David Beckham: Math tutor for son?

04/04/2006 at 07:48 PM ET

I saw this in the Parade section of my newspaper and had to share:

Sp7 Soccer star David Beckham reportedly told the London newspaper, Sunday Mail , that he finds his 7-year-old son Brooklyn‘s homework confusing. "It’s done totally differently to what I was teached at school," he said. And yes, that’s an exact quote.

To further embarrass the star, the newspaper used the following example of a 7-year-old’s math problems: "Bette went to the shop at 11:45. She came back half an hour later.  What time did she come back?" and  "What is 12 divided by 3?"

Parade Magazine added that maybe Mr. Beckham is just good at making money, not counting it. Ouch.

Source: Parade, April 2, 2006, pg. 7


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Autumn on

Poor Becks! lol He was probably used to rote elementary math looking like this;
4X3=12 7+4=11 15-6=9 12/3=4

rather than word problems.

(Although I’m about the same age as David Beckham, and I remember having to complete word problems even in elementary school, back in the early-mid 1980s.)

Maybe Becks even learned “greater than” and “less than” with the teacher saying that the < or > signs were supposed to be “Pac Man” eating the numbers! lol! (If my memory serves me, I think that’s what my first grade teacher told my class back in 1982-83! lol!)

gargoylegurl on

Becks is super rich, super cute and super stupid! lol Have you ever heard him talk? I’ve seen him interviewed a couple of times and he sounds, as they would say in England, “thick as pig sh*t”…seems like a nice enough guy, just not a lot up top! lol 8)

Kresta on

Some people are intellectually gifted and David is gifted on the soccer field. He has made his fortune from his talent. He may not be the brightest crayon in the box but I do think he loves his children and he can afford the best education money can buy for his kids. He doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist.

fumar on


gracegirl06 on

funny…yet so sad.