Looks like Gwen Stefani plans to breastfeed

04/04/2006 at 09:50 PM ET

PnsawebbreakoutwTMZ has a photo of Gwen Stefani checking out some Medela breastfeeding supplies in an Orange Country store.  According to them, she also purchased a breast pump.

I use the Medela Pump in Style Advance which is considered to be one of the best (non-hospital grade) electric pumps out there.  If I had Gwen’s money, though, I would spring for a hospital grade one.  They work better and faster than the Advance . 

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katie7487 on

but i thought that your daughter doesn’t take bottles? what do you do with your breast pump?

Danielle, CBB Editor on

Katie- Anya doesn’t take bottles but we keep trying anyway. We also try cups and spoon feeding. Also, once we start feeding her cereal, I will need expressed milk to mix with it.

Sarah CBB Editor on

She’s probably excited to have boobs for once in her life! I know I will be when I’m pregnant and nursing, lol.

tealou on

Well, not to be mean or anything, but I dont think there are many first time mothers that dont plan to breastfeed. Whether it happens or not is another story 🙂

Good luck Gwen!

Danielle, CBB Editor on

tealou- I think the big difference is that not every woman plans to breastfeed long. Most women who buy electric pumps are planning to go back to work. Pumping is arduous work and I really admire anyone who does it full-time.

Shannon on

My cousin had a baby with a cleft palet and lip and she had to pump as her little girl could suck and needed to be fed out of a special bottle. She really wanted her to have the breast milk so she pumped for her several times a day. She has now had her operation to fix her lip and mouth and last i heard my cousin was trying to get her to take it from its original source.

tealou on

Danielle, sure, I agree and my GAWD pumping is hard work. I know this as someone who was literally attached to a hospital grade pump for 4 weeks trying to get my supply up without success!

I was more responding to the headline, saying that I think a lot of pregnant women buy pumps thinking that they are going to need them. Most people are successful with planning and support, but, well, sometimes it doesnt work out. I am not calling Gwen naive as such, but just saying that I hope it works out for her.

I bought a $400 pump and wish I hadnt 🙂

brooke7502 on

i bought a relatively cheap pump. i knew i wanted to breastfeed – for however long i was able to manage. my son, however, had serious latch on problems that caused me to be in constant pain! so i resorted to pumping. i had no problems with it, but what’s a pain is how long it takes to fill up a 4 oz bottle! i thought it would go much faster than that. plus, your hand gets tired! lol..

heatherforever on

You don’t have to have hundreds of dollars worth of equipment to pump. I went back to work when my daughter was 7 weeks old, and have pumped every day with a $50 Avent manuel pump system. Many work places don’t have a room with an outlet for women to use to pump anyway. I have had to pump in storage closets, bathrooms, my car, ect.

And if *I* had Gwen Steffani’s money, I wouldn’t be worrying about buying the most expensive pump, I would be taking time off and actually breastfeeding (which i am sure is what she plans).

Danielle, CBB Editor on

Heather- I totally agree. But if you have tons of money and are buying a pump, why not buy the best one available? There’s nothing wrong with manual or electric ones but hospital grade are the ones lactation consultants recommend to women who are having supply issues, etc. and why not arm yourself with the best equipment if money is not an issue?

I am really glad we got the $300+ pump (actually it was a gift) because even though I don’t have to pump daily, it is SO much faster.

heatherforever on

Well, if I had the money, I would buy SEVERAL pumps, because not all women respond to the same pump.

And if I was concerned about supply, not just pumping for time away from the baby, I would hire a full time lactation consultant for the first weeks, since pumps are a very poor substitute for the baby actually nursing. A breast pump can never replicate an infant actually sucking, and will not stimulate your milk supply as well as a child can. 🙂

Moonmoth on

She should get an avent pump not medella.

DeviantMind on

That’s really awesome of her to try and breastfeed! Kudo’s to her. =)

rachel on

I totally agree that should should go with Avent and not Medela. I started with a Medela Manual pump and it was awful. I now have the Avent Isis manual pump and it is a dream! Much more reliable suction and the soft petal thing actually does help with let-down.

joy on

the thought of breastfeeding makes me cringe lol….but I guess when I have a child that may change. For now my future plans are to pump until I can and then ween and pray I still have boobs after the little tyke sucks me dry!

Jeani on

That is exactly what I thought, Joy. I had absolutely no intension of breastfeeding, but I was more than willing to pump and feed breast milk by bottle. Well, after I tried it, I found out it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I ended up breastfeeding my daughter for 13 months. If I am ever blessed with another baby I will definitely plan to breastfeed, but not necessarily bother with pumping.

Danielle, CBB Editor on

Joy- why does the thought of breastfeeding make you cringe? It doesn’t hurt (or even tickle) and it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to feed your child like this. It’s also the most convenient way to feed your baby- once you pump, you’ll see that it’s no picnic because it’s twice the work. And when you pump, you frequently don’t get the same amount of milk out as you would with the baby at your breast.

joy on

oh I don’t know I honestly think that I won’t be able to do it. I don’t have alot of patience when it comes to sitting still. Even bottle feeding an infant I get antsy. That’s why I currently don’t have kids lol! No I am sure when I do give birth all my feelings will change. The only thing I find about it now is that it’s cheaper and that alone may make me do it. I just don’t think I personally will be the BF type. But hey I will def. keep an open mind when the time comes!

krewcat on

I never planned on breastfeeding. It doesnt bother me when someone else does it. But the thought of me doing it kinda creeps me out. I have 3 perfectly healthy bottle fed from day 1 kids. Some people jsut really are uncomfortable with the idea for themselves. Which is the way I was…and the more I said I was the ore I met people who were…so there are more than a few of us out there…:)

KrisGams on

I had a tough time breastfeeding my 9lb daughter after an emergency c-section. I had a wonderful full time lactation consultant, a hungry baby, and the Avent Isis breast pump. After two months of struggling with feedings, and finding out that my daughter had a milk allergy, we sadly put her on formula. Breastfeeding comes easy for some, and for others it can be hard work. It’s great to have a support group and a lactation consultant if you are struggling with it.
Some women have premature babies who can’t nurse right away, and they need to rely on a pump. Others have a hard time producing milk, and need to rely on a pump for more vigorous suction and/or more frequent expression of their milk in order to build up a sufficient supply. There are many reasons for having to use a pump. For me, the Avent pump did not work well at all. It took a long time to express milk, and when I first started to pump, it wouldn’t even work. After reading the manual (again) I realized that some woman have to take off the soft petal thing (which was the reason I bought the pump in the first place) to create more of a suction. It just goes to prove that everyone’s body is different! I have heard wonderful things about the Medela pump, and I plan on using it when I have another baby.

AskMoxie on

Joy, the good thing about breastfeeding is you can actually walk around while you do it (with the My Breast Friend–it make you look like one of those cigarette girls in nightclubs in the 40s, only with a baby instead of cigars).

Did you guys see there’s now a double Avent Isis? I think it’s electric, too. If I have another baby I’m totally getting it.

Heather, I’d get a postpartum doula instead of a full-time LC, becasue the PP doula would also clean and cook for you. But I guess Gwen could hire an LC and a cook and cleaner.

graciezma on

I intended to breastfeed but unfortunately there were many complications with my delivery including an emergency c-section,I had over a 60% blood volume loss requiring several transfusions and most of all,My premature baby had to be intubated & had trouble feeding…She finally started drinking the formula and put on weight.I was so weak from the blood loss,I didn’t produce milk(I was told by my LC this is the case with some mothers with similar traumas)…However I was so grateful my baby was healthy & putting on weight so I stayed with the formula.I also felt after everything we both went through,I just wanted to enjoy my precious child instead of stressing out over trying to pump which didn’t work for me anyway.I guess I just wanted to share my story of a mom initially wanting to breastfeed but due to extinuating circumstances,could not. I’m thankful there are wonderful formulas out there for women like me 🙂 I think the most important thing is that both mother & baby are well & I also wish Gwen (and all new moms) the best of luck with whatever she chooses to do:)