Is TomKitten a girl?

04/01/2006 at 02:00 PM ET

A week after Us Weekly reported that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ baby is a boy, Access Hollywood says that it’s a girl. What to believe? Who knows – we’ll find out the truth soon enough!

Thanks to CBB readers Pam and Stacy.


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fynn on

I think they’ll have a girl. Just about a half an hour ago Tom Cruise came live on German TV in this really famous show where they do different kind of bets. Anyway the presenter asked him about the baby and when it was due. Tom said that Kate (he calls her Kate) could go into labor any day now, that the doctor said she was ready. Tom also said that he asked Kate if he could come to the show in Germany (he just flew in and out for the show)and she said yes and so he went as he was sure she wouldn’t have let him go if she felt the baby would come during his trip. So the baby is due soon but maybe not tomorrow 🙂

joy on

well I certainly wouldn’t go by US weekly and I find it hard to believe that a show like ACCESS HOLLYWOOD would announce something like this if they didn’t have some kind of credentials. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see but now I am starting to believe more that it’s a girl rather then a boy. Either way it’s not a big deal but I think Tom deserves a bratty little daughter! haha

sulizano on

Boy or girl… well, I certainly hope it’s either one or the other.

Rye on

I wanted to believe she was having a girl, but for some reason, I highly doubt US would publish a front cover with it exclaiming IT’S A BOY in big letters if they didn’t know through some credible source. I guess it could be possible though-since Brad Pitt was recently interviewed and when they asked what he was naming the baby he gave both a boy and a girl name, and US said Angelina was having a boy too. I hope that Tomkat has a girl though. I dont know why.

lilytornado on

Rye, what names did Brad tell? I haven’t seen the interview. For Tom and Katie I still think it’s a boy, but I would like them with a girl.

pg on

Brad said James for a boy and Jess for a girl.

joy on

well the jess and james thing was a joke over him being in the new movie based on Jesse James or something like that. But I think those names would be simple and cute.

Rye on

yeah, Brad said it was James for a boy and Jess for a girl-and even though it is in a joking sense, he still didn’t discredit that the baby COULD possibly be a girl. Either way, I still am going to believe that US was correct since I just can’t see how they could publish a magazine that is counted on by so many people for reliable entertainment info with “IT’S A BOY!” giant on the covers. I was hoping Angelina would have a girl too actually. Oh well, We’ll see soon enough!! When is Angelina due? Tomkat is due soon I know.

fumar on

was the news of a girl baby posted before noon on April 1st? If it was, does anyone else think it might just be an April Fools joke?

joy on

yes Fumar I actually thought about that myself.

Rye – I wouldn’t actually hold US accountable for being right with ALL things but yes that would be a big leap for the to take. Or just a 50/50 guess and hope that they are right. I’d love for it to be wrong! I hope she has a girl so us can have a cover and go, “It’s a girl, silly US!” 🙂

eurochild on

I say it’s a boy

fumar on

actully I clicked on the link again and I think it says it was posted on March 30. But wouldn’t it be funny if the whole pregnancy/relationship was an April Fools’ Day joke?

Personally see them having a boy… but either way doesn’t matter to me.

Patty on

I don’t mean to sound crass – but I really don’t care what they have. Actually, I really hope the whole thing is a hoax – as I’d feel really sorry for the baby. Imagine have those two for parents – especially him.

Sorry – if I offended anyone.

HotSalsa05 on

It was a while ago but Tom was on Ellen (While she was not on set yet she had an Ellen cam) and Ellen ran into Tom and Katie. She (Ellen) asked if she could babysit when the baby comes and Tom said “Yeah sure I’ll just drop HER off” and laughed then changed the subject.