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04/04/2006 at 02:57 PM ET

Pregnant Mira Sorvino gives daughter Mattea Angel, 17 months, a shoulder ride last Friday. Baby number two is due around June, and Mira and Chris don’t want to learn the sex until the delivery.

Angelina and Maddox, 4, leave a Parisian toy store on Friday. Baby is believed to be due next month – no word on the sex. More pics from the toy store here. Just Jared also has more photos of Angelina and Maddox returning home on Sunday – Maddox has his face painted and is wearing red nail polish!

Chris Robinson and Kate Hudson take Ryder Russell out for a stroll in NYC’s Meatpacking District on Friday. Ryder, who just turned 2 in January, enjoys his binky and Bugaboo. Just Jared has many more pics as well.

Sarah Jessica Parker and son James Wilke, almost 3 1/2, were spotted at the playground and enjoying an Italian Ice in SoHo on Sunday.

Thanks to CBB readers Deanna, Mary Beth, Ariana, Bella, and auditioning contributor Kristin.

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joy on

well cute pics all around even though I saw them already. However, I know the whole binky/pacifier things been brought up but did anyone catch James with one in his mouth? at 3 1/2 I find it ridiculous to shove a binky in a child’s mouth. Even Ryder is getting to that age where it should be limited. And I notice everytime I see Ryder he has the same one in his mouth!! Which is kinda funny considering my niece and nephews lose a binky a day!!

And I believe Maddox had his nails and face painted for a photoshoot. I still don’t get why at 7 months old she would be lifting him and carrying him around. Oh well I guess he’ll always be his mamma’s boy.

Kresta on

I agree, while the children are cute, it doesn’t look cute to see children of this age with dummies(pacifiers) stuck in their mouths. It seems to be a lazy way to shut a whining child up. If they are tired, then take them home and put them down for a nap. And Maddox looks to be a healthy boy. He doesn’t need to be carried by his frail mother. Let him walk.

joy on

I nanny for a 15 month old who LOVES her binky but we don’t give it to her just bc. Usually whens she tired or she’s hurt herself she wants it for comfort. But I don’t plan on letting her have it after the age of 2 (of course when she’s with her mother and father it might be different). I think most children just need it for comfort and by the time they are atleast 3 they should be able to comfort themselves without a pacifier, blanket, toy etc.

Autumn on

Yeah I agree with most of you on the whole binky/fooler/pacifer issue. Definitely James, and even Rider, shouldn’t be dependent on one anymore especially since they’re 2.5 and 3.5 years old! It could ruin their teeth, and even if they currently have “only” their baby teeth, those are still important.

(As far as blankies, I remember back years ago my mom babysat a little girl who at 3 yrs old still liked her blankie, so I guess to each their own.)

I do think that James’ little Beatles jacket was cute. I wonder where SJP bought one in her son’s size?

As far as kids getting carried, did you mean AJ carrying Maddox (who’s 4) or Mira carrying Mattea (who’s 17 months)? At these stages in their pregnancies, either expectant mother probably shouldn’t be carrying their older children as well, however I do think that Maddox definitely should walk on his own, and does anymore from most of the pics I’ve seen lately.

krewcat on

Call me an absolute horrible mother…my oldest daughter was 2 months shy of 4 before she gave up her binky….now mostly it was at night but there were times she would find one and stick it in her mouth in public…but you know what…no one knew what we were doing to try to get her to give it up…just like we dont knows what they are doing. It’s not any of my business and the sun will still set if the kid has a binky.(Oh, and I missed the pics of anyone “shoving it” in their mouths..:)

Oh and another note to add to the ‘I’m a horrible mother” catagory….I carried my children while I was very pregnant with their siblings. I especially identify with Mira because my 1st 2 were 18 months apart and then I had a 3rd 14 months after that.
You really can’t tell a child “Sorry , I can’t hold you because I’m pregnant.” They don’t understand and to me it felt like I was not fulfilling my job as a mom to hold and comfort them or play with them.

Anyway, its like a catch 22 sometimes…someone will always have something to say about the way someone else parents.

Just my 2 cents, which I hardly ever leave at the table..:)

krewcat on

….”It seems to be a lazy way to shut a whining child up. If they are tired, then take them home and put them down for a nap.”….

Um, well all I have to say is that is a HUGE generalzation as my kids since the day they were born took 2-3 hour naps every day and are in bed by 7pm. When my older one had a binky it wasn’t about being tired. It was about the habit and the oral fixation. I never used it to shut up a whining child..and to call a parent lazy is just rude. Not many parents who have 3 under 3 years old are “lazy”.

rachel on

Umm…on the Angelina carrying Maddox thing…we only see her carrying him because she is being photographed like that. If I had tons of papparazzi around me and my children, I’d sure as heck be carrying them to. We don’t know what she does when they are not around, do we? Just a thought.

Jeani on

Personally I can’t stand seeing “older” kids running around with a pacifier in their mouth. My daughter, who is 18-1/2 months old, has one and always has, but she only gets it when she is going to sleep or is sleeping, and she is not allowed to have it at any other times. She never runs around with it. She doesn’t even mind. If she sees it she will take it and put it in her mouth, but I take it away from her, and she is okay with that.

As for always carrying Maddox, if I were trying to fight off the papparazzi, I would probably be inclined to carry him too, not only to better protect him and keep an eye on him, but anyone who has kids knows they do not always walk very fast or where you want them to. Sometimes it is just faster and easier to carry them.

joy on

It’s funny she’s seen carrying Maddox this time when you never see her carrying Z (Brad always is). I think maddox looks sleepy and that may be a reason. I am not judging anyone and their parenting skills. Like someone said to each his own.

Personally I know what a struggle it is with the whole binky thing. But one things for sure….out of sight – out of mind. If the baby doesn’t see it usually she doesn’t whine for it but as soon as she catches a glimpse of it she immediately whines for it. I know that its going to be a struggle to get her to give it up esp. at nap and bedtime but I’m not concerned (I’m also not her mother so that’s up to her not me) but if I were a mom I’d make sure that my child realized that the bink is only for night night and maybe that will even help them to go to bed easier. Do what supernanny did (love that show) tell your children the binky fairy is coming for the binky’s to give to the babies and make it a fun game. We told my cousin at 3 that the trashmen were coming to take them for the babies and he thought that was cool (since he loved trash trucks) – he never asked for it ever again! So sometimes I do think it’s just one of those battles that parents don’t want to fight about but in the long run it’s probably for the better.

brooke7502 on

my son was 3 mos shy of his 3rd birthday when he gave it up for good. for the last year he had it, it was only at bedtime. it was the 4th of july, and he was so beat from staying up until the end of the show that he fell asleep without his binky. the next night i told him that if he can do it one night, he can do again. that worked, and he only asked for it a few times but i never gave in.

krewcat on

I forgot to add that Aly gave hers to Santa….who promply put them in a bag and then his assisted threw them away…LOL…of course she never saw it. Aly was like scary addicted. If it fell out in the middl eof the night she would wake up SCREAMING…..even at almost 4 years of age…

joy on

wow! I’d say she was binky addicted lol! truthfully I’d much rather my child take a pacifier then a thumb but I still hope that I won’t have troubles removing it. I hope my child only needs it for the first few months. My nephew took it for only a few months and then was done with it. I think he actually was tired of it always being shoved in his mouth that by the time he was 7 months he got pissed if you tried to give it to him!

krewcat on

LOL joy…My 2nd daughter is a thumb sucker and she is 3 and a half…I worry someday I will ahve to cut her thumb off…:)

And my 3rd daughter who is 2 and a half doesnt do a binky or a thumb..she just goes to sleep…but she has the attitude of a 13 year old…

I can never win…

joy on

hehe….that’s okay. They won’t be in college with thumbs and binky’s or lets hope! I do know a grown women who sucks her thumb *shakes head*

wow 3 girls! That’s a handful in itself. Are we hoping for a boy someday! 🙂