movie, no matter when in April it occurs.)